A dozen killer whales hit the ice captured off the coast of Canada

Heat-loving killer whales were first captured in the ice in the eastern Canadian Hudson Bay (Hudson Bay), said in a statement on the website broadcasting company CBCNews Canada.

"Twelve killer whales caught in the ice trap, 30 kilometers from Inukdzhuaka (Inukjuak), were in great danger, because, according to a local resident who saw, sage, through which whales can pop out of the water and breathe, already delayed by ice," — noted in the message.

At the same time, a zoologist Christian Ramp (Christian Ramp) explained that "ice trap — the main cause of death of many marine mammals." Thus, under such circumstances, the northern coast of Japan in 2005, the whales were killed in a single day, because the ice-hole, through which they breathed, was delayed by ice.

According to the scientist, the uniqueness of this case is that the killer had never appeared in the Arctic region of Canada in January. In contrast to the narwhal, beluga and bowhead whales orcas are not fans of the cold seas. In the summer they can go to northern waters, chasing prey, but they go to warmer sea before the water area covered by ice.

Ramps suggests that killer whales were trapped in the warming of the seas, which allows the animal to go farther and farther to the north.

"The ice could appear quite quickly, most of the bay was covered with ice, and the killer missed the opportunity to go to sea. Risk that the entire bay is frozen, remains, then, these animals just drowned," — said the ramp.

Chapter located near Hudson Bay Eskimo settlement Inakpak Peter (Peter Inukpuk) said that he was in an ice jam whales can be members of the same family, since there are two adults and a few teenagers. According to him, it is clear that animals are stuck in the ice beginning to panic. Periodically, they try to find other holes in the ice, but the distance between the polynyas too large for the animal to donyrnut before.

To save them Inakpak Ninth January appealed to the Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Research Canada to send an icebreaker that can penetrate animal way out to sea, according to broadcaster.

In response to his query, the representative of the Ministry of Nathalie Letendre (Nathalie Letendre) said that whales will save a team that will go to Inukdzhuak Thursday. Just Letendre said in an interview CBCNews Canada, that equip to save whales icebreaker — a very expensive project, which is technically difficult to implement. In addition, killer whales may die before the arrival of the saving of the ship.

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