A new life

A new lifeParatrooper can only become a real man. That would go all the way from the young boy to Prof. paratroopers takes years of careful work and grueling training. Withstand the loads can not everyone on this, not all Marines are a great bukovkoy. One of those who not only traveled all the way from the young cadet to the hero, and is the proud title paratrooper, Igor Potapov it.

Moderate to their liking, Igor Potapov not like sonorous epithets and this manifests his inner strength, he is not exciting flattery, he perfectly understands who he is. Igor Potapov become paratrooper dreamed of since childhood, and almost all of the decisive role played by the fact that his father was an officer of the Navy. He grew up in the army and it was his native place, Igor did not feel discomfort while traveling to different cities of the war, he was aware that it should be. A huge role in the selection of the actual path of Igor Potapov played the father on the consistent translation service place in Ryazan. Live in the town, on the ground of which is the well-known military school and airborne troops become paratrooper, for a young guy was unacceptable. To enroll in school, he began preparing for a 14-year-old and at the time of delivery of the first examination, Igor was ready not only on cognition, yes and pretty physical training. After graduating from military school, he straps with new lieutenant arrived on the same service in the 137th Airborne Regiment.

On its own the first days of stay in the combat regiment Igor Potapov says with a grin: "I remember that like to test himself in the case. Distribute, came to the regiment, and I was the commander, "May prazdnichkom On the nose, rest." And I can not wait, I say, "I'm just from a holiday." And he said: "This is the first and your last weekend of the year at 2-3." How right he was … ".

Since graduating from college four months have passed and the regiment in which he served Igor Potapov was moved to a new place of deployment in Dagestan. What was referred to the same location, when in fact it is not so. The regiment was in constant motion and the location of their own officers learned only on the map. During the 1 st of such transitions, the young lieutenant, conducting orientation on the map and realized that they are on the ground in Chechnya. Specifically in Chechnya came a terrible event that is the life of Igor Potapov was a feature between the past and the future.

A new lifeA new life

The event, which changed the whole life of Igor Potapov, published December 18, 1999 at 12 hours and 15 minutes. He remembers everything. And the gap projectile and how bled all over his body, which was torn of hundred square meters of debris and how fast he was taken to the hospital and gave the doctors. He remembers the compassion in the sight of doctors who understand that injuries are very severe and that his life is no longer based on their talent, but only on the body's ability to fight. But he survived. According to Igor the worst was that after the surgery when he came to his senses and realized that his legs were amputated. At that moment, the emotions exceeded composure officer and all that came to hand, flew into the wall, but without looking at so terrible diagnosis, he managed to pull himself together and became stronger than the fear and pain.

Igor reasoned: "Fix nothing unreal. Have to live like that. It was sad that for 21 years. Wondered what would happen is at 40, well, 30 … And 21 here! Nothing is too late. But what is the despair? The legs do not return. Need to learn to live without them. "

From the moment of injury to recovery a year has passed. During this time the young officer was treated in several hospitals. As Igor managed without the help of others to walk with a prosthesis, he returned to duty. Within 9 months, Igor served on the terrain of Yugoslavia and specifically where he received an offer to continue to serve as a teacher from the management of the native school.

Igor proposal adopted without hesitation. Staff work was for him to hard labor faster than the beloved thing, and here the opportunity to work with the young cadets, he will be able to pass on their knowledge. At the current time Igor I. Potapov Navy Lieutenant and a teacher of the Ryazan Higher School of amphibious assault. He teaches management theory in the army. Most of the students know that their teachers do not have legs. But excessive and unacceptable questions are not asked.

Those who do not know Igor personally, never will believe that walking down the street and a strong young man in fact invalid who has no legs. Igor was able to overcome the disease. On this topic he loves even a joke, especially when everyone else complain that their feet were frozen, with a grin, he replies that it is not such prepyadstviya trevozhut. Igor Potapov not only learned to walk and even to dance, he was able to overcome in a sense of hopelessness, and it is destiny only strong-minded people.

Igor is married and has a beautiful son Daniel grows. According to the Pope, Danila only two years, but if he later decides to link their life with the army he will not be in his way. All the questions of friends and comrades that would be a paratrooper Igor, if I knew that would happen, he meets briefly — and so would anything do not regret it.

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