Where disappear dolmens in the Kuban and in Adygea?

The Kuban summer traveling across the country, not just for sea, sun and barbeque with shawarma. Our land is rich and interesting archaeological finds. Dolmens of them, perhaps, take the first place.

SCIENTISTS have missed dozens of ancient dolmens in the Kuban and in Adygea

Some monuments of ancient civilizations in tourists this year in our region would not see. For example, the seven-ton instance that in February of this year, took pride of place in the Moscow Historical Museum. But such a fate awaits, as it turns out, not every dolmen. Kuban researchers conducted an inventory of remaining in the province of megaliths were missing and dozens of places of worship of the Bronze Age.
Dolmen Mount Nexis stood almost five thousand years. A multi-ton megalith crumbled like a house of cards in less than a year in 2007.

"The top plate has a crack, it tried to fill like this grout. And the blocks were installed, "- says the museum curator Gelendzhik Alexander Grigoriev.

According to archaeologists, the explosion destroyed the dolmen. Three hundred meters from the so-called heroic lodges modern quarry. It produces marl. In rock strata laid explosives — 80 kilograms per well.

Quarrying on Nexis is thirty years. Defenders of dolmens, when they saw the first cracks in slabs, sounded the alarm.

"They all say," You are destroying the dolmens. " We are moving away from them, we went down, dolmens are over there, so we do not harm any dolmens inflict ", — says Yuri Hafiz, director of" Neruda-AD. "

With the test of the Nexis came archaeologists and experts on the protection of monuments.

"As a result of recent inspection visits checks technical condition dolmens Mount Nexis, their condition was satisfactory. Reason to worry yet "- says George Dovydenko, head of archaeological monuments control on protection of historical and cultural values of the Krasnodar region.

In the Kuban historians recount every year dolmens. And every year, sure: they are getting smaller. A year ago, near the village disappeared Pshada a group of dolmens. A few more were destroyed excavator. Missing plates, weighing several tons each, archaeologists found near the federal highway in the area of a local resident Vakhtang goyim.

"Dismantled it five dolmens of two different groups of dolmens, spaced about ten miles," — says George Dovydenko.

After the theft Vakhtang Goyim "famous" for the whole country. It attacked journalists and neighbors showed a finger at him. Dolmen plate removed from the Goyim. In the end, Vic owed the State seven million rubles.

Situation is even worse in the next Adygea. There's unique architectural virtually disappeared.

In Adygea dolmens do not steal: they simply used as a free building material.

"These are fragments of slabs dolmens. This is preparation for the foundation, then they will be embedded in the concrete, and it will be the foundation of a building, "- explains Igor leg, head of the regional branch of the Circassian Russian Geographical Society.

In most homes Khadzhokh built on a foundation of dolmens. Igor leg and his colleagues bred hands only. Save megaliths they can not. Ancient buildings at the center of development. Locals destroy monuments or arrange them in public toilets. Sometimes at home dwarfs — the so called dolmens in Adygea — become fully residential houses.

"The approach to this dolmen, look — all covered with a neatly. Out of the yard an old woman, she said that there is a homeless person lives, neat, not harmful, "- says Aslan Tov, archaeologist.

Inhabitant of a place of worship of the ancient civilization at risk of becoming long-lived. According to legend, the energy of the dolmen slows aging. Another theory is that the megaliths — Teleport Bronze Age. And supposedly near dolmens thoughts are transmitted to tens of kilometers.

Sandstone buildings around myths and theories as much about Atlantis. Some scientists believe that the dolmen was built in Atlanta. The mystery of the Bronze Age structures in recent years, is particularly attractive for tourists.

Lyudmila Tatarovskaya leads tours dolmens decades. Seen megaliths not free — from 50 to 200 rubles — depending on their location. Every year, the guide brings to Pshada thousands of tourists.

Dolmen business is booming. Join the monetary culture going and Vakhtang Goyim. Near the monument, a remake even decided to split peach garden. However, he argues that the stone structures are not destroyed, but found. Already destroyed.

"I collected the fragments have long been destroyed, rastaschennyh technique dolmens. In particular Olenichevo — there was even a dump construction waste. It turns out that while lying in a landfill — no one should, and touched — it turned out, touched the monument "- says Vakhtang Goyim.

Kuban archaeologists and departmental officials for the protection of monuments of developing a state program that would save the dolmens. It should come up for discussion in the Legislative Assembly this summer.

At the same time, historians Adygea try to keep something. In the halls of the National Museum is a unique piece, the only one in the world.

Who made the walls of the dolmen these figures is unknown. What they stand for — is also unknown. It is not clear by whom and for which he built the dolmens. Megaliths appeared simultaneously with the Egyptian pyramids and the English Stonehenge.

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