Vodokanal Kazan innovation plans

MUP "Water canal" has received permission from the authorities to the construction site plumbing "Tetsevstky." Will update and city sewage pumping station. At the moment, the expertise of preparing all project documentation for the construction and renovation plumbing node SNS. The urgency of building a new facility, in particular the water supply node "Tetsevstky" by new development of residential sectors of the Kirov district and aircraft. Starting plumbing node "Tetsevstky" can solve the problem of drinking water in the neighboring settlements: Zalesny, Northern, Karavaevo, Dry River. Cause of poor water supply there is not a very effective network capacity and a lack of proper water pressure.

According to the plan the water unit will be composed of a pumping station capable of producing ten thousand cubic meters of water, and two tanks of clean water, fills a volume of 20,000 cubic meters. From "Tetsevstkogo" node to the Volga intake conduit is planned to build a line of length 4.2 kilometers. Estimated project cost 370 million rubles. The entire volume of work expected to complete in late 2013. Elevated to the water unit "Tetsevstky" is only part of a larger plan. In order to alleviate water shortages in the surrounding Kazan new neighborhoods and villages, water utility, through the investment program, planned to build a system of new water units and water lines, including their zakaltsovku around the perimeter of the border city of Kazan. Upgrading urban sewage pumping stations, or SPS, also requires management to make adjustments to be updated. Large depreciation of equipment requires a 40% upgrade in the CND.

All these innovations are imperative in water supply systems of the entire city. Because of their lack of wear and many people feel uncomfortable. To all of this has to do with the human factor. For example, emergency dispatch service MUP "Water canal" in Kazan per night logs in the water supply to 10 accidents. Many of them happen to worn and orphan networks. Worn networks are nearly 50% of the total water supply. Worsens the situation reckless, irresponsible actions of some construction companies. During the last month of their fault in Kazan areas had suffered damage to three water pipes, eventually left without drinking water for about ten houses.

Another such situation is de-energized taps tenants living at number 41 on the street in the village of Peace Derbyshki. One of the businesses in their home is the construction site of the facade of the outlet. During construction work, including the drilling of soil to the vertical supports, workers have caused damage to the water supply. Emergency service MUP "Water canal" to correct the problem had to call in a team with the planned facility, which was carried out repair plumbing. Operational work teams Nigmatzyanova, replacing a section of damaged pipe, helped renew the tenants 41 home drinking water supply. For the spent hours as water utility workers spent to correct someone else's mistake, they would have completed the planned repair a water line at its facility. The work, which began earlier, the team went on, but in the evening, coming in the second shift.

Based on the above mentioned, renovation and construction of additional water lines just to the city. Worn over time and subject to the influence of the human factor, water lines and city sewage pumping station, the investment program updated and renovated, creating a comfort to the consumer.

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