Will host a Shack — will stay, no — go away, like all …

Latest news from the Shack, the oldest — soon 520 years — the village Puhavichchyny were alarming. That situation is bordered on the environmental disaster — after draining the surrounding woods 200 tons of hazardous waste petroleum products. That's still burned two infants whose mothers left alone, having gone to work.

This year, in the village, where thousands of residents came agro — despite the fact that the SEC "Shack" was considered dodgers debt. 67-year-old aunt Gelya, a pensioner who froze at the bus stop, on the question of whether there have been changes in the lives of the villagers waved her hand

Gelya"Nothing its not — only the farm. Young people all leaving, there is no work. Which was then only on the farm — 200-300 thousand, do not want to go. Previously, the plant was — and spun and wove, and sewed — all destroyed. Well, Consumer podremontirovali, and that the eatery was. And now bought stores — in all commercial enough … "

Reporter"A vote go?"

Gelya"A visible. Do you think that will choose the other? "

In the center, near the soviet and other spirits. The former nurse Lydia Babitchyk just exuded optimism.

Babitchyk"The hospital has made repairs pharmacy, bath — did not exist before. The boards have set. Here's a fish pond children launched — will catch, fishing rod buy … "(Laughs.)

Reporter"And go to the polls to vote for president?"

Babitchyk"I will, no question. If the 90th day stood in the store for a loaf of bread, will never forget. And now the bread and Minsk and Slutsk and Vileisky, meat, sausage. For Lukashenka, for "Father" of our go … 100% "

Involuntarily stopped near the school. In the yard near a small house — a huge pile of stones near where goats grazed. Through the fence talking to the owner — 80-year-old former construction engineer, Mr. Casimir Kovalenko, who several years ago moved here from Minsk with a sick wife. At the very painful, tired.

Reporter"How many of your stones lying?"

Kovalenko"Since 1920. When the Poles retreated rushed. Beer is produced — the royal distillery plant was … "

Reporter"Why not try to make the house?"

Kovalenko"Funds should be., And with that I can not handle the economy — need hay, firewood. Goats have, and they have bred — 10 pieces …"

Reporter"And in the winter than feed them?"

Kovalenko"What is necessary. Sung burden on itself. Earlier in the barn at the top of all the killing. And the people here are taking over land and believe that life "mine". Even nettle mow problem — you stranger. I wanted to get rid of the goats, but with them more fun. Right now deryuzhkami brought in, give feed — retired as half a million … "

Kovalenko is not going to vote — registered in Minsk, which is physically not make it. But the skinny poles Alexander Yavsyukovu yes chunky Dima Dubovik take part in the election is not the time — they are 17 years old. Met them on the way to work — they say, "mollify" one avtaslesaram, the second construction crew. Here's an impression of their life sentiment.

Young"The collective farm decided to remake into a public company to better it. Or should I become? I get paid for 350,000 … And in the construction crew — 700 … In Shack was better — a new club opened, the store … "

Reporter"What did you buy it for a month by 350,000?"

Young (sigh): "Staying in a Shack to learn in Minsk, that would drive from here … Nothing good — on Saturdays and get drunk fist fight … "

29-year-old Alexander Chaslavskii turner, who, after his divorce from his wife the other day came from Vitebsk to the small home, went to get a new job.

Chaslavskii"In no farm work. Can a plant in Gabriel get to drive. Salary of 300 rubles minus alimony for me. The mother pig — cows on the farm fed up with milking three times. Last month received 525, and in the winter will be 300-200 thousand — that's you and a milkmaid … "

Reporter"In the presidential election of thinking to go?"

Chaslavskii"It will be necessary. In the local elections — do not write — grandmother of all votes. Not particularly interested in politics. Past presidential election voted for Milinkevich. I do not know the candidates … "

Even in Soviet times for Shack crafts flourished, was a mechanical plant. In the neighborhood, among other things, a lot of natural resources, which are reflected on the emblem of the village. In the school museum, which is created now, I introduced him by — local historian, teacher Natalia Voitsekhovitch.

Voitsekhovitch"Taken as a basis for studies of the ancient inhabitants of the village Shack. Bees and flax — a bee, and also pottery bandarstva. We lived in the woods, we have a lot of building materials, deposits of clay, sand, stones … "

However, none of the coat of arms of the present-day practice is not developed. And the fact that there is in the economy — a "full seams." It told me a thoughtful 16-year-old and, apparently, an artisan, a stubborn look, the 11-klyasnik Roma Shuljak. He hesitates to remain in the village after school. Judge for yourself, which tips the scales.

Shuljak"Here, livestock and food supply of its own — the grain sown. But there is no master of the land. My brother was working on a combine in the summer, I helped. A grain silo we clicked — and half of the wedge uncleaned. Leaders SEC nor came nor sent a car to pour grain in the harvest! And why not? Here only earn "their" family contract, the Mafia — someone grabs, the rest are interrupted by a penny. Brother earned a million and a half cleaning — is 2 months from 6 to 12 pm. Continuing in the dust — not that you're clean sat on the harvester, spare parts brought to you — and then you stand, where to get them, and most importantly it does not matter. And in the winter with a corner to corner go — can earn a 300 mts, and livestock and even less … "


The next meeting was one of the purposes of traveling. Name Vyacheslav Chaslavskaga known in the vast entire CIS. 10 years ago, he founded a private Shack manufacture of garden decoration — figurines of ceramic, artificial stone and plastic. Now studying marble chips — in Belarus, they say, no one does not overpower buy. I admire the pictures he had made of multi-colored ponds, women with flowers, funny, in different poses, clowns and listen to the interlocutor.

