Yevgeny Fyodorov: U.S. and five districts of Ukraine

Yevgeny Fyodorov: The U.S. and the "five districts" of UkraineNot long ago, presidential elections were held in Georgia and parliamentary — in the Ukraine. Will change something in their relations with Russia? State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fedorov believes that there is. In the first case, an aggressive pro-American Saakashvili replaced more smart pro-American Ivanishvili. And in the 2nd — States put pressure on Ukraine as well as in Russia, but it has fewer forces.

The deputy of the State Duma Yevgeny Fyodorov:

— Only just held elections in Georgia and Ukraine. You need to correctly place accents: Our homeland is not a player in these processes. Naturally, it has huge potential, but in order to realize this potential, our homeland itself must embody state course, in other words their own sovereignty. Then one day she will be able to influence these processes.

If we are talking about Georgia, Saakashvili there — "South American" figure discredited (the Yankees are not the most intelligent people are), replacing each "South American" figure, which is not as aggressive as Saakashvili's opponent RF. This person will conduct vtochnosti the same course as Saakashvili, only more slowly, gently, smart. It will not be stupid like Saakashvili, but we must realize that the whole course continue.

If we are talking about Ukraine, there is completely the same situation as in Russia. It is a country — a colony of the United States and its European allies, those serving the country. There is, in principle, can not seem to pro-Russian forces, as they will be destroyed here punitive U.S. operations — as well as in Russia destroyed or blocked by any forces that stand for the sovereignty of the country.

Selected Ukrainian authorities are now even more precarious position than Russian. Ukraine over exploited, more aggressive controllable than our homeland. The decision to revise the election in the vicinity of 5 — it is precisely the mechanism of pressure. There is a struggle for every deputy of the Verkhovna Rada in order to "correct" the balance of power in relation to the basic question asked by the occupant — these are issues related to the military-political blocs, the lack of sovereignty in the Ukraine, so no one's head is not raised.

3rd question — this is likely the introduction of Ukrainian as the enemy Russian Federation in order to put additional pressure on Russia. Here are three questions on which there is manipulation of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. From here, these "five districts" — from their balance does not fit there. There is a struggle between the U.S. State Department and fragmented government forces led by Yanukovych. Conditional state — pure state forces in the Ukraine is not, they have long pressed. But there is another point — the specific cause.

In the conditions of the crisis in Europe, the European destabilization, that the "virtual cake" which offered to the citizens of Ukraine — "But when you go down in Europe …." — Does not operate. In-1's, Europe has nothing Ukraine can offer. In-2, Europe offers the Ukrainians to work as attendants, plumbers and cleaners, and never offered to be bosses, elites business. Because it does not work.

Impartially Ukraine has one solution — forms the one with the Russian government, and we want to offer it to the government was truly independent and united, take into account all positions, including the choice of the capital. To its citizens exercised themselves as active people, businessmen, workers in their areas.

This is a common Russian politics. Let me remind you that the general Bagration never would have taken place if he had remained a Georgian prince. But as one of the commanders of the Russian troops, he is known throughout the world. He realized, as our motherland gave him that opportunity. This specificity of. Just as Pushkin, of Arab origin, was realized in Russia as the best Russian. This specificity of the Russian code and it stays.

Yes, she's struggling juvenile justice, the Bologna Process, education, and pressure. Struggling, but powerful side of — the possibility of linking different civilizations and nationalities into a single civilization. Previously, it was called the Russian at the moment — the Russians. This powerful party will rescue us, as rescued in the last millennium. There is none in France, Germany, the United States of America. A RF will allow it to regain its leadership.

But at the moment, in the coming five to ten years, our main task — is to survive and return to the sovereignty of our country. Specifically, it deals with and state favorite, favorite of the national liberation movement of Vladimir Putin.

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