Women and female golden section reptiloydov

girl with swans

You can cite no evidence of a few in the world extraterrestrial intelligence.
Ufologists, for example, believe that the Reptilians happy to engage in sexual intimacy with earthly women. Most likely, with a certain type of earthly women. With so that they care about, which is physically similar to themselves.
What is it then for the women? And where such find? Far there is nothing to walk, they have long been found, and during the whole show off their charms on the catwalk.

Fashion beauty standards

Just who? That is the question. Clearly not earthlings. Well what a normal earthly man can excite female astenikov, under two feet tall with broad shoulders skinny, skinny flat ass, excessively long sinewy legs and thighs without small sagging breasts? Is that a patient with a mind stuck in a media program. Normal, of course not. From such a beauty it begins to feel sick, she does not call in his mind nothing but pity.


But look at what is happening in the world media. Continuous enthusiasm for ugliness! A truly beautiful women on the podium will not see. Earth woman — a woman with a golden section proportional perfect body and normal growth in fashion. It replaced a cross between Reptilians and man. It does not matter that violated divine proportion …. It already does not matter.


Then who are we stuck in a trend setter? It turns out that, too bad people? It turns out that way. Then who? The same ones who are so similar to the model of the podium. Especially because the whole show business controlled slaves from their favorites.


** Head circumference and femur close to the waist

*** Neck circumference to the circumference of calf

*** Chest circumference is always smaller than the circumference of the pelvis

*** The shoulders have hips or are they

High neck ***

*** High on no more than 6 cm from the half of the growth.


That's the kind of woman men perceived as a genuine beauty. The one who is able to inspire the hero on the deed, the work of the poet, artist, musician. It is equally matched and lightness and heaviness, strength, endurance, and at the same time touching fragility. This is a wife and a mistress, and the mother at the same time. All at once and at the same level.



Women, unlike that of his body, figurines Reptilians from Kurdistan and Sumer.
They, like yascherogolovyh creatures shoulders much wider pelvis, disproportionately long, snake-like, thin limbs, a relatively small, low-set chest and short, shapeless, straight trunk.
And it is very high for women grow.
But the strange thing is, that these women we see on the catwalk.

Their beauty, leggy and "grace" avidly admired media.
The media misinformation literally impose women astenikov society;
Flog men, the whole appeal of the girl in the legs.
Feet should grow out of the neck. Else — does not matter.
And the fact that the legs of the neck grows only in snakes, somehow silent.
The cynicism of the media is not just outraged — he offends.

Do those who hyped woman Reptilians, believe human on Earth is so stupid and easily suggestible?
Imbeciles do not count, as in normal people, men promoted beauty, no matter how much they wagged their skinny butts, cause only regret.
But if they do not want the people to whom they are then collected on the podium?
Who on earth is interested in these women?
Who do they excite?
Whether only perverts earthlings?
Maybe for perverts lurking someone else?

And, perhaps, not without reason, according to our medicine on earth more and more babies are registered covered with scales.
If this is not an experiment, then what?
And not from the likes of such a woman is born of man-reptile?

Statuettes of people — Reptiles

Statuettes of people - Reptiles

Pay attention to the structure of the head finds in Mesopotamia, and the image from the collection Dzhulsruda.

First strange reptile-human figurines have been found in northern Mesopotamia, in Iraqi Kurdistan, where the Bible was a famous Eden.
Later exactly the same images were found in the various cities of ancient Sumer and Akkad whom wanted to show in the way our ancestors Reptilians?
While it is not clear.

Where did this race on Earth yascheropodobnyh?
And where it has disappeared?
And you still have this at all?
That is the question.

Involuntarily comes to mind: are these create the hidden force that with such zeal leads to the degeneration of humanity and the Earth's disappearance.
And by involving them T.N.K, or a so-called world government, a tool implementing their sinister project.
The fact that the collection Dzhulsruda next to people of ancient antediluvian race Reptilians were also says that serpentine has views of the Earth since the Mesozoic.
It is not about fighting with them tell you many stories, legends and myths of the world.

Italian Etruscan origin.

Italian Etruscan origin

Woman golden section with a thin delicate bone structure, narrow (not Western) shoulders, wide hips and a Western-style spider-like legs.
Such an addition is common among Belarusians, women central Russia and Siberia.
The sculpture was created by Italian sculptor Vitali.
He made her his wife.

On watercolor portrait Artist's Model visible blue eyes and brown hair.

About me …

— Previously, we did not touch the family relationship. And now they will not touch — looked at me intently, "medicine man."
— But one thing I'll still say: Christianity in the world was created, not only to destroy the tradition of spiritual growth through equity classes. It was organized also to eradicate the world polygamy. Cosmic relationship between a man and a woman, where the woman was genuine and not a fake choice.
— How is it? — I did not understand.
— You see, any normal woman especially the mother of his future children. Highly spiritual children, as we know can only be born from these parents. Genetics tells us that the interaction of the chromosomes split in half, and it is! But hereditary mental traits are passed through the material is not genes, and a wave. Our modern science this still does not know. But it's not about science, but about the ancient mother, who knew that a child receives from men and 80% of their inheritance. Therefore, they chose fathers their future children. And not waiting for them to woo.
— So what? — I did not understand.
— Yes, that one man could be a wife and two and three and even more — up to six, and the other has none … From the high spiritual interesting and a lot of talented children were born. Of degenerate — a single child! So much for yet another mechanism of evolution, heredity. Got it? ..

Golden Section or reptilian complex.

Siberian krasavitsa.Devushka descendant indigenous Russian population Sibiri.Kanonicheskoe ancient face, bright blonde.

Woman direct descendant of ancient inhabitants of the North. There is a pronounced proportion of the golden section.
Head circumference, waist and hips are about equal.
The perimeter of the waist circumference of the pelvis differ from each other by 30 cm, as is customary in the West, and at 40 cm
The girl has a long neck and high legs.
Its growth is above average.
This is becoming orianskoy or Old woman.
Currently in the West these girls is getting smaller and smaller. In Siberia and in the North, it is not uncommon. Take a look at this girl's face — it's beautiful.

As models posed for the sculptor our local Siberian girl. Again we see before us is the proportion of the golden section.

Russian ballet is famous not only great skill. Not least his glory and perfection of shapes our Russian dancers. Women graceful and perfect. In the most part the girls pronounced the golden section. Where the parameters are close head, waist and hips, and the circle is equal to the circumference of a swan neck shank.
Many men especially in the West go to the Russian ballet to touch the divine — to the beauty of a degenerating Aryan women, which is still preserved here in Russia.

Excessively tall, broad woman astenik.Skolko author is not trying to find which of the men may like a woman's, he did not find one. The question is, who are here for the "beauty" of marching on the catwalks of the West? Who view them please the eye? Certainly not earthlings. Then who?

Heavy body, broad shoulders, a complete lack of figures, but the long, skinny legs. Silhouette reminiscent of the world-famous statue strange Ubaid culture.

Heavy body, broad shoulders, weak underdeveloped limbs.
Is this the woman of the future? Rather, the female, which is advertised is not for people, but for someone else.

Based on the book Sidorova GA "Chronological esoteric analysis of the development of modern civilization."

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