Waste colored river Setun in pink and yellow

In Moscow recorded unauthorized discharge of fuels and lubricants, and chemicals into the river Setun, reported February 4 RIA Novosti news agency quoted a source in law enforcement.

The waters of the river in a few places were painted in pink, yellow, and red and black colors. In particular, the spots on the surface are seen at the intersection of the highway with street Aminevskogo General Dorokhov. According to preliminary data, contaminated water got into the river from the collectors CHP paint and asphalt plants.

Representatives of the "Mosvodostok" made it clear that oil stains are not and are not dangerous to the environment. Experts do not exclude that the waste in the river swam a drainpipe for violating the norms of disposal. Perhaps, the company responsible for laying sewer violated regulations. In this case, she faces a penalty.

The exact amounts of a yet to be set, as the exact chemical composition of the products release.

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