Year-old prodigy offered to go to school


UK institutions are fighting for the chance to take to their training unique.

UK institutions are invited to a child's education with extraordinary abilities. We are talking about a small Sherwin Sarabi, who at age learned to skillfully use, assemble and disassemble equipment Apple, learned the location of 195 countries, and was able to identify the flags of the globe.

According to the parents of a gifted boy living in Royston, at the age of 10 months of their son taught himself to read and write.

— We could not even imagine that in our family grows a little genius — admitted 35-year-old boy's mother Amanda Sarabi, worked as a school teacher. — Over time, we began to notice that Sherwin is developing by leaps and bounds.

The father of the child prodigy, 36-year-old Daruda Sarabi, 1.5 Sherwin-year-old age without the knowledge of parents took the tablet iPad and loaded him an electronic encyclopedia. After that, he could easily make out the device, and studied its constituent parts and reassembled.


— To my surprise there was no limit! — Says the boy's father. — We never explained to him how to use the equipment. When you look at it from the outside, it appears that Sherwin does not do it for the first time.

After this incident, the parents, the admired abilities baby decided to turn to professionals able to explain to them the amazing progress of the child.

— I often meet with gifted children, but after meeting with Sherwin I was amazed — says Dr. Peter Kongton representing an organization Gifted Children's Information Centre. — As soon as the boy and his family came to my office, he began listing the names of all the countries of the world.



As it turned out, the child is taught himself the location on the map 195 countries, their names and also learned to distinguish between the flags.

Relatives of the boy claimed that the constant brain activity is haunted by their child. According to Amanda Sarabi, once Sherwin woke her up in the night to tell the law of gravity.

— Sometimes my son tells me things that I never in my life heard — admits Amanda. — It is easily able to explain the laws of classical mechanics.

— At the moment, the best schools not only in Britain but also in Switzerland offer a family Sarabi free education for their son, but the parents do not want to rush with the choice of school, wanting to extend your child childhood — says Peter Kongton.

According to the press secretary of the organization Gifted Children's Information Centre, a gifted child needs constant supervision, so that later the child was able to reach their full potential.

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