Why in the Odessa-Brody pipeline download Russian oil?

On November 17 the first scheduled delivery of oil to Belarus through the pipeline "Odessa-Brody" connected to aversnym (direct) mode. However, an oil tanker has not arrived in Ukraine, so try swapping delayed. Meanwhile, experts, however, continue to discuss how the project economically feasible.

In the words of Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko, the first 80,000 tons of oil must be received by pipeline "Odessa-Brody" on November 17 on a "swap", ie substitution. Head of the Foreign Economic Activity of "Ukrtransnafta" Mikhail Kravchenko said that the regime will be put aversnym Party of the Russian oil Urals. Kravchenko also noted that the supply of oil to Belarus through the pipeline "Druzhba" does not require the consent of the Russian company "Transneft", which uses the pipeline to supply energy to Europe.

Why Russia has agreed to give their oil to pragonki in the pipeline "Odessa-Brody" and how all Moscow about this project? Associate Professor of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Kirill Koktysh believes that Russia sees no threat for them in this project.

Kirill Koktysh

"It seems to me that the Russian with pleasure is watching as Belarus is grafted on a rather expensive Venezuelan oil, while freeing up the volume to Russia cheap Russian oil, which Moscow can now distribute quite differently. So far in this game, the participants are more or less happy. "

Reporter"Russia can be satisfied tactically, but strategically it is not lost?"

Koktyish"No, as those quantities of oil that are coming to Europe from other regions, in principle, can not compete with Russian oil. Russian nothing to worry about. And if the buyer is transplanted from cheaper oil more expensive for Venezuela, it is the buyer's choice . "

Meanwhile Analysts consider the possibility that the oil pipeline Odessa-Brody Venezuelan oil to Belarus in general do not. There will be a so-called operation "swap" replacement. Venesuela put four million tons of oil "Santa Barbara" in the United States, which purchases crude oil from Azerbaijan. And Azerbaijan will surpass the 4 million tonnes in Belarus. Is it getting in this version, Venezuelan oil is economically feasible for Belarus? Financial Analyst Sergei Chaly believes that the Venezuelan project will certainly beneficial for Belarus.

Sergei Chaly

"We need to share this test pumping and the entire project. Why is the Russian oil? After all, the same pipe is not empty, it is full of technical Russian oil. Therefore, no one good Venezuelan oil interfere with the Russian sour in his right mind would not. So it's just pumping one tanker to view logistics and economics of the process. As for the whole project, it certainly is profitable and interesting, and not just the inclusion of the pipe "Odessa-Brody" in aversny mode and use one of the branches of "Friendship" to Mozyr — this is a great victory for Belarus, as much at 30 dollars, reduces costs for transit. "

As for Russia's attitude to the project, in the opinion of Chaly, Moscow in fact nothing could be done to prevent its implementation. Too much of the region, from Iran and Azerbaijan, the Baltic States and Poland, are involved in the project, said Mr. Chaly:

"After the construction of the BPS-2, it became clear that to have a few little tubes filled instead of one filled — it's too expensive for Russia. They thought they were being punished transit country, but there were competing project that had once fought for a long time. And finally here is built the foundation for a very serious regional cooperation. "


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