Whether the United States will achieve a decisive strategic advantages over Russia?

Whether the United States will achieve a decisive strategic advantage over Russia?Yankees signing of agreements with Turkey and Romania on the development in these countries, the U.S. missile defense bases once again showed that Washington, increasing the pace of construction of the global system that stubbornly refuses to take into account the interests of Russia. Since the days of Reagan, who proposed to defeat the "evil empire" program from the "Star Wars", the United States try to achieve a strategic confrontation with Russia sided advantages …

Although seemingly one-sided advantage in missile-nuclear conflict — a chimera. No defense can not guarantee the aggressor even a weakened retaliation, threatening unacceptable harm. It would seem that the atmosphere of feverish preparations for nuclear war has dissipated, the world came to the newest line of movement, and Americans continue to work on missile defense, which is a component specifically nuclear war.

According to the statements of the U.S. administration, these systems are built to reflect the likely attacks by "rogue states" — Iran, North Korea, and perhaps Syria (?). Without going into the details of the deployment of U.S. geography launchers, the main point: the West never will allow these states to acquire its own nuclear weapon. Dangers of America from these countries was not and is not, and the U.S. play out against them political spectacle, immediately taking steps in the direction of the RF environment more effective missile defense systems.

According to the Missile Defense Agency U.S. system U.S. missile defense system already contains the objects that are located in North America, Europe and the Far East, and in 2013 will consist of:

— 4 of early warning radar: Cobra Dane (island of Shemya, Aleutian Islands); Beale (CA); Fylingdales (England); Thule (Greenland, Denmark);

— Radar sea-based SBX, stationed in the Pacific Ocean near Alaska;

— Forward-based radar FBX-T on the peninsula of Honshu (Japan);

— 16 ground-based interceptor missiles, 13 of them — at Fort Greely (AK) and 2 — on the Vandenberg Air Force Base (California);

— 16 cruisers and destroyers of Aegis, equipped with a total difficulty of 18 SM-3 interceptor missiles and stationed in the Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean Sea;

— antimissile systems Patriot (PAC-3).

Until 2013, extend a missile defense system, and the United States at this time will be:

— 5 of early warning radars that cover the entire Northern Hemisphere (dislocation regions — Alaska, California, Greenland, England, Central Europe);

— 4 sea-based SBX radar in the Pacific Ocean;

— 1 forward-based radar FBX-T (Japan);

— 54 ground-based interceptors (44 — in the U.S., 10 — in Eastern Europe);

— 4 complex THAAD (task — destruction of ballistic missiles in the downward phase), equipped with a total difficulty of 96 interceptor missiles;

— 100 sea-based missiles SM-2 (task — destruction of ballistic missiles in the middle portion of the line of motion);

— 132 SM-3 missile (task — destruction of ballistic missiles with a range of up to three thousand miles to the middle portion of the line of motion).

Gallakticheskaya system of early detection of ballistic missile launches SBIRS is implemented in a 2-echelon form. It allows you to detect missile launches in 40-50 seconds after the start and define the line of flight movements at the active site.

In November 2004, at Edwards Air Force Base (California) held the first test of combat airborne laser AL-1. Americans have begun work on creating military laser airborne early as the 1980s. within the framework of programs from the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative — Strategic Defense Initiative). Back in the 1983 tests were conducted on the application of the laser itself against missiles of "air-to-air." In the upcoming efforts Yankees have focused on developing a massive ground-based lasers that would allow destroy ballistic missiles soaring.

At the current time is expected to include air-based combat lasers created in the missile defense system. Squadron aircraft equipped with these weapons should be distributed throughout the world and be in constant readiness for take-off to intercept and defeat ballistic missiles starters before the moment of separation from their warheads.

Also conducted tests of NCDE (Net-Centric Airborne Defense Element), set up to frisky guidance of unmanned vehicles and fighter jets on ballistic missile launches.

