V.Shemshuk. The life and death of the last three civilizations

The destruction of ancient knowledge

In the past century, humanity has come close to solving the problem of managing individual human evolution. Science became more and more popular, finds more and more natural science phenomena, opened both visible and invisible rays previously unknown.
Scientific and technological progress and threatened to take the psychophysical Mankind unusually high level of development: Filippova rays were capable of causing an explosion or fire at any point in space, the device is a mirror TV, display at an exhibition in Paris in 1905 (the author has mysteriously disappeared), power transmission through the "rays Tesla" (Tesla — author of many interesting inventions, most of which are not implemented so far, he died in poverty), and much, much more that can lead humanity out of control.

Therefore, I-was unleashed World War I and all resulting scientific schools working towards the evolution of man, were killed. You can enumerate a long list of destroyed: school Durville, Charcot, de Rocha, etc. A wholesale discovery of various rays that have the men of science, with which you can control human behavior and condition, were ridiculed in the press and were only recognized by X-rays. All who wanted to bring happiness to mankind and not agreed to cooperate with the forces of Satan, during the war were somehow neutralized. Mass unbridled progress has been prevented, control over humanity is saved.
If the forces of Satan can not start a war, they are subjected to ridicule and obstruction of genuine knowledge, science, art, and sing praises to false. So special persecution undergone ancient science known as magic (Sanskrit "magician" — large, compared with the words "Mahina" — that is something very much), which was able to put humanity on a par with other civilizations. Who has not engaged in uprooting the science of consciousness of humanity: the Inquisition, the Church, the fanatics, secret societies, secret police, intelligence, government!
And what clothes not only ryadilis power of Satan to take away all the carriers of ancient knowledge. About 30 of the fundamental phenomena that have come down to us in the descriptions of ancient magic scrolls, contemporary humanity is not used (but use a different secret societies that serve the forces of Satan and do not hide their anti-human dimension), and about two hundred events that due to "distortions crept" simply does not can be used, put asurskuyu civilization to an unprecedented high level of scientific, technical and psycho-physical development. Mankind has now opened a little more than 60 natural phenomena in nature (magnetism, electrostatic induction, electromagnetism, magneto-and electrostriction, etc.), but this number does not go to any comparison with the knowledge of the civilization of the asuras.
Come down to us a table of Hermes Trismegistus (also called Emerald Tablet) borrowed author in Atlanta (and the last received it from the Asuras) is: "… All that inside, and outside, which is above, so below, in the large, then and small … "- not only allowed the asuras predict natural phenomena, but also to design them! They were known for hundreds of thousands of natural phenomena and man-made, that is, those that could only be created by the mind.
Neither magic nor science, nor even any knowledge not to blame for how they are used: the good, or for evil. If the butcher uses his craft ax and rope, it does not mean that we should abandon their use in everyday life. The forces of Satan bringing the system of knowledge in society until senility, achieve, thus contrasting them to man and the people themselves reject this knowledge, and with them and their history. So it was rejected paganism, Christianity, communism. People managed to scare the magic, and they refuse to comprehend it if it can fall, while the conquerors it succeeded perfectly. The forces of Satan, using the gullibility and ignorance of the people, always easy to deceive and confuse us, and cursed the people that was not subject to the curse, reject, without which their own life becomes impossible, refused that carried them health and joy of being executed and crucified those who deserve reverence.
We know that if we came out of the magic of science (the latter was forgotten with the destruction of Chaldea and Persia), then she came out of the magic of theurgy (the art of the gods), tavmaturgii (Greek "tavt" — repeating, "mat" — matter that is art repeat matter) and the Demiurge, who degenerated into magic by successive defeat of the aforementioned states. Greek "demiurge" (wizard), a derivative of the "demos" — the people and "urgiya" — the art, ie magic was publicly accessible phenomenon. Happening on the ground war led to greater degradation of the people and culture. Satanic forces could do to convince people that the magic — is a fantasy, because every one that to him, as witness the magic, eliminate. Materials of this abound even in our time: Nina Kulagina that was capable of telekinesis, Rosa Kuleshov, who had skin vision, and many others, inadvertently make a statement, were despicable eliminated (died of "natural causes"). Just look at one of the last posts in the newspaper "Megalopolis — Express» N 41 (Wednesday October 18, 1995) in the article "The Strange Death of the artist Hmyria." The article describes the death of a person capable of teleportation. Babbitt, according to the forces of Satan, to be skeptical, not believing in anything miraculous and expose annihilating question everything new. This program has been successfully implemented. Therefore, the development of materialism, in fact, human driftwood on a very primitive level of development.
It is sad, but a person is deprived of normal personal protective equipment, such as, for example, a strong aura. The latter is quite difficult to maintain in the city, especially with the current level of culture. With an abundance of all kinds of literature, which appeared on the shelves today, however, the best method to increase bio available. Of the dozens of ancient ways, in modern literature, I have met only one — mono-(when a person uses for a few weeks only one type of grass and water.) Therefore, people not being able to increase their aura, are toys in the hands of those forces. If before the prayer and the cross (as well as many other ancient symbols) with sufficient personal purity and power acted as a defense against the forces of Satan, but now they can be compared with an unloaded gun against missiles with nuclear warheads. Usually these forces drive us so that people push each other. If people became embroiled in yet another massacre, then the culture of the people there was something very dangerous for the force.
Contrasting the people against each other, "SS" make their secret knowledge, and deal with some of the knowledge holders for them is not difficult.
The destruction of ancient knowledge thrown our civilization at a very primitive stage of development. We were deprived of cosmic interaction with other civilizations, technology, psycho achievements (magic), fulfilling, happy and interesting life, and finally, the most important thing — freedom. On the restoration of the ancient grand system of scientific knowledge — called the magic gone for thousands of years.

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