A terrible discovery


not far from the route Moscow — Nizhny Tagil. There are 22 July, local residents found four plastic barrels with human embryos.

If you fall into the ravine with the barrels, apparently jumped off the cover and some of the content found on the ground. Employees Nevyanski ATS, forensic expert and members of the Investigative Committee, went to the scene of emergency, found about 50 human embryos treated with formaldehyde and labeled tags, the press-secretary of the MOI of Russia for Sverdlovsk Region Governor Valery Gorelykh.

Maybe the numbers on the tags of Chambers and her mother's name. "Really, it's a terrible discovery. About her to the police informed residents Nevyanski district of Sverdlovsk region — said in a radio broadcast" Vesti FM "Valery Gorelykh. — Once received disturbing news on the scene as directed by the Chief of Police Sverdlovsk Mikhail Borodin was directed enhanced investigative team, there is left of the regional Investigative Committee of experts. "

Given that the examination was already practically in the dark, and the message was received at 11 o'clock in the evening, it's been re-appointed to a thorough inspection. When carrying out its police found about 50 human embryos with tags treated with formaldehyde, a spokesman of the Sverdlovsk police.

According to him, on this fact by the internal affairs of the Sverdlovsk region conducted a thorough check. Employees determine who could throw these embryos in the forest, from which medical institutions. "So now a lot of work done in terms of establishing the age of the embryos, well, and under what circumstances was allowed this criminal negligence", — said the fire.



He also said that the investigation into the incident is under personal control at the head of the Sverdlovsk police cupola Mikhail Borodin. To investigate, except police and health workers are connected. To find a hospital, where barrels were exported with the bodies of dead babies. In OMVD Nevyansk argue that the most likely capacity or brought from another district or from Yekaterinburg. "We have a small area, and so many abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths, and we simply did not happen" — quoted by Life News According to local police.

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