Year moratorium on hunting is introduced in a remote area of Tuva

Additional restrictions on hunting planned to Tove for the fall-winter season, particularly in one of the remote areas of the country are going to impose a complete ban on hunting wild animals for a period of three years to increase their population, according to the regional government.

"Hunters, in particular, intended to limit the hunting of Siberian mountain goat Dzun-Khemchik, Sut-Khol, Ulug-Khem and Chaa-Khol district. In Kyzyl and Kaa-Khem district is proposed to introduce such restrictions on hunting of ungulates. And in one of the taiga and hunting resources-rich areas of Tuva — Pii-Khem — Goskomohoty and do intend to announce a three-year moratorium on any hunting, "- said in a statement.

Tightening the rules to be approved before the start of the autumn-winter hunting season.

Power of Tuva in the next three years has provided more than 55 million rubles for protection and reproduction of fauna of the country. They endorsed the republican target program "Protection and reproduction of wildlife in the Republic of Tuva in 2013-2015." The document provides for the creation of new game farms, strengthening the material-technical base goskomohoty to more effectively fight against poaching. The region will be restored stronghold of All-Russian Research Institute of Game Management and Fur Farming for the scientific management of game animals.

According Goskomohoty and Fisheries of the Republic, in Tuva listed more than 15,000 deer, a wild boar 5000, 20,000 deer, three thousand individuals Siberian mountain goat, more than 3,6 thousands of brown bears. Elk herd of over four thousand, in the forests of the Republic is also home to more than 26,000 birds and 23 thousand sables.

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