Afterlife HUMAN esoteric doctrine

TEMA extraterrestrial life is illuminated in a number of esoteric subjects.
The purpose of this essay has been collected from the available literature the most interesting stuff together, giving it a cognitive nature of surveys, and explain in plain language, without complex terminology in Sanskrit.

This material may seem to the reader, to say the least, unusual, for more than unusual for our blinkered traditional notions of the special conditions, the phenomena and laws of the universe. The very same fact afterlife repeatedly proved clairvoyant in the study of fine structures of man and earth.

Taken into account in the preparation of the essay and a very modest personal experience of the author — the lessons in Yogo, the heart of Delhi, India, in a course of transcendental meditation, samotselitelstvo occult practices, long-term interest in the literature.

PART 1. Preface. Esotericism

"Man is given to know the invisible worlds"
Annie Besant "Esoteric Christianity"

To be more clear to the reader why and how after this life he will continue to live in a different reality, it is useful to show some features of an area of knowledge that has this vague theme. At various times, she was given a different name, calling esotericism, occultism, magic, yoga, secret teaching, theosophy, metaphysics, parapsychology, psychotronic.

Esotericism and metaphysics, a science based on the results of the study of natural phenomena on man and the universe, Science ancient and reach of our many tens of thousands of years. For the survival of primitive man had to learn the hidden phenomena of the world in order to be able to treat yourself, to find the road distance to the home, focus on unfamiliar terrain, sense potential danger, anticipate present and future events, etc.

Found that five out of a hundred have occult powers of nature. Of these people sometimes receive outstanding professionals who create with their students real encyclopedia secret knowledge — of the divine and the universal mind, cosmology, evolution of human society, the evolution of the human soul and the afterlife man occult medicine, astrology, hypnosis, telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis , levitation, etc.

Objects of study here are mainly "subtle" energy-material structures, in other words — the inner (esoteric), essentially-content side of things, and not external, superficial (exoteric).

In school we were taught that physics is the science of nature and its phenomena in the physical world. And esoteric, or metaphysics, studies, mostly, what is beyond the physical world. I'll show you an example. Psychic knows that man is not only the physical body, but also of a number of thin bodies (Fig. 1 and 2). Seer known that our planet is, other than solid matter, on which we walk, and on which we live, a few huge balls with fine structure covering and penetrating the planet. Such education, ie Nature as a whole, including thin and material objects and phenomena, as well as connection with the people and are within the metaphysical studies, while attempts were made to go as far as knowledge of the essence of God.

Gradually the invisible worlds and the structure of the average man opened the specialists their conditions, characteristics and laws. In short, the esoteric, or metaphysics, knows a different reality. This includes the theme of this essay.
The process of knowledge invisible worlds and structures — it is extremely difficult even for advanced professionals, as everything is unusual in our mind. On the ground, we are used to, for example, linear, two-and three-dimensional measurements, while the astral and mental worlds characterized, respectively, four and five-dimensional measurement. Or how to understand an inexperienced person that buddhic world past, present and future exist simultaneously? About 100 years ago, Charles Leadbeater's contemporaries considered the best researchers astral and mental planes through an unusual development of his gift of clairvoyance, and this unique person wrote that nine-tenths of what he sees and feels it is impossible to convey in studies with human words. Incidentally, the term "clairvoyance" means the ability to see what is hidden from the physical view.

Means there are no research instruments, reagents, and much more than the benefits of modern science and the hidden abilities of the person who developed special techniques — meditation, imazhinatsiey, concentrating, mantras, etc. This specialist mastered (and without the usual fate of the senses!) Special forms of perception. Here's an example. In addition to the physical body, the person is still so thin energomaterialnye body as the astral and mental (Fig. 1 and 2). If they wake up to the action, then each will respond to vibrations of matter of the plan. It introduces people to the new conditions and the properties that it will take a higher and lower vibration than usual. Thus, it will be available to special forms of perception, including the posthumous life.

Obtaining such knowledge and skills are usually under the guidance of an experienced mentor. And for the highest level of achievement required to expend many years of hard work.

Wrote E. Schure, Pythagoras (born in 570 BC. Oe. And later became one of the greatest occultists) took 22 years to study the Egyptian priests, and 10 years on probation in the Persian priests, and only 32 years old! Another example. Previously, it was the custom in Palestine, according to which a teenager at 13, had to find a bride. And Jesus of Nazareth, as we know from his "lost years", acted differently: instead of marrying at that age he secretly left the house and with a caravan of merchants to India and neighboring countries, where learning from the wise men reached extremely high altitudes of the occult , becoming a great initiation into the mysteries of the universe, it took him 17 years! Another example. Today in the Philippines working healers, surgeons, who with his bare hands (no scalpel, disinfection and anesthesia) for 2-3 minutes perform abdominal surgery, including the removal of malignant tumors. For the preparation of the state program such healers pick teen with natural occult data, and train them for 10 years.

