A child of the homeland

10-year-old boy — Leo Protasov from Yekaterinburg wrote a poem, which has caused a storm of emotions in the reader.

You read it slowly, and then ponder: what books, toys, movies, cartoons, one must educate their children to 10 years of writing such masterpieces, had such a high level of awareness in their lives and feel personally responsible for the fate of their homeland ?

Small yet, but I reasoned in force
And no I do not blame —
No country is more beautiful than Russia!
This conclusion is know in advance!

Grow up — I poezzhu the world.
And I am sure, to the shores of their native,
Will pull irresistible,
Even where — but I will be back to them!

Because I'm Russian in spirit!
Because Russia — my land!
Because my mother — Slavyanka
And I gave birth in Russia!

Because here is my home and school!
My grandfather, father and all my friends,
Russian, love nature,
This dear, here is my family!

Because my great-grandfather by blood
For our Russia — the land lay!
The feat of our soldiers heroes
I know — no one remembers the people!

The plague of brown whole Earth
Russian soldiers are preserved.
Not subject led them to oblivion.
Hats to them to the ground!

"The Dogs" Now Mother Russia bark
Along with it, I'll take the pain.
Grow up okrepnu, matured
And you, darling, help me!

You're a little unwell,
Nothing Rossiyushka, be strong!
As before me hope,
Do not give up, Mother, — hold on!

Stand by you — the great and powerful,
Rastsvetesh as apple tree in the spring!
To me, you're the best!
And most beloved Mother!

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