V.Karbalevich: The authorities are trying to discredit the very idea of an alternative

Browser Radio Liberty Valery Karbalevich analyzes the performance of presidential candidates Nikolai Statkevich and Dmitri Uss.

Speech Statkevich was a very interesting and different from the statements of other candidates for the presidency. He has performed at Russian language, right in the middle was a small inset in Belarus, where he spoke of his constructive program. But mostly spoke in Russian. It differs from the other candidates is that he spoke sharply and radically. He spoke most strongly about all the plagues of the Belarusian society, existing in the current social model. And the most — the falsification of the elections. The fact that society does not have the ability to choose the president. Talking about, it affects the economy of the country, talked about the social problems of pensioners, young people, the great migration from the country. Moreover, he said, is very simple, straightforward language, explaining in simple examples, it seems also very important for the layman.

Constructive program it was a very short, small, and on it he is not particularly emphasized. He said he was not going to participate as a decoration in the current elections whose outcome is known in advance. But he did not explain what to do. A single sentence, the only appeal that it was — it tomorrow come to October Square.

Much enthusiasm in short sentences. Perhaps, in this story in such a scenario, performances and there is a certain grain of truth, but still would like him to explain, what you need to do. What does not need to come to vote early, then it is desirable to monitor the electoral commission — it's good, but it does not solve the problem radically Belarus.

As for the performances of presidential candidate Dzmitry Us, it is difficult to comment on the statement. So he read a monotone voice, and even stammered zbivavsya. Performance lasted for about 7-8 minutes. He spoke of the painful problems. And in fact, the candidate looks like a misunderstanding. Because he is — is not public policy. And I think that running the public arena such characters, the power of artificially trying to discredit the very idea of an alternative, the idea of opponents Lukashenko. And I think it's really discredit the presidential candidates.

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