Why countries are in an arms race?

For what states are the arms race?

Why are preparing most of the countries in the world in military terms? On the planet is a real arms race, the favorite in the United States it because, according to TSAMTO, in 2009, the Pentagon has received 574 billion. dollars in 2010 — nearly $ 700 billion., China from 2002 to 2009 year has risen in the world rankings at the expense armament from 7 th to 2 nd. China spends on defense about 70 billion. per year, with the South American experts believe that if you add in defense spending other waste coming under other articles, but also to strengthen defense capabilities, the figure is growing twice.

According to the Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument (TSAMTO), from 2002 to 2009 year defense spending in the world has increased almost twice, with 769,847,000,000. bucks to 1 335.524 billion. bucks. Leading European countries — Britain, Germany, Italy and France — in totality izderzhali for defense in 2009, 191.5 billion.

Our homeland even increasing defense expenditures GPV 2011-2020, according to her on new weapons, upgrades are planning izderzhat over 20 trillion. rubles. In 2009, the Russian defense izderzhala 37.8 billion. bucks, for comparison — Italy, in the same year izderzhala 30.5 billion. For Russia the rate of spending on arms is small enough in comparison with China, which spends on defense is almost twice more, and a total budget of NATO countries — more than $ 1 trillion. bucks.

Real arms race lead in South-East Asia, performing large-scale development programs from the Air Force, Air Defense, defense, Navy, Army. Increases own military potential of Japan (which does not cut back their programs from even due to a natural disaster), South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, all countries in the region, re-size differ only in the financial ability of the state.

Another region where applets are immense arms, the arms race, it is the country of the Islamic world — from Pakistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Syria to the countries of North Africa. Big money spent on new weapons monarchy of the Arabian Peninsula: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar.

However, some analysts believe that not everything is as bad as it seems. Thus, the analytical analysis of the Center for Strategy and Technology (ACT), said that as long as there is no threat to the Russian Federation. U.S. really wasting fabulous sums on upgrading, development of new systems, maintaining already taken into service, but it is not due to a desire to poruha on someone, and already with ongoing campaigns in Afghanistan and Libya, nedavneshney the war in Iraq. In addition, the need to maintain a large military-industrial complex in the country and so the crisis, it is necessary to maintain jobs, but the financial and industrial circles are from the arms business good profit. A number of NATO countries in Europe, including such powers as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, cut its military applets, reduce the waste of war, as well as other, smaller countries like the Netherlands. In other words, a full-scale invasion by NATO hardly worth the wait, they will continue the policy of "encirclement" of Russia with its bases, missile defense systems.

According to the views of the deputy director of the center AST Konstantin Makiyenko, and from the states of the Islamic world there is no danger of war, the same Saudi Arabia, buying in the States and in the countries of Western Europe to implement 10s billion dollars, this action almost buys their safety and even the security of the entire region in whole. Riyadh expects that most cramped monetary, military-technical ties with NATO and the West — is the best guarantee of security. Also brand new technology — it's a matter of psychology, showing it to the parades, the country demonstrate to their citizens and their neighbors that they are ready for war, but to make war no one is going.

But there are other views, for example, analysts of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Leonid Ivashov and Konstantin Sivkov convinced that at least some of the world financial and economic crisis turns into a socio-political and, ultimately, in World War II. Their world view is confirmed by global history. Can Asia Pacific, India, the countries of the Islamic world and the United States to it and prepare? A military-political elites of Europe are aware that the main fronts in this war will not run in Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, in the Islamic world. That's why they can allow themselves to reduce ground troops, heavy armament in the form of tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, and focus on the new combat systems such as UAVs.

Our home also can not afford it for themselves — it directly borders with the countries of the Islamic world, in this regard it can include the Special Forces of Destiny, Air Force, mobile teams of permanent readiness.

It is bordered by China and Japan, in what has territorial claims to Russia, land of the rising sun in the open, hidden from China. There are necessary and modern sverhtehnologichny Air Force, Navy, massive ground forces. Probable and the conflict on the Korean peninsula, in this case our sun also required to have plans and scenarios.

Well, the danger of NATO, the United States has not been canceled, our armed forces must be ready to repel the danger by sverhtehnologichny enemy, but not psychologically ready to bear the highest loss, to reflect any provocation.


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