Water in new areas of Moscow will be a new way to clean

Territory of the "new" Moscow will gradually transfer to a new way of cleaning water with sodium hypochlorite, which is already using MGUP "Waterworks," said the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Public Works Pyotr Biryukov.

This year, the capital completely abandon the traditional water purification liquid chlorine, which was used for about 80 years and is not safe for health. Unlike chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, non-inflammable, non-explosive and has low toxicity, significantly improves the quality and even the taste of the water. However, he has a bactericidal effect, do not yield chlorine. A new way to disinfect water will be implemented in all treatment plants in Moscow in October 2012.

"In those areas, which are located close to the Ring Road and are supplied by waterworks Mosvodokanal will be a new system, using sodium hypochlorite," — said Biryukov on the question of whether to give up the "new Moscow" to disinfect water with liquid chlorine.

He promised that in time the new standards of water treatment and water consumption will cover all the annexed territories.

All drinking water in the capital disinfected four water treatment plants. Moscow river water is purified and fed into the city and West Rublevskaya station, water from the Volga — the North and East. West station works with sodium hypochlorite from 2009.

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