Weather Center predicts a cold snap in the middle of Russia next week

Unusually warm weather for October, established in the central part of Russia, next week to cooling, said Tuesday the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Director Roman Vilfand.

"Since Sunday, the sky becomes cloudy and, although heavy rainfall we do not expect, but light rain likely. Subsequent lowering of the temperature predicted from the first day of the working week," — said Vilfand at a press conference in Moscow.

According to a forecast meteorologist, daytime temperatures are expected early next week about 8-10 degrees, the night — 4-5 degrees.

He also noted that the current week is expected very warm, which is not typical for the second half of October.

On Monday, the Weather Center reported that in the central regions of European Russia this week is expected to abnormally warm weather, temperatures can exceed average for this time of year by 8 degrees.

"In mid-October, usually ends the fall season and the next season, which is a very beautiful name — predzime. Atmosphere prepares for winter circulation regime, and predzime take up to 20 of December, followed by a natural synoptic winter season," — said the chief meteorologist Russia .

During this period, he said, begins reinforced air transport in the North Atlantic to the continent through Western and Eastern Europe to western Siberia.

"Cyclonic much more commonly seen in our region than in summer and autumn. Mostly daylight hours accompanied by clouds, the days are gloomy, marked precipitation in different forms: snow and sleet," — concluded Vilfand.

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