Young Front gave withdrawn flags

Mogilev in Belarus activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Valentine Lobachova returned two white-red-white flags. They had seized on November 6. According malafrontavtsa, flags gave local policeman Arthur Bolotnicov.

Lobanov: "In addition to the flags, I gave the white-red-white ribbons, badges and bandanas Young Front. Policeman warned that if I again detained for such an act, then brought to administrative responsibility. November 6 by an investigator who was a seizure, said to me: "If among the seized items will not be banned, then return them to me." It turns out that the white-red-white flags are not prohibited. "

November 6 eighteen Valentine Lobachyov and two of his friends arrested by the security services, who were guarding the palace area in Mogilev gymnastics. It was then that he was visited by Alexander Lukashenko. The guys were going to pick up on a few balloons white-red-white flags, to be able to see those who came to the opening of the sports facilities.

The police detained Valentine Lobachova more than three hours.



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