Unusual over Australia

September 28, 2012 22:29

In late June, the Australian Cottesloe beach was unusual. The inhabitants of these places, as well as the guests were amazed at this picture. People saw in the sky as far away from them falls mysterious fireball. This colorful event was not long before the sun, that is, in the evening.

Scientists studying these phenomena, too lucky. The fact that the witnesses had to take some photos in the time of the fall extraterrestrial object.
Gavin cable was one of the lucky ones who managed to take a picture of the falling ball of fire. According to him, the outstanding figure was a huge tail. If we talk about the color of the object, it is a range of yellow, red and orange.

What could it be? Australian scientists claim that this is most likely a comet, not a UFO. Who knows, maybe the scientists and law.

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