9letny prodigy became a student at the American University


Gifted child from California Tanishk Abraham will become the youngest student at the United States, received a bachelor's degree.

9-year-old resident of Sacramento at 7 years of age officially became a student of higher education American River College in California.

According to the boy's mother, back in 2 years, her son began to show extraordinary ability, and in 5 years independently solve math problems, according to the program of the second year of University Stanford University. As it turned out, he was only 4 years old when he passed all the test items, and became a member of the nonprofit organization "Mensa" for people with high IQs.

— Closer to 7 years, we realized that our son owns all of the school curriculum — confessed to the boy's father Biju Abraham. — Then we decided not to waste time and immediately send our son to college.

Enrollment in U.S. universities is based on the results of a special general federal test the intellectual abilities of graduates. Tanishk passed it as "excellent" and enrolled at American River College in the specialty "paleontology and astronomy."

— I absolutely do not mind the fact that my classmates are older than I am more than twice — says 9-year-old boy. — During my training teachers often ask me to exercise myself, so I explained to students publicly yazkom complex topic.

Despite his young age, Tanishk Abraham brilliantly acted on his chair with a report explaining the principle of the Higgs boson, which is the missing piece of the modern theory of elementary particles. The child was able to tell their own students and even some teachers experimental details on the "Large Hadron Collider".

— I am very proud of my son and look forward to the moment when he becomes the youngest winner of a bachelor's degree — admitted the boy's mother.



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