Volgograd region to open up new garment production

Two garment factories under the brand name "Gloria Jeans" opened in the cities of Volgograd Region, May 30, in cats, and on May 31 — Mikhailovka.

Both settlements are so-called single-industry towns, whose economies are focused on large enterprises. Therefore, for Mikhailovka, and for cats creation of new industries is of particular importance. The project of "Gloria Jeans" has been successfully implemented in the region. Already opened four factories, which employ about 600 people. In total, the project will create more than three million new jobs.

It is planned that all the Volgograd region will open twelve garment factories. For production sites are considered Kotel'nikovskii, Dubovsky, Elan, Zhirnovsky, Kalachevskyi, Novoanninskii, Svetloyarsky, Frolovsky, Serafimovich, Rudnianski, Chernishkovski municipalities, urban districts Urjupinsk, Frolovo. Investment in the project will amount to 0.5 — 1 billion.

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