Who are persecuted dark balls. Anomalies

November 21, 2011 1:23

Researchers understand abnormal phenomena are many cases where people have little haunted mysterious black ball-shaped objects — the so-called "dark balls." Belgorodets AV Nechaev a huge part of their lives devoted to the study of this paradox. It all began in 1982 when he first personally encountered this phenomenon.

There was not the end of February, not the beginning of March. A little after midnight, Nechayev was awakened by a sharp chill in the lumbar region. In the moonlight he saw bob dark, hovering over him at about 10-15 cm in diameter of the ball with less than 10 cm for a while the object was hanging motionless, then, when Nechaev tried stand up, the better to examine it, jerked to the right and down … There was a hit with such force that a bookcase, standing in front of the bed, rattled windows. The ball was gone, leaving no trace.

Three years later, in September 1985, Nechayev, together with his friend, the director placed on the reserve area of Belgorod "Russian forest" Maximov visited anomalous zone near Dolzhikov (Zolochiv district Kharkiv region). In a ravine near Dolzhikov rainy nights often heard weird sounds like spanking. There and watched the dark spherical UFOs.

By evening, the weather turned bad, it's beginning to spot because Nechaev and went to bed early Maximov. Nechayev not sleep, my heart was somehow inexplicably anxious. Suddenly he heard the sound of the ravine donesshiysya like slap. Nechayev later won a nap and he fell asleep.

In a dream he fancied someone shouts. Realizing that scream waking Nechaev shook off sleep. Oral, rather, mumbling lying next Maximov. Nechayev realized what a nightmare. For a while he lay motionless, hoping that Maximov soon calm down and go to sleep quietly, but did not stop mooing.

Then he stood up and shook his friend's shoulder, okliknuv by name. Maximov did not answer, but still. But the concern for some reason did not leave Nechayev, he could not sleep. So he stayed until dawn. About 4 am again heard two "slap" echo raznesshiesya the ravine.

Nechaev immediately felt relieved for some reason, somewhere took the belief that they are nothing more than a comrade is not threatened. He fell asleep here.
The next morning revealed that Maximov that night experienced something quite the paranormal. He awoke because he imagined a movement around the tent. Began to listen, man felt as someone or something touched the big toe on his foot. After which the body up a wave of numbness. At first the feet, legs later, back, hands … It seemed to him that his whole body wraps dense clump. Soon he could not move. Besides the sleeping bag was tightly fastened inside. Paralysis of the larynx and reached Maksimov felt the hair on his head stand on end, and a sleeping bag inflates, rises up and begins to move toward the exit of the tent.

In fear Maksimov tried to resist, but it was not in his power. Suddenly had an idea: we must wake up and force Nechayev touch him. Then all over! Maksimov tried to scream, but he could not even open his mouth — just burst out bellowing. Fortunately for him, Nechaev really awake. As he touched the shoulder Maximova, a wave of numbness began to fade and eventually completely gone.

Nechaev convinced that his friend was attacked specifically "dark ball" can be somehow made his way inside the sleeping bag. Dark balls imprinted on numerous photos taken in the anomalous zone. According to Nechayev, they "live" on the ground, but can hover in the air. It is possible that at the time of the balls can become invisible.

If there is a paradox of dark balls and the phenomenon is one of order, it may be that we are dealing with an ether-plasma form of life, whether it's own representatives by reason, and what purpose they serve — the question unanswered.

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