Chaslavskii"I am an entrepreneur and I and the director of the company, I and artisans — I have a team of 10 people, all local. The Executive Committee provides a great space for Shack, and will all be in one place. He started from plaster souvenirs, accidentally left on ceramics, clamshell, who want to see in the gallery &
quot;sights" in Minsk. To date, possess technology to make pictures, gabeleny, any pond waterfall of wrought metal. An option for making dinosaur park full height of 10 meters, which should go, screaming — all I'm willing to do … "

Reporter"You're a self-taught — where all passed on?"

Chaslavskii"Do not even say where — from God. Once a week, the Russians are coming — I have great suggestions from Moscow firms that pay me a part in international exhibitions garden sculptures … "

Reporter"And leave the Shatsky not you?"

Chaslavskii"No.. Their area, people room. I get a lot — millions. Only work — no "coasting". I saw that the district authorities are going to meet — Tax full sympathy … "

Reporter"And for whom to vote, decided?"

Chaslavskii"I always voted for Lukashenko, and I have no more than anyone …"

And here is the most prestigious of these places of work — a private company of Mr Andrzej Chive "Meat Shatsky« Sunny M ». Of the Pan Andrzej not found, but, as it were, an introduction to the theme I made beauty Tatiana Shpak what works technologist.

Shpak"We make sausages, smoked — 2 tons per day. Prices are lower than the slaughterhouse. Sausages — 10000, Borisov Meat — 15. Market — Minsk and Vitebsk, in the commercial stores. Average Salary — 526000. In this case, we have part-time jobs — not 8 and 6:00. And 4 working days per week … "

Reporter"Private traders work on privateers. People management can work and go to visit — interesting "tie" … "

Shpak"So, for Shack is the ideal place to work. (Laughs.) Hospital, paid vacation, medical board … "

One of the 20, who works here — farmavshchytsa sausage Lily — still has a claim to the owner.

Lily"10 years at Pan Andrzej work, and earlier Shack mechanical plant — there 300 rubles received. Here 400000 — like thousands of 800 though. But get out of here — only on livestock complex. And then clean, remove … "

The last century Shack struck a mortal blow from which the city never recovered so far. Church of St. Elijah the Prophet, which destroyed the NKVD, never rebuilt. Remember only the last martyr — the father of Michael Plyshevsky. Says local historian,'s. Voitsekhovitch.

Voitsekhovitch"In the 30's was in the NKVD executed 3 months, as called for people to come to the office, the closure of the church. The authorities saw him as an enemy, and in '33 he was arrested again. '71 — Despite her age, Father Michael remained true to his calling. Last arrested in '37. Accused that during the All-Union census urged citizens to enroll believers. He was sentenced to death, and his Exarchate declared a martyr … "

In the early 20th century was a Jewish town Shack. At the beginning of World War II the Germans did here ghetto. Again, the words of Natalia Voitsekhovitch.

Voitsekhovitch"The Jews in the Shack is gone. In 1917, the town had 904 Jews Shack. Before the war, the chairman of the village council was Geller. Time-insurgency operations — October 41th. This was reinforced by the German garrison. 600 people were executed. From the center of the modern Shack drove to the outskirts of the forest. Long Earth "breathing", performed blood, and people avoided this place. I have memories then 6-year-old boy who pulled her mother's skirt — "Mom, what happened?" Mother wiped her tears and could not say anything … "

I found the boy and met him — now retired,'s. Michael Tarasevicham.

Tarasevich"People were crying. I asked my mother — what? She says — my son, Nipple shot in the Jews … "

Mikhail — a monument to the martyrs, villagers called "A drop of blood." Based on a huge boulder on which the cross and in the basement — a six-pointed star. It is on the edge of the forest 3 km from the Shack, where shooting people. G. Michael tells me too painful story of the creation of the memorial.

Tarasevich"The family Levine has been great. And two brothers drafted into the army, remained alive. And in '65 they put in the center Shack obelisks. In '68, when Israel launched a war with Egypt and one helicopter when the regiment of tanks uhlabystav (Laughs) — Jews were "enemies of the people." Local authorities drove a tractor at night, dragged monument and drowned in a swamp. I was very uncomfortable. And I decided to put here, next to the graves. That's on the field have found this stone, made himself a pit foundation. Half ton of weight, and a drop of blood — like. There are about thousands of people. This place is called Nipple — no need to dig holes. Here is good clay, people once did jugs and on-site scorching — Nipple. And here they Fit and covered under the gun. And the earth was breathing … When a written statement to the monument came Sushko — then head to the area, now head of the Culture. Says — you have thrown the script opening statement. I wrote to the simplicity of the soul — "some bad people destroy any innocent people, and others wanted to destroy the memory of them." All — blew a frog for Christmas! (Laughs) I myself went to the area, she brought priest of songbirds. There were 200 people, was dedicated … "

Reporter"And go to the presidential election?"

Tarasevich"And as — let's go! I will vote against Lukashenko — will still Lukashenko. But here's the thing. Such was the state — the Soviet Union, and kept everyone at bay. The authorities took care overhaul. And it thinks it forever. So what? Zilch! (Laughs.) Even no vskalyhnuvsya … "

In the meantime, 16-year-old Roma Shuljak about the immediate future are defined as follows:

Shuljak"And there is nothing to do, and I want to stay with their parents. I'm not afraid of work. But we want to do large amounts of work and earn big money. And here we have no such prospect. Most went to Minsk. I want to crane operator. Will not work — go driver. There are good field turf. I'll plow the land, a grove of oats, potatoes, and good harvests. And I'll tell you — will host, will Shack. It should be head and conscientious people … "

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