By 2013, this Makar, graduated from the United States the next step creation of missile defense, which, together with the multi-level system gallakticheskoy exploration and encircling Russia radar network will consist of approximately 500 ballistic missile interceptors, not including SAM "Patriot". But in this case, according to the Russian military professionals, Americans fail to reflect the impact of retaliation. In the Russian Federation have the strength and the means to overcome the U.S. missile defense system in the country are working on improving the capability of penetrating missiles. In other words, there is no guarantee America from unacceptable harm in the event of nuclear war, and the question arises: what if the real purpose of the creation of the United States this system?

The answer to the question leads to the subsequent conclusions:

1. U.S. missile defense system is not designed for use in a nuclear war. We are dealing with long-term strategic planning, which provides for a drastic weakening of the nuclear missile potential of the Russian Federation to the extent that avoids a nuclear exchange.

2. According to South American estimates, military and economic potential of the Russian Federation can (should) in about 20 years so loose that the country will not be able to maintain an appropriate level of its strategic defenses. What will further degrade the Russian nuclear potential, the greater will develop the South American missile defense system.

The main objective of this long in Washington politics — do everything possible to again seize the advantage over Russia in the strategic confrontation. In the case of solutions Yankees this strategic tasks probable collision will not look because it was previously believed. For the U.S., once again, as in the 50 years of the twentieth century, there is a temptation to a surprise attack on the Russian Federation. How realistic appearance of these goals for Washington?

Recall the story. Stalin had every reason not to believe that Hitler would attack the Soviet Union in 1941. Germany is already at war with Britain, the Balkans, Greece and North Africa. The German military and technical abilities were on edge. On arms were many outdated artillery and tanks feeble. Reddish Wehrmacht army superior in number and amount of equipment, manpower 2-sides were not comparable. Health reasoning poruha the Soviet Union could only nerd. And yet Hitler, being a reckless adventurer, took the decision to attack. Chimerical idea of an advantage of the German spirit and Russian sub-humans have played with it a cruel joke. Hitler's decision was fundamentally wrong, but it took place and it cost the public land of countless victims. Remembering the American catastrophe of 9/11, we can ask ourselves: is it those invisible forces that staged the tragedy of his own psychology — are not the same ruthless adventurers? Did not they are obsessed with legends about their Advantages over the entire popu
lation of the earth? Exclude the possibility that they one day will come to thoughts of anger against Russia, we have no right to.

In this situation, behead Russian strategic forces will be no nuclear attack. A sudden attack of hundreds of hypersonic cruise missiles with penetrating warheads from all directions will kill the remaining Russian strategic missiles open and closed bases. The assumption is that in 15-20 years the Americans will create cruise missiles, which are invisible and inaccessible to Russian air defense systems.

Now created the South American system ABM will serve as a guarantee in case if some Russian launchers will be able to survive and fight back volley. Then the satellite and laser systems will kill these carriers at the time of the launch. The rest of the defense will be armed, revealing broken through missiles left on battle line movement. They will be destroyed in space, the ability to explosions without weapons, so as not to prevent a serious medium of infection.

Being realists, we must ask ourselves: why the U.S. has stubbornly reach base for its fleet in Sevastopol? Is that why that between the Black Sea and Central Russia is thin, like a table, relief, allowing one hundred square meters of hypersonic cruise missiles pass decking above the ground to Russian strategic sites, overcoming missile defense is not able to fight against low-flying targets?

In the United States have not gone away the forces that allow the possibility of eliminating the Russian Federation to the world map. This idea does not look even seditious since declassified Pentagon documents mid-50's, in the middle of them — and the plan "Dropshot", providing a huge nuclear bomb 300 Russian cities.

The disaster of 9/11 has shown that kids and grandkids creators plan "Dropshot" remain in power for long and busy planning spanned the whole era in the development of weapons. And any another U.S. administration, regardless of party affiliation, all on its way to the coveted goal — to achieve a decisive strategic advantages over Russia … It is true that life is wiser calculations behind the scenes forces, and it is not clear that their work.

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