Yevgeny Primakov: I hope Putin will be president

Yevgeny Primakov: I hope Putin will be presidentStrengthening of defense capability RF the West, many interpreted as a return to the cool war with what disagrees patriarch of Russian policy, Yevgeny Primakov. Himself in the past, Prime Minister, he is perfectly familiar with the Prime Minister today, which nominated for the presidential election in 2012. According to the views of Primakov, strengthening the defense of the Russian Federation without malice to other countries — one of the values of the policy Fishing season.

"I know Vladimir Putin has long been, for many, many years. And I talked to him on international issues, and when he was minister of foreign affairs, and when I was the manager of the government. And when it became President Vladimir Vladimirovich, I've done a number of its assignments abroad and, of course, report, and, of course, to be discussed is everything.

And I think that I know quite well the values that lie at the basis of its foreign policy thinking. I would have said that one side of the case, by all means — do not repeat what we have had in the early 90's, when we were apparently driven. Aware of? And this, of course, must be fixed defenses of. And what he does and says, and what it will do in the future — I hope he will be president, I think it is the best figure for this — he wants to strengthen the army, strengthening its modern weaponry. And the army, and air force, and navy.

Since the increase in wages — is not enough. It is also necessary to give a modern tool for this. But that's one side. On the other hand, this does not in any way does not turn into something that he would handle a case, for example, to the cool war or an arms race. We've picked up a little, so to speak, in the past, that is the arms race. We know how the economy has risen because of this case. So I'm pretty sure that this eagerness to strengthen the country's defense niskolechko not mixed with his eagerness to show some anger in foreign policy. And there are many reasons for this evidence.

As for the West, I would have even said, campaigns waged certain that we, unfortunately, are picked up by some, there is need to think about. After all, style Fishing season — this is the style RF. He will be president, I hope, and it will move to Russia. This is done by those who wish to present our country and the brutal that does not correspond to reality, "- says Evgeny Primakov.

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