A womans body is able to stop time

A woman's body is able to stop timeRenowned gerontologist closer to unlocking the secrets of the female longevity. He compares the human body to a car, which must constantly keep on the straight road, and that is "driving" women are better at it.

Professor Tom Kirkwood of Newcastle University, made a sensational discovery. It turns out that the cells of the female body can do to cope with the "routine maintenance" and fight the natural aging changes. Before the advent of the theory believed that this ability is available as a once male cells. But Kirkwood offers not consider the fact that the external age-related changes in women appear obvious. "At the cellular level, the body the fairer sex is much stronger than it looks — says professor — and the nature of these differences are not laid by accident."

The average life expectancy of males and females is not the same in most species of animals. Differences are natural female functions. "In nature, female gender is programmed for the continuation of life, birth and nursing offspring" — explains Kirkwood. The genetic material of the cells the most important in terms of survival of hidden "code of longevity." Resilience of aging is best manifested in the species, which generally live longer than others. These same is true of man.

In an effort to support his theory of the experiment Professor Kirkwood watched individual cells taken from animals of different sexes. Those that were taken from the females, really demonstrated the best ability to regenerate.

In addition, the scientist gave the example of individuals originally male, over the life for some reason lost the sex glands. "Neutered cats are known, on average, live four years longer than their" full "brothers" — he concluded.

And this is also for the people. Theory can also indirectly confirmed the pair are the facts. First, gender differences become more apparent is the elderly. Secondly, among the oldest old have reached a century of age, for every man has two women.

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