Valentin Stefanovich is preparing a complaint to the CEC

Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich filed a complaint to the Central Election Committee over the publication in the newspaper "The Belarusian Field" on November 19.

Publication of that November 19 rally in Belarus began under the slogan "We are for Batka" organized by Russian society "Slavic brothers" and "Avtaradyeklyubam" of the city of St. Petersburg. The action was initiated chairman of the Russian society, "Slavic brothers" and a native of Shklow Sergei Harlantsev. In an interview with the newspaper "Respublika" Harlantsev reported that their action they want to support the policies of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Motor Rally will be held by 24 Belarusian settlements.

Valentin Stefanovich"I will write upon publication of this complaint to the Central Election Commission, because it is, in my opinion, is a violation of Article 45 of the Electoral Code, since there smoking part in the agitation of foreigners, as well as Article 47, which says also that it is not allowed the financing of election activities by foreign nationals, foreign NGOs and foreign legal entities. In this case, we can see that, first of all, this event is clearly promotional nature, and, secondly, his suit non-citizens of the Republic of Belarus, and the rally goes on our country. And the use of foreign funds (in this case Russian) company — the cost of gasoline, the use of motor vehicles.

So tomorrow I will lodge a complaint. CEC let checks, gives a proper assessment of these events. And I remind you that a violation of these rules may be grounds for cancellation of the registration of the candidate. "

Sergei Harlantsev publicly stressed their commitment and Belarusian origin of a small home Shklow. According to the website of the Moscow Patriarchate, he donated money to cast the bell in the bell tower dvuhsotkilyagramovaga Shklovsky Holy Transfiguration Church.

Gregory Kastusyou, presidential candidate and the candidate countryman Alexander Lukashenko and the same Sergei Harlanteva about the potential cancellation of the registration certificate of the candidate Lukashenko expressed as follows:

"I know the law, but the law is written for some, while for others it is not required for execution. There is nothing to be surprised. Lukashenko on all spit-sneezes, he does what he wants to do "

According to the resource, "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections", the participants of the rally of 10 vehicles, which are citizens of Russia and Ukraine, have already visited Dubrovno and Slonim.


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