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How do you see the place of the modern Belarusian literature at home and in the world?

Victor Sour

Advazhvayusya argue that our literature today — one of the most interest in Europe. The idea is not entirely mine. This is not once mentioned in the editorial preface foreign publications that gave their page writers of Belarus. Moreover, it was of interest not only and not so much because of the situation in which the Belarusian literature is created, and indeed the European level as a result of the best expressions of Russian belles-lettres.

Yes, the paradox is that Europe is still about what we talk about, does not know or because of old stereotypes and do not want to know. One friend berlinets once admitted that for the majority of his countrymen (and this is with the former German Democratic Republic), the European world all the same ends beyond the Oder.

In 2004 in Poland came ontology of modern Belarusian narrative. The book is called "Belarus — a country surrounded by high mountains." This works in the collection is not, that is, metaphorically, the ironic name given self publishing. If Belarus so far for the Poles, what can we say about the Germans or the French! Yes we are with our literature for them — not only for the high mountains, but also for the deep sea.

But perhaps the fault is not only superstitions and stereotypes? Probably almost all democratic countries of the continent, there are structures that are engaged in "promotion" of national cultures and literatures. The Goethe Institute, Slovak, Swedish, Polish ect. Two of the latter, for example, together with the embassies for one month spent in Minsk brilliant presentation of Belarusian translations of novels if not the most widely read writer in modern Sweden Mikael Niemi "Popular Music of Vituly" and the famous polka Olga Tokarchuk 'beings and other times. "

Someone may imagining something like the Belarusian Institute created over the years of independence we have. In the early 1990s, it gave hope to the scientific and educational center named Skarina, who led Adam Maldis. However, the changed power, and after several reorganizations center quietly faded into oblivion.

And, maybe, the functions of the future of the Belarusian Institute until it is born, take the Belarusian embassy? Find the time and resources of the country of their deployment introduces a native literature, invite writers, conduct seminars translators? .. If such an activity and does occur, it occurs in the deep underground, from which no signals do not reach. But there are many other examples where representatives of Lukashenko's diplomatic missions or, in any case, on the performance of our famous writers abroad just did not show up, or come to, modestly merged with the intense public to sit in the corner with umknutym deployed notebook or tape recorder.

The authorities generally likes dead geniuses, but Lukashenka's not capable of doing that.

The second, even more sad irony is that the modern Belarusian literature as a result of "cultural policy" the current government is increasingly turning into terra incognita for the Belarusians themselves. State TV channels almost ten years at best silent on Nobel nominee Vasil Bykov. After castrated stories about his nationwide burial silence continues. Maybe it will lead to a solemn nomination for the Nobel general Charhinets?

And when did you last see on the screens of popular poets and Neil Gregory Baradulin Gilevich?

However, I start saying things known, apparently, anyone who does not keep vegetable existence.

The authorities generally likes dead geniuses, but Lukashenka's not capable of doing that. The other day we Vladimir Nyaklyaeu in question street named after Vasil Bykov went to the reception to the Chairman of the Minsk City Council. In time, instead of receiving the Chairman met us two smartly developed assistants. They immediately offered to write a justification for proposals (for which, as you recall, collected 100,000 signatures). What to write? Who is the Bulls?

And, returning to the site of the Belarusian fine literature in the world, I say that only in Poland was a novel Babi Natalka "Fish Town", and in Germany — "Magpie on the gallows," Algirdas Baharevicha. And the first International Poetry Prize in Gdansk This year, we won.

President of the Belarusian PEN Andrew Khadanovich recently said that the Nobel laureate we get in our lifetime. And I predict that in this age of the winners will be at least two.

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