What have read our ancestors?

Mr. Vladimir, please tell us what books we read five years ago? Was there something like the then best-selling? And, do you think, will our descendants to read books in another five years?

Leonid Gelfand

When I think about reading, always remember the saying of Elias Canetti: "You are most like to immortality — what modesty — to read."

The subjects of the Grand Dukes of Sigismund the Old, or Sigismund Vasa of the Nobel laureate, apparently, did not read, but among them, of course, there would be people willing to subscribe to He saidand.

For example — the poet and philosopher Solomon Rysinsky that around 1600, he was appointed court poet and educator of children from one of the princes Radziwill. (By the way, our historian Oleg Latyshonok Bialystok said Mr. Solomon, the first in the history of Belarusians — on the grounds that Rysinsky extensive travels in Europe, consistently referred to himself as "levkarusus": "Lefkos" in Greek means "white.") After yourself poet has left 1,000 Tamov library where Homer, Herodotus, and Juvenal neighbors on Thomas More, Ulrich von Hutten, Ian Kokhanovsky …

The collection of older contemporary of Solomon Simeon of Polotsk, which made a real cultural revolution in Moscow, were the works of Cicero, Thomas Aquinas, Erasmus, the fathers of the Christian church, grammar, dictionaries, Zelnik. I wish I could look in a treatise called "The Book of preudivitelnaya sacraments women, yet the forces of herbs, stones, animals, birds and fish …" Thank-Muscovites, what he did Simeon heritage inventory, often lacking in education, and he aimed "Book around the world description "or" Creation Adrian Thule, the Latin. "

Descriptions Skaryna library has been preserved, but we can assume that it is in many ways reminiscent of the library sanctified compatriots.

But we were talking about the people of outstanding. And that was a circle of people reading Commonwealth?

It was due to vluchanastsyu Lithuania-Belarus into the European cultural space.

Very popular Belarusian translations of "Stories about Attila," "The Tale of Bova" and "The Tale of Trishchan and Izhotu." These products were introduced in chivalrous world of the ancestors of Western Europe. After settling into a long winter's evening in the warm tiled stove with a picture of a generic or a city coat of arms, a wealthy nobleman or artisans unwrapped adventure novel "Alexandria". Having read the description of the campaign of Alexander the Great to the mysterious East, a reader had the opportunity to take on "The Tale of Troy."

Read the book now, and can be called by the then bestsellers. "Alexander" and "Troy" mentions in one of his prefaces to bibleyskihknig Skoryna. His Bible would not venture to connect to a best because it will smell like blasphemy.

Strong demand in the narrow circles was literature, which can be called special. Astrologers, the stargazers, for example, shtudyyavali "Shastsikryl" treatises "On the great ordeal had seven star Xia narichayutsya Planet" and "12 stars that hold 12 to common men." Trying to read the future, and various other methods, including on the sheep's shoulder blade. Instruction here is the book "Lapatachnik" that fully titled "The Book of Peter Egyptian ilk learn Vedat neiskhodimogo shoulders the sheep."

In times of an educated man attracted banned literature, which at that time (although the Inquisition and lasted us just a few decades) smelled of smoke. At night, zadernuv window and closed the door on the bars, or Vilna Polotsk residents picked up the seditious "Arystotelevu Gate" where learned "the tricks of the individual and tainits ance, and kameneh expensive, about the wisdom of porsunnoy about BelOSTO about vlaseh about broveh about nozdreh, on the forehead, on usteh, on the face of ushiyu, of voices, of Shii, on the belly and perseh about plecheh and spine. "

Do not rule out that some of those readers thinking will — unless, of course, is not going to happen end of the world — read the book in the XXI century. We — we read. Will also do the same in five centuries. Maybe even our current bestsellers reprinted.

Came a few years ago, the Belarusian "Trishchan" to which a hand (and money) is a former Polish Ambassador Mariusz Machkevich. In March 2006 he was in jail in Akrestsin in the next cell with my son Bogdan, at the same time so I made a couple of peradachak and Mariusz. As you can see, not in vain.

And at the end of another quote from Franz Kafka: "Read as eyelashes gently NOT tingle from fatigue."



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