Undeclared War: UFO against the West

July 25, 2012 10:20

Battle UFO encounters have taken place in the armed forces, not only the USSR, but the Western countries, the management of which was published on the occasion of the official documents.

© Photo: SXC.hu

© Photo: SXC.hu

Currently, the world portrayed in two well-established, but the diametrically opposing views on the UFO phenomenon, the alien, the alien and the other, as they call them, the abnormal phenomena.

Some, citing witness accounts and the so-called "contactee", photography and telephoto, videos and sketches, recognize these phenomena as objective reality. Others are also quite categorically deny the very possibility of existence, so to speak, "every kind of devilry", citing evidence of rigorous scientific evidence that this can never happen.

In these essays, I intend not to express their own opinions, but first and foremost to handle documents of military departments of the Soviet Union and other countries. You can say anything about the top leadership of the armed forces of former Soviet Union, but it is hard to deny combat reports, directives of Commander, Minister of Defence. All these documents on the basis of "all sorts of devilry" is not written.

By the way, fighting UFO encounters have taken place in the armed forces of Western countries, whose leadership has also published on the occasion of the official documents.

UFO against the West

Battle UFO encounters have taken place not only in the Soviet Army. I happened to look at the content of the "Memorandum of the Special Political Committee of the UN General Assembly in November 1978." It presented a lot of cases of armed clashes and air defense systems of the armed forces of Western countries with unidentified flying machines.

The first such event took place November 25, 1942, 100 km north-west of Los Angeles. Area residents were literally stunned weapons-volleys. The United States at that time had already entered the war, and the cannonade was perceived by the local population as the Japanese attack. However, the AA-Guns do not hit the aircraft, rose from aircraft carriers, and on several discoid vehicles which hovered at a height of five kilometers of their positions.

Batteries fired about 1,500 rounds, but was not hit, the shells were bursting with great undershoot, absolutely not match the settings on the rings fuses. Although UFO supposedly did not react to the shooting and retired shortly thereafter.

The next episode, shown in the report, took place in 1974 at the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean. In the area of responsibility based there anti-air defense missile battalion Italian cigar hanging apparatus, a linear size 150h40 m on the airship he was not like, because it was the middle of the domed superstructure housing.

Requests the device did not respond, and the battalion commander ordered to launch a rocket. But when she approached the UFO at a distance of about a kilometer, it was blown gray-green beam of the superstructure of the machine. The whole episode was recorded television control system of missile launches and repeatedly broadcast on Italian television.

The fall of 1971 plaque UFO not smaller football field, hovered over the coastal strip in the South Korean city of Vinh. There on duty battery air defense missile system "Hawk" American production was ordered from the headquarters of defense to release UFO one missile. It exploded on a large undershoot of the unknown object, after which it rose to a height inaccessible to SAM missiles "Hawk."

Since November 1989 the Belgian Air Force, responsible for its air defense, had considerable discomfort due to frequent reports of UFO sightings. It was decided that the acid test of incoming signals. It was carried out on the night of March 30, 1990, when NATO radars Semmerzake — 10 miles to the southeast, and Glonse — 20 miles west of Brussels, controlling all airspace over Belgium, took the reflected signal from an unknown aircraft unit.

On duty at the headquarters of defense checked serifs radar. They pointed to the same place. Regulations require air defense duty forces of Belgium intercept such facilities in the country. Therefore, the pilots of the two Belgian F-16 fighters were ordered to take off and pursue the unknown device.

He soon appeared on the screens of radars, but they kept this goal is not more than 6 seconds. And lost it. Ground as a means of objective control followed this: object flying at a speed of 280 km / h in one second reached 1800 km / h, sharply down from 3 km to one. Such a fantastic acceleration could not withstand any pilot.

What is even more amazed specialists — from a height of 1 km object rapidly decreased to 100 m and disappeared from the radar screens of all, land and air. The impression was that the pilot knew UFO flying opportunities fighter F-16 and just played the show in the sky, dropping and soaring to such heights, where the fighter could not fly even at extreme speeds.

The official report of Staff Belgian Air Force said: "The pilot in three cases it was possible to carry out a takeover target for a few seconds, but each time it led to an immediate and drastic change in course, speed and height of the UFO."

In the United States, such efforts led to the tragedy. This took place on 1 July 1954, when the fighter tried to catch up with UFO in the air of New York over a small town Walesville. When the plane approached the UFO in his cabin temperature rose sharply, causing the pilot lost consciousness and the car fell on a street in the town, killing four of its residents.

After this incident, the U.S. military was forbidden to irradiate UFO radar guided anti-aircraft missiles and aircraft — to maneuver, similar to the attack. Moreover, it is forbidden not only to accompany a UFO, but generally close to them. However, American air defense system fix each case the appearance of UFOs in their areas of control.

It is significant that in the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, one of the full-time teaching aids is the book "Introduction to the Science of the Cosmos," in which the UFO problem allocated as much as 14 pages.

In the system of military intelligence Britain has a unit whose existence is not officially recognized, but not denied. It is called "The Department of DI-55" and placed in a bunker under the complex of government buildings in London.

The objective of this Department is to collect all intelligence data on unidentified flying and swimming facilities. That flock here this kind of information from military sources, the police and private entities, as well as from the government of Great Britain.

We only know that all this information is captured and is being carefully studied by experts. At the official level in 10 years in the media was only one report that at least 90 percent of information about UFOs have been evaluated by experts as quite understandable non-anomalous nature of physical phenomena.

Report it to the representative of the Air Staff, said: "We do not deny that in the sky over the UK from time to time there are phenomena, unexplained by conventional laws of modern science. I believe that we will be fools if it continues to let us hold the ostrich tactic in this serious matter. "

As you can see, combat contacts with unidentified flying objects invariably ended in the defeat of those who tried to attack them, regardless of the nationality of the attackers and their application of the weapons — artillery, anti-aircraft missiles or aircraft. But, apparently, these cosmic objects in the airspace of the world were fighting only as a response, with the direct threat.

Finally — a few numbers. The largest database on UFOs created a special committee of Stanford University. It contains over 1.5 million observations of unidentified objects sent from 138 countries in 56 years. In particular, there are unverified, 800 000. Among them, about 7 percent of the experts did not find a scientific explanation. But then, this is quite a lot — 5,600 cases!

Mark Steinberg

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