When Petrozavodsk miracle widespread feeling of fear and hopelessness

September 21, 2012 10:56

This is the only picture "Petrozavodsk miracle"

This is the only picture "Petrozavodsk miracle"

35 years ago in the skies over Petrozavodsk arose giant glowing "jellyfish." It was the impetus for the start of a major program of the Soviet Union "Grid" by UFO
— The famous "miracle Petrozavodsk" — a huge, incredibly beautiful luminous object flown 35 years ago in the skies over the capital of Karelia — saw hundreds of people, despite the fact that he came late at night — the known Ukrainian UFO researcher, a member of the Research center "probe" Oleg Pruss. — The fact that the mysterious object was working on the psyche, many woke up in the night from anxiety. Those who watched the mysterious phenomenon, later tracked down and interviewed a commission, which has sent to Petrozavodsk Academy of Sciences.

"Light" downpour "lasted 12.10 minutes"

— Here is what one of the witnesses scientist, doctor: September 20, 1977, about four o'clock in the morning, ambulance in which he was a member, was riding on a new challenge — says Oleg Pruss. — Suddenly, everyone who was in the car, seized the strong feelings of fear, hopelessness, shook the hands of the driver, he had to hit the brakes. At this time there was something in the sky great, sounds like a jellyfish, orange. From the object to the ground rays streamed, flickers every few seconds. It was a real rain, even light rain. Continued extravaganza minutes 10-12. Then the "jellyfish" changed shape — into a glowing ellipse and moved away in the direction of Lake Onega.

Any sound object is not published. Above the lake his crew saw a cargo ship. All those who ran out on the deck, and concluded that the diameter of the ellipse about the same as the length of the ship — about a hundred meters.

* Oleg Pruss: "The vast majority of mysterious cases documented under the" net "could be explained by natural causes, such as a rare atmospheric phenomenon"

* Oleg Pruss: "The vast majority of mysterious cases documented under the" net "could be explained by natural causes, such as a rare atmospheric phenomenon"

* Oleg Pruss: "The vast majority of mysterious cases documented under the" Grid ", could be explained by natural causes, such as a rare atmospheric phenomenon"
— It was possible to understand the nature of the "miracle of Petrozavodsk"?
— Once it was assumed that it was the lighting effects caused by the night launch satellite from Plesetsk (Arkhangelsk region). However, astronomers are located in St. Petersburg Pulkovo Observatory also observed phenomenon, pushed this version. They know what to say, because many times saw the flight of missiles were launched from Plesetsk and the concomitant celestial extravaganza. Incidentally, I was a member of many such runs — served on a secret missile Kapustin Yar, in the Astrakhan region. Therefore, I can confirm the comment, which then gave astronomers — "Petrozavodsk miracle" no matter what it does not. Until now, his mystery remains unsolved.
Interestingly, after the occurrence of this phenomenon in the windows of many citizens of Petrozavodsk there through holes. Examination showed that they burned the laser beams. The laser, which could cope with this task, while in the Soviet Union was the only one. It occupied an entire floor in one of the institutes of Tomsk. And one more interesting fact: the fused edges of the holes have a crystalline structure. This is striking, because the glass is known to belong to the category of bodies with an amorphous structure. Make it crystal can not no technology known to man.
During the appearance of the "miracle of Petrozavodsk" large luminous objects seen in Leningrad and in the Finnish capital Helsinki. That night in the northern part of Europe is 25 UFO. For example, they were accompanied by the air passenger planes flying flight Kiev — Leningrad and Riga — Leningrad. In both cases, the pilots reported the ground crew. The reply was that the radar can not "see" the aircraft near any objects.

Country to learn about the "miracle of Petrozavodsk" due TASS correspondent in Karelia Nikolay Milov. His small note was merely a few paragraphs, the national newspapers have published. However, the "News" placed it in a reduced form and only in the issues that came out in the regions. Proofs with this note was sent to the peripheral printing, and there is already part of the edition was printed, when someone from the management decided to take the information about UFOs. Its time to remove from the Moscow edition.

Continuing research on the phenomenon of needed funds. President of the Academy of Sciences Anatoly Alexandrov took the issue to the Council of Ministers. Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers for the Defense Industry was then Leonid Smirnov, who, by the way, five years as head of the famous plant "Yuzhmash" in Dnepropetrovsk. After reviewing the documents of Petrozavodsk, he initiated the creation of a large-scale program of "Grid" for the study of UFOs. She worked for 13 years, until the collapse of the Soviet Union.
"Humanoid persecuted pioneers"
— What are the most interesting facts managed to track scientists involved in this project?
— One of these occurred in Kazakhstan, near the small town of Derzhavin in late June 1979 — is responsible Oleg Pruss. — In the morning the children vacationing in the pioneer camp, went with a counselor for a walk. Climbing up the hill, they froze in amazement — they are approached unseen creation: very high, black with colored belt at the waist. They had very large eyes. These creatures did not go as well as it hovered above the ground. Their arms were stretched forward, and the body seemed flat. The boys screamed and ran. Three newcomers turned back, and one moved after the pioneers. Just outside the camp guys, a little bolder, began to shout at him, throwing stones. That helped — humanoid left. In the evening, two humanoids came to the camp fence. They were seen by several people. The next day one of the teachers, going to the dining room, humanoid found there, sitting on a chair. The woman ran away in terror. The Commission then interviewed each of the witnesses. Their lists are preserved.
One of the most impressive case is that of a military pilot Leonid Vyatkin. He did a night flight near Yalta, when the rate of the aircraft appeared light poles about three meters in diameter, which went not to the earth, and from above. Needle car swerved to the stop. The pilot tried to change course, but still the right wing has been exposed to the flow of light. From this "clash" column of light scattered like spray welding, and a good fighter shook. However, no problems Vyatkin had planted. At the airport equipment found no damage, but the right wing light for several nights.
A similar thing happened with another fighter pilot on the ground Apraksin Vladimirovka in Astrakhan. The pilot saw a UFO, and reported that decides to approach him for a closer look. Suddenly the aircraft struck the light beam. Apraksin briefly lost consciousness. This incident and confined. But after a couple of months back on his plane hit a mysterious ray. The consequences were quite severe — health officer was shaken, it took a long period of treatment in a hospital …
I must say that the program is "Grid" consists of two parts. The Academy of Science is the scientific aspects and the Ministry of Defence UFO studies the impact on equipment and personnel. Each military unit sent instructions about what to look for when interviewing witnesses who saw unusual phenomena, and appointed officers responsible for collecting such information. They have fixed thousands of episodes. Certificate sent to a secret institution number 22, which was located in the suburban Mytischi.
Investigation on each of these mysterious cases showed that the causes of most of them are natural. For example, a rare atmospheric phenomena such as St. Elmo lights — beams of light, sometimes flare at the ends of the masts of ships, aircraft wings, the tops of the towers. This discharges the accumulated electricity in the air. However, about ten percent of the episodes have remained a mystery.
— I had read that in the early 1990s, the Russian Army Colonel Boris Sokolov sold Americans the most interesting documents from the archives of the "Grid."
— These conversations go: that a television producer from the United States by name Knepp opened an office in Moscow, has hired people who tracked down the archive, and bought for a few thousand dollars to pay the securities. But the evidence that no one is introduced. It is known for something else: when the "Grid" was closed, cosmonaut Pavel Popovich, patronized ufologists, asked the military to transfer them to the archive project. He promised to send the documents. But Popovich got nothing. He asked what was wrong. He said: We sent you a long file, it is strange that he did not make it.

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