Until the end of the year in the army will be another regiment of S-400

Until the end, the army will have another regiment of S-400

Troops of Aerospace Defense preparing to adopt another set of regimental anti-aircraft missile systems With-400.

According GSKB "Almaz-Antey", which releases the gun, sending military newest batch of air defense systems to be held before the end of the year today. If the plans do not intervene industrialists force majeure event, within four months of the sky over Russia will cover the five regiments of "Triumph". In the meantime, military duty are four such parts. Two of them are located north and east of Moscow, one — in the Kaliningrad region and the Far East.

Although reliable cover the sky of the capital remains an important function of the Armed Forces, Ministry of Defense decided that anti-aircraft arsenal must be updated in other Russian regions. A few months back the Air Force Commander Viktor Bondar talked to him, as of today, the puzzle that will make reference to "chetyrehsotke." The general said that in 2012, the military C-400 fleet will increase by three divisions. One military has flown to Nakhodka. 2nd decided to put in the suburbs. More one — to the 1st Air Force and Air Defense Command.

Simply put, the geography of combat duty new missiles expanding to the East and North-West Russia. What still concerns the protection of air space around Moscow, the "freshest" Division has increased the challenges in Dmitrov and Elecrtostal shelves S-400.

What is it all the same for the instrument can be judged by the results of its tests on Ashuluk and Kapustin Yar in the Astrakhan region. The complex, known as the West Growler — "Grumpy", managed to shoot down a missile target, flying at a speed of 2,800 meters per second, and the other — to get an object at an altitude of 56 km. Fighting properties of "Triumph" in fact impressive. Right to work at several targets in a radius of 400 km now can not no other system Defense. Not the case for the C-400 showing excessive enthusiasm abroad, especially in China. But the designers of "Triumph" achieve more. The concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" at the moment commit municipal latest missile tests for the C-400 that will work in the not to distant space.

In fact, this system can be used very little seven variants of missiles. Three of them — 48N6E, 48N6E2 and 48N6E3 — suitable for battle shooting as a "chetyrehsotke" and improved system of S-300PM. Ammunition labeled 48N6DM specially modified for the "Triumph". Management of missiles based on the principle semi-active radar homing adjusted. The industry is preparing to release two more ammunition — 9M96E and 9M96E2. There used active radar homing. But the range of these missiles is designed only for 135 km.

In the middle of February it became clear that for the S-400 system was developed and managed by the far-aircraft missile with a ability to hit targets at a distance of over 250 km. Admission to the troops of its first production models are expected at the end of the present year.

What's all the same for the metropolitan area of defense, there has deployed more than 2-10-s of modern anti-aircraft missile and gun systems "Carapace — C1." Calculations for them already prepared a defense training center in Gatchina. They will be alert along with divisions "chetyrehsotok" and immediately cover them. So Makar, the safety of the capital of the sky will provide a mixed group of combat means far — more than 200 km — and close — up to 20 km — act.

Heads of the Ministry of Defence are convinced that being armed with S-300 and S-400 missile and gun "Carapace", and in the long term — and the S-500 aerospace defense of the country will receive a functional layered zonal ring system covering the town. Moreover, this system Moscow will be able to secure even against attacks from orbit.

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