We believe money in the pockets of candidates

Official propaganda sharply criticized presidential candidates who have declared that the small amount of income or lack of income in total. Like, to the poor, who can not support something that is not country, but even his own family, not a place in government. Meanwhile, all the previous years, the same propaganda to create images with byassrebnika Alexander Lukashenko — and the money he was not interested, and real estate for 15 years, has not acquired. According to experts, the change of tone in determining economic priorities focused primarily on the formation of a new social thought.

The official media, commenting on the published declarations have focused on the fact that almost half of the candidates for the highest office does not even reach the level of the average wage — apparently refers to 400 "with a tail" of dollars, which recently has reported the National Statistics Committee. Others do have filed information with a zero in the "revenues". So why do they live? Apparently, hide illicit earnings from the tax?

The output corresponding to, if people are able to earn except as a porter at half time, then they will stand in the service of the Belarusian people?

One of the candidates for president Andrei Sannikov, in his declaration did indicated that revenue for the previous year had not. But to explain that over the years, including overseas, earned enough to live without poverty. Economist Victor Tereshchenko also not inclined to believe that the absence of the vast income should something testifies:

Victor Tereshchenko

"According to the annual income I outlined the following. In the first — income received in 2009 — wrote that he "was not." The fact is that over the last year, I was engaged in research activities, work on writing a book called "Life. Authority. Policy." Now I give the second edition of this book, it will be a very large volume. As well as preparing the manual, the publication of which will be this year and next. So for a year I did not work cleanly. "

By insolvent state propagandists also attributed Yaroslav Romanchuk, Statkevich, Vitaly Rymashevski, whose income is assessed as "negligible." However, until recently, could not boast of income andAlexander Lukashenko. But last year the head of the country's monthly earning approximately 3000 dollars.

Does the Media propaganda on public opinion? Journalist, politician Peter Martsau convinced that in terms of advocacy bet is to thoroughly — there is nothing that does not interest people as another purse:

Peter Martsau

"If retell reaction of public opinion, the logic is clear: people earn so little that no one believes it. So, candidates hide their income. And if people can not earn money, it is unlikely that they will be able to run the state — they can not even make money for themselves. If these promises to broadcast information to the public opinion, they are, in principle, effective. From the point of view of promoting the path chosen, of course, correct. "

Reporter"Until recently, actively cultivated the image of Lukashenko, who is not seeking more money. Now the background is exactly what Lukashenko — the most financially independent of the candidates, and therefore the most worthy. That is, the retransmission of values diametrically changed? "

"There is no contradiction. The main impact on public opinion is not on the kind of salary for Lukashenko, as it, by and large, no one is not particularly interested in this. Public opinion, in terms of advocacy, should be interested in what salary presidential candidates. And since time is very different — in fact in the same 1994 all were absolute poor and rich people have the perception of simply hostile — now it's essential. "

The second after Lukashenko level of prosperity became a presidential candidate, the head of the Union "For modernization" Mikhalevich. Declare their annual income exceeded 75 million rubles, which is 20 million less than that of the incumbent.


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