Why Israels nuclear bomb? (The Wall Street Journal, USA)

What is Israel's nuclear bomb?  ("The Wall Street Journal", USA)65 years after the trial of Nazi Germany "quite decide Jewish question "Israel is the only country in the world that at times calls to kill anyone.

Despite all recognized the fact that Pakistan and India, following the example of Israel and the Arabs, too, were suffering at the time of impact of the massive population exchange and territorial wars, no one comes to mind to express doubts about their right to exist. The position of the Jewish opponents of the country looks such extremist and truly scandalous that imposed the question: why Europe does not do more to recognize the endless disposition of this country stay in the designated area. After all, these are the same countries that collaborated with the Nazis in the persecution of the Jewish people of their own …

But they do not. In all that concerns the Palestinians, their public prefers to think as if the Arabs are the victims of the Jewish occupiers, and which should banish them from the occupied lands. But, surprisingly, these "invaders" have no other homeland, and precisely because of their heroic struggle Britain left the Levant. Everywhere decided to forget exactly what the Jews have accepted as tribute to the partition of Palestine, and the Arabs — is not, and that half of them left the country voluntarily. And more Jews were expelled from Arab countries where they had to leave their property. And yet — that the Arabs were able to stay in Israel and even granted citizenship, while most of the Arab states at the moment actually "Judenrein." And later, Israel gave the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt for a piece of paper, and the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Authority — generally for free. Apart from rockets and mortar shells in response, of course … And, in the end, he agreed to the creation of another 1st Islamic country in a sea of others, while the Palestinians indignantly refused to recognize Israel as a government Jewish people. But he was willing to go to unprecedented compromises, even on the dilemma of Jerusalem — if only Arafat answered "yes" to at least one offer …

And at the mention of "force-action" that Israel itself is not always taken into account constant calls for its destruction. Calls by Hamas, "Hezbollah", which in one way or another is an outpost of Iran in the Middle East, Iran, and the most extremist Arab states seeking to fundamentally change the status quo in the region, though by what method, including force.

These forces say that this country has no right to exist because they are doing everything they can to kill it. And then they also complain that it has a resistance. Two weeks back Ahmadinejad made the path of 1600 km from Tehran to the Israeli border, so that once again threaten the complete destruction of "small Satan." One could imagine what would hysteria broke out — in this case, not only in the Iranian capital, and in Paris and London, — if the Israeli prime minister had done the same on the border with Iran!

In Muslim circles in all parts of the world have long had such a purely private and adopted the view that when it comes of Palestine as refugees remain social outcasts their host countries, and their flag is not zapoloschetsya from the Mediterranean Sea to the borders with Jordan, they will always take advantage of reputation "losers", the unfortunate losers. (But such a Islam.) Naturally, many out there understand that the "victim" is not too far away is always right, but in any case it is supported by many Arab countries and Iran — it's true government-outcast …

In the popular mind of the State of Israel is "regional superpower" that only those involved and to suppress their own unfortunate neighbors. This point of view for decades supported the Arab propaganda, the Western anti-Semitism and local leftists. In this case, they do not necessarily know all the details of the conflict and its geography. So in case of the death of another innocent civilians in Israel or its destruction, it is "credulous ignorance" — as in the case of the Germans, who "did not know" about the atrocities of their own rulers — will serve them moral justification.

But the "Zionist state" has never been easy. During the War of Independence affected 30 thousand Jews, and 6,000 died. Given the size of its population, one can imagine for yourself what it would be tantamount to the death of 2.6 million Yankees, in other words more than the history of U.S. wars. In 1967, during the Six Day War, which created the legend of the invincibility Israel, given proportion, that he lost 20 times more of their own people than America in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. The data for the "war of attrition," about, and all significantly more tragic if we take into account the statistics of War Judgement day or. However, both military and civilian officials continued to die even in a relatively peaceful period of existence of this country.

In 1973, the Suez Canal and going broke through the Bar-Lev line, destroying a large part of the Israeli air force and advancing far into the interior of the Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptian elite units of the army were in the void between the front line of his own coming, and in fact the enemy territory. It came Tipo as the Egyptians did not have an exact plan of action, they were afraid to move on, so they did not know what threats lie in wait for them in front, and they did not have the right of supplies of ammunition and everything else.

In fact it was not so. In reality, they understand their subsequent acts and were ready for battle on the ground actually Israel. After all, the Egyptians have already fought there in 1948 and were going to make an attack in just 6 years before that fateful campaign, which started so well for them. They did not experience the horror before the forces of the enemy, and their bands logistics worked fine. But the management of Egypt realized that if they continue their coming bronesoedineniya become vulnerable to attack Israel's tactical nuclear weapon. It is understood that if we go down the existence of the "Zionist country," and there is imminent danger to Cairo and Alexandria. Then the whole country can literally dive into the deep end in the destruction of the Aswan High Dam. And they did not go forward …

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in combat capability of the Air Force in Saudi Arabia in response to the threat posed by Iran and Iraq. As a result, foes Israel succeeded to a large extent reduce its davneshnee an advantage in the quantity and quality of aviation. Now the Israeli Air Force can no longer provide the country with such a high level of security, as it has been in the recent past. At this point, the advantage of the Arabs here close to 1.3:1 for the aircraft, "front page", 2,9 — for aircraft "second line" and indescribable difference 12:1 — mobile air defense systems. Moreover, new horizons open before the main enemies of Israel, if they will merge again, as it had been before the 3 main wars with him. And in each of them his life hung in the balance, and the result was unexpected …

Apart from sudden nuclear attack, this State should be afraid of what his adversaries to wield it their combined Air Force, directly involved effective anti-aircraft forces with missiles "ground-to-air" that they closed down on his retaliation. Yes, as long as an advantage of hig
h-quality Israeli air unconditionally, and their response is unpredictable. But the professionalism of the Arab armies constantly increasing, their equipment is used classroom equipment manufactured in the USA and European countries, increasing the power of terrestrial defensive shield, and most importantly — their joint action could be considered a grave threat to the tiny Israel. And if there is a weakening of his upcoming military aircraft, then vanished, and hope for the successful conduct of its land forces.

Given the fact that the conventional balance of power could change — and is already changing — one of the main causes of Iran's race for nuclear weapons — is his reluctance to rely on fortune, with the possible bombardment of Tel Aviv by, say, "Hezbollah". In fact Tehran sought to neutralize Israel's main instrument of terror — that due to a series of attacks with the introduction of conventional weapons in order to weaken it and bring it closer to death.

Now the main objective of the strategy of opponents Israel — this change in the balance of conventional forces while gaining access to nuclear weapons and rejects the right of this country to own them — either to achieve both goals at once. Their call to equalize both sides of the Middle East conflict does not fit with these goals of these parties. Israel and can not dream of conquering terrain own neighbors and the development there of the Jewish country. But after every modern war intentions of his opponents became more and more obvious. Their military potential is stronger, and the last line of defense of Israel, still able to keep them from the crazy steps, it's just his nuclear arsenal. Arsenal, suitable only for the protection of its existence.

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