With what Lavrov arrived in Minsk?

Company's official reason for the visit of Sergey Lavrov — participation in a joint meeting of the boards of the two ministries: Belarusian and Russian. This event is traditionally held at the end of each year at a time: either in Moscow or Minsk.

This goal coming Russian foreign minister confirmed in an interview with "Freedom" and the Foreign Ministry spokesman Belarus Andrey Savin:

"The Russian delegation headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov arrives in Minsk to participate in a joint meeting. During his two friends boards will consider the issues that are associated with the activities of intergovernmental integration organizations in the CIS. They will also discuss issues of mutual relations with the European Union and the preparations for the OSCE summit. "

Andrei Fedorov

Today in Brussels is hosting a meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the European Union. On it with the filing of the Foreign Minister of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski will be discussed and the Belarusian issue. Therefore, the invitation to visit the political capital of Europe received and Sergei Martynov. Thus he had a choice between Brussels and Minsk. Martynov has decided to stay at home, and in Brussels, according to Andrei Savinykh, going by his deputy — Valery Voronetsky.

Political scientist Andrei Fedorov this explains the choice of the Belarusian Minister:

"It seems to me that Sergei Martynov decided to stay in Minsk and to meet with his Russian counterpart, due to the fact that today Russia for Belarus is more important partner general. First of all, in the economic sense.

And secondly, there is, perhaps, certain that in Brussels will be taken radical solutions. While in Minsk, in today's circumstances, it may happen is something very important. "

I asked political analyst: can on once Russian minister's visit to go beyond the formal discussion of the joint action of the two ministries?

"I think so. Hard to imagine that Alexander Lukashenko does not want to meet with Moscow envoy. Do not rule out that Lavrov luck any suggestions to the Belarusian authorities. We know that the bilateral relations, especially on a personal level, are far from ideal. Maybe Here is a suggestion for improvement. unlikely that this is just a formal meeting. I believe that will be more substantial negotiations go. "

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