Zenon Pozniak: He was a man of ideas, a man of bold

On Friday in a car accident near Maladzechna killed Ivan Nikitchenko. Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences, Professor, Chairman of the Center for Support of Chernobyl Initiatives was the 72th year.

Ivan remembers Nikitchenko leader of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Zenon Pozniak:

This is very sad news — died faithful to light the case of Belarus people. I knew him a long time. He was in the shadow government of the Popular Front. I know his dedication, know his work. He devoted all his life to expose the truth about Chernobyl. At a time when the Soviet nomenklatura all hid, he traveled to the Chernobyl zone, studied the situation and gave the hard facts. At the same time he lost his health. Then, after the accident, he received so many curies, as very few people, and it affected his body: he later suffered a heart attack.

All these years he lived, as they say, in the appropriate mode, overcoming health problems, but still worked for the sake of our society, to the truth became known, was preparing scientific approaches, suggestions, what to do in the Chernobyl zone, despite the policy of genocide Chernobyl, which holds the current regime.

Nikitchenko was a man devoted to science, betrayed our country. It is no coincidence that he came to the front and was in the shadow government of the front. So he stayed all the time. He was a man of ideas, a man of bold. When he was cautious, it was only because he had a very bad health, which, I repeat, he put in the Chernobyl zone. He was a man deeply educated, a great expert in the industry, authority, his word meant.

This incident should carefully examine, not only the police authorities — must be created by the public commission …

Having received the first news that this happened on Saturday night at Maladzechna that night road collided with ZIL, I do not believe that this is just like that. All political killings that have been made on the road, are in this time — night and collision with a truck … It is known, spent way.

Therefore, this incident should carefully examine, not only the police authorities — must be created by the public commission, which is controlled to be explored and, because a regime that exists, is capable of murder. First I killed was coming, but they did not succeed. I'm just good to know what breathe these people. And so I tell you frankly: I have a great suspicion that Nikitchenko died for a reason. It is an eyesore: and with the nuclear power plant, and Chernobyl, and with all their activities.

It remains now to bow your head and express the great sympathy and the general public, and his family who have lost their loved one.



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