Unsolved mysteries, the explanation of which is obvious

October 16, 2012 20:05

For the majority of the "paranormal" phenomena is some lonely soul (or several), which is boring and terrible as you want to be the center of attention. And usually, if desired, to expose the mystification is not too difficult.

For example …

1. The death of Dyatlov

In February 1959, nine skiers tourist club Ural Polytechnic Institute (five students, three graduate engineer and instructor campings UPI) make trips to the north of the Sverdlovsk region. February 1, they stopped for the night on the mountain Holatchahl (translated from Mansi as "Mountain of the Dead"). And on the 26th found the first body.

Horror that the rescue team has discovered on the site of a camp that does not fit into any logic. Tents skiers were torn to shreds. Skiers themselves (ie their bodies) are scattered throughout the area — the majority in his underwear. In three broken ribs and injured skull, but — no other signs of a struggle.

Yes, and one of the bodies was missing language.

A formal investigation, it was extremely foggy. The experts agreed that the misfortune to blame some "spontaneous force to overcome that people were not able to." That is, simply put, "and God knows what happened there."

Version, as you can guess, eventually piling up: some sin on aliens, other ghosts, others on snowmen …

The obvious explanation:

Here is a list of the six most mysterious circumstances of the case:

1. The corpse of the girl was no language

2. A mysterious orange tan on the dead bodies

3. Torn tents

4. No clothes on some of the bodies

5. Injury to the three members of the group

6. Traces of radiation

In this story, often escapes one point — the bodies were found just weeks after the death.

This may shed light on many things, including the missing language. No matter how awful it may sound, the first thing in the dead body of a wild animal might be interested in — is the soft tissue in the open mouth. Strange tan also ceases to be so strange when you consider how much time these people lay in the sun on the white snow.

Injury and torn tents favor of avalanches. Can be explained by the lack of clothing known condition in which a person falls during hypothermia when the brain starts to freeze and to unravel. In other words, all the strange behavior of Dyatlov is quite understandable if you imagine people stunned avalanche that wander in the mountains at night in a terrible cold.

Now as for radiation, orange glow in the sky, and some other oddities. It turned out that in the original documents related to this incident does not. Rather, they were added later — to catch mystical horror.

So in fact none of the "strangeness" can not serve as evidence of a paranormal trail. The tragic death in the mountains — that's all.

While fans of conspiracy theories are unlikely to accept it — their heart is much nicer than the theme of "elemental power to overcome that people were not able to."

2. The Lost Colony of Roanoke

Colony of Roanoke — or the first permanent settlement in America, or a sophisticated hoax. It started with the fact that in 1584, English statesman and a great adventurer Walter Raleigh sent an expedition to create a colony in America, Roanoke River. And he left the people there without supplies for three years.

When the three years to the same place came a new batch of colonists, it was found that the old settlers simply disappeared. There was only one male skeleton in a tree and carved the mysterious word "Croatan."

What is there to think about? Alien abduction, not otherwise.

The obvious explanation:

A few years later a second group of settlers witnessed another mysterious phenomena in the form of young blue-eyed and pale-Indians on the neighboring island of Croatan.

Where to take children, though born of mixed Indian / white marriages on the island with the name scrawled on the site of a settlement? Where to go to the people left without food, when they realized that without proper nutrition on his island they quickly run out? And on the next — full of food and running attractive aboriginal …

3. Goblins of Hopkinsvilya

It was a quiet summer evening in 1955. Sutton family arranged on the veranda after dinner guest — Billy Taylor. Sat up late, drinking. Was quite night when Billy decided to drink some water from the well. And then it started something totally inexplicable.

Billy first saw strange lights in the sky and called the owners to look at the anomaly. According to one of Sutton's household, they saw a "brilliant creatures rise slightly more than a meter with a disproportionately large head, large ears, pointed at the ends and a bright glowing eyes. Hands goblinopodobnyh creatures were equipped with claws and lift up. They were dressed in something silvery. "

Sutton was so frightened that, ignoring the obvious sign of surrender, ran for weapons and then opened fire.

Later, they swore that by shooting at unarmed creatures heard a metallic clang, as if aliens had armor from which the bullets just bounce off. And then the aliens, goblins simply disappeared in the darkness.

The obvious explanation:

Here's a picture of one of the aliens:

And this is a big owl:

Now compare this with the head of an owl's head "being." And imagine that before you "sat well" with friends. Standing alone in the middle of the forest estate …

Even UFO Renault Leklet acknowledged that "for alien witnesses could take a couple of large owls. This nocturnal bird flying silently with yellow eyes that become aggressive when defending their nests. "

Yes, at the clang. Try to get drunk and shoot at a target, which is located behind cans, which you usually shoot for practice.

Well … or is it really was an invasion of aliens.

4. The skull of the "star child"

This strange skull was found in 1930 in a mine tunnel near the town of Copper Canyon (Mexico, ca. Mixstuff.ru). Radiocarbon dating has shown that the age of discovery — about 900 years. Ufologists happily announced that they found the child's skull alien and human.

The obvious explanation:

The experts are inclined to believe that the skull belonged to a child of 3-5 years, and — yes, was severely deformed. A set of diseases, if they run, could lead to such a change.

What ufologists seized on this "evidence" is due to their strange belief that aliens should look like us (two eyes, nose, mouth, etc.), with slight variations: gray skin color, elongated body and antenna on his head. And why suddenly creatures from two different planets, where a completely different living conditions be like? If you're a fan of conspiracy theories and studied the version associated with this "star skull," that is likely to believe that thousands of years ago, aliens brought life to us from outer space.

So there is two options: either we — the giant colony founded by bored aliens, or 900 years ago there was at least one child with a deformed skull.

5. The Bermuda Triangle

To begin with — this is not even any triangle.

About the horrors of the Bermuda Triangle is known to any child, if someone brought it back hard — down the drain. A kind of magic black hole between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, which fail ships and planes. Paranormal experts nominated version of aliens, the gateway to another dimension, ghosts, sea monsters, etc.

Even Christopher Columbus 500 years ago, said that he had seen in these parts was something strange. If you read the book, dedicated to the Bermuda Triangle, you would think that there are hundreds of ships lost.

The obvious explanation:

Scientists say that the entire mystery associated with the Bermuda triangle — is a legend based on the conventional happening anywhere oceans, disappearances. Take, for example, the chilling story of the plane disappeared after takeoff from the airport Daytona Beach beautiful summer day in 1957. If you flip through the newspaper, published after this incident, we can conclude that either incident was not at all, or all of the witnesses have taken a vow of silence, or a triangle swallowed them too.

Fans of the mysterious and enigmatic like to insert into the history of the lost ships turnovers like "and no one ever saw him again," which instantly gives the story a mystical tone. In fact, if the ship is never seen again, it is quite possible that he simply drowned. With ships sometimes it happens.

By the way, fans of the paranormal often forget to mention that a certain disappearance occurred during the storm. Sometimes ships were declared missing and a willingness to make a list of victims of the Bermuda Triangle, and when were (turns out, for example, that the team just got drunk and went to Portugal), no one was in a hurry to cross off this list.

But with headshots Bermuda monster — a statistic. It turns out that the number of disappearances in the region does not exceed the number of disappearances in the other, similar to the degree of animation parts of the ocean (and the Bermuda Triangle has been one of the busiest in the world).

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