Volgograd region to open fire-chemical stations

In Danilov district of Volgograd region opened fire and chemical plant third type. This is the sixth set up district forest fire subdivisions "Volgograd forest fire center" — the largest in the Volgograd region. His staff will work in several areas. The station is equipped with three tractor forest fire, fire tankers family-based Ural vehicles, tractors and bulldozers.

On the basis of SGBU "Volgograd forest fires center" has already created 16 mobile forest fire brigades and five fire-chemical stations.
The agreement between the regional administration and the FFA in the Volgograd region provides for the establishment and equipment of machinery specialized units to fight forest fires in the territories of all 22 forest districts of the Volgograd region on the basis of co-financing of the federal and regional budgets.

In 2011, the region plans to establish, equip and organize the work of 12 fire-chemical stations.

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