Abnormal cold last long in the Voronezh region until the weekend — MES

Abnormal cold with temperatures below normal ten degrees last long in the Voronezh region through Saturday; regional Emergencies Ministry declared a storm warning.

The air temperature in the Voronezh region for over a week below average daily rates in -6 degrees. Day the temperature does not rise above the level of -11, and at night drop to 17 degrees below zero. In this case, the snow in the region yet.

"From Voronezh Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, received a storm warning: until December 22 to Voronezh, and the remain abnormally cold weather," — said in a statement.

The average daily temperature in these days will be below normal and ten degrees down to -20.

Rescuers have reported that due to the abnormally low temperatures there is a risk the death of winter crops, increases the risk of accidents in the system utilities, disruption to the urban and interurban public transport. It may also increase the number of fires due to the excess load current supply, malfunction of heating and gas equipment.

Low temperatures can cause frostbite cases in the population, the collapse and damage to building structures, especially those with a high degree of wear and long-exploited.

Warming, according Voronezhgidrometa, the region will occur on Sunday — up to -10 degrees.

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