10 incredible facts about the human body


The human body — a wonderful biomechanics, and some parts of it are not yet fully studied by scientists (the brain, for example). What processes do not occur only in the body, how it is able to regenerate, how many can survive …. It answers to such questions and the subject of this article — I'll talk about how our body is incredible.

Fact number 1: Our hands can live their own lives. No, I do not recall a fragment of a horror movie — in fact there is such a disorder — alien hand syndrome. With this illness the patient can work hand against his wishes, vytvoryaya under an hour just did unexpected actions.

The reason for this problem is the damage to the frontal lobes of the brain, which may result from surgery, infection, or stroke. Scares most patients the fact that they are not able to control their own limb — it does not act as a part of their body, and it is impossible to control.

The hand can even perform complex actions such as undoing buttons, use of tools and even tearing of clothes. It is not known whether it is possible to recover from this illness, but suffering it may try to take a naughty hand, giving her an object — so she though to attack the patient will not.

Fact number 2: Turns out, you can survive, even having lost much of its internal organs. Basically, the human body may seem fragile, but in fact the body is not so weak as we think. Can live without spleen, stomach, a kidney, a lung, liver 75% 80% Bowel and nearly every organ of the pelvis and groin.

Fact number 3: Our heart is so strong and reduced with such a power that the fountain of it can strike almost ten feet (9.14 m to be exact).

Fact number 4: Even after the death of a man can be an erection. But only on the condition that he would die, standing or lying face down. And while the person is lying (or stand) in this position, the erection will continue. How does this happen? The fact is that during the life of the heart pumps blood evenly throughout the body.

When a person dies the blood ceases to spread through the body and under gravity flows into the lower portion thereof. Consequently, the position of the body in standing blood will fill the first leg, and then come up and to the penis and fill it (as well as the latter is composed of erectile tissue, there will be an ordinary erection). If the body is lying face down, blood rushes to the front just a part of it (and penis too).

Fact number 5: Heart attacks occur most frequently on Monday. This happens because of the adoption of an overdose of alcohol on the weekend, stress at work. Anyway, Monday day heavy as we know.

Fact number 6: Every minute in our body dies three million cells. Number intimidating. But do not worry — when you consider that this is just something 0.0001% of the cells, which are updated daily in our body (and all their updated 10-50 trillion each day).

Fact number 7: More bones in infants than in adults. Are children born mutants? Far from simply being born with three hundred bones, to adult years all people have already skeleton of 206 components (small bones fuse together and form a larger and more robust).

Fact number 8: Our hair is almost impossible to destroy (unless, burn). It seems that they are very fragile. But imagine how many chemical treatments are hair, and still continue to grow and even shine.

And remember the mummies of Egyptian pharaohs — to them that the flesh is not, all skin and bones … and hair. Our hair and ourselves still survive!

Fact number 9: You can live without food for a long time, but no sleep — no. Even without eating at a water person can live a month or two. (It depends on the amount of fat and other factors.) But, in the absence of sleep with it starting to happen a serious psychological changes, impaired memory and susceptibility, there are hallucinations.

This is proved by example researcher Randy Gardner (Randy Gardner), who had not slept for 11 days in a row (264 hours). Although he admitted that a little more, and the experience would have caused serious harm to his health.

Fact number 10: We have a filter (or philtrum — concave above the center of the upper lip). Scientists have not yet figured out its primary function, except that thanks to the groove, we can perform a lot of different movements of the lips. But the ancient Greeks considered it one of the most exciting in the human body.

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