Another feature of esotericism is largely its secrecy to the public. At all times the basic amount of knowledge retained only selected specialists. These were: 20 000 years ago — the Brahmanas, 7 — 2000 years ago — Great Initiates (Krishna Gautam, Ram, Confucius, Hermes, Moses, Pythagoras, Jesus, etc.), and in these times and later Master of Wisdom and Spirit Guides — Priests, Mahatmas, Adepts, Guru, etc. All of them passed on their knowledge only tested students who eventually also became prominent specialists. For example, 100 years ago the world were about 50 people Mahatmas and Adepts, many of them now — no information. These teachers allow students to periodically disclose ordinary people only some information, but not anymore. One reason for this secrecy is this: the world was, is, and will be self-serving people who are in the case of possession sverhpsihicheskimi abilities for personal gain can cause great damage to society, in order to avoid a lot of this is kept under lock and key.

Sometimes esoteric deliberately distorted. For example, the Roman bishops and popes, driven by greed for power, domination of people and wealth, was not satisfied with humanism and the esoteric teachings of the historical Jesus, and they replaced the essence of the person on the "church" and his teachings — the dogma and ritual of external properties. As a result, the Christian Church is born and strengthened through intimidation, violence, blood and death. Suffice it to recall the horrors mending Inquisition for 600 years! The French Revolution and Napoleon personally inflicted by the Inquisition blow. Now the church does not burn people alive at the stake and not pulling out of their intestines, but the dogmas and ceremonies, in fact, are the same.

In the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th in the West there was a surge of theosophical ideas presented such luminaries as Blavatsky, Leadbeater, Besant, spouses Roerich and others (by the way, noting the merits of HPB against humanity, the UN declared 2001 "Year HPB"). All of them had active business contacts with Mahatmas and Adepts. The latter sometimes called broadcast entities to publish some information that these persons are checked in their studies, after which the results are reconciled with those of their colleagues. In this way, the press did only that material which was "layered filter", which achieves a high level of confidence in publications. This literature is largely used in this essay.

Now extended to the esoteric world differently. In the East, it is accepted, as before, at all levels — domestic, religious, national. Where every child knows that after this life comes extraterrestrial like after winter comes spring or morning after the night and so on: the nature of any inherent cyclicality, and in different shapes and forms. West refers to the esoteric cooler, but there are schools, departments, centers, and other institutions, where we study and apply the esoteric science. So, in Munich, Germany, is the Institute of Parapsychology and related sciences, which taught many esoteric disciplines. The U.S. Institute for Psychical Research mainly prepares professionals for practical Psychoenergetics. Russia has circulated less esoteric. Relation to it, we often corresponds dictum Mrs. Prostakova: "All that nonsense, he does not know Mitrofanushka!" Meanwhile, according to press reports, China and the United States "… to increase their efforts to create a psychotronic weapons."

In man and the Earth emit in 7 energy and material grades, calling them a man — "bodies" and the Earth — "worlds", "plans" or "levels." The Earth and part of a person less dense formation runs through a dense and leaves it at a distance, say, the light penetrates through the glass window. In humans and the planet — other device than the cabbage head out, where each leaf has its own volume. So, outside of the human body go: Essential — 2-3 cm, astral — several decimeters and mental — to 2.5 meters, forming an oval egg shape (Fig. 2). Components of the "triad" in the physical body are deprived of well-defined shapes, with the "divine" body 7 occupies the region, which includes the brain and the heart. All seven bodies of man are related, and the subtle bodies affect the physical body.

Less dense worlds have a spherical shape of the Earth, as the planet itself, and act beyond the enormous distances. Astral world, or "astral", almost reaching the moon's orbit, the mental world, or "mental", the size refers to the astral as well as the astral to the physical body of the Earth; buddhic world, or "Buddhi," even more, and the scope buddhic planets practically touch; nirvanic peace or "nirvana" covers almost the entire solar system. Beyond the Earth has two of the world with less dense matter, but information about them is available. The density of matter in each of the world different from that of the nearby about the same as the density of water vapor and ice. Each plan has divided the earth into seven sub-planes, where the seventh — the most dense. All these worlds with sub-plans occupy the surface of the Earth is the same space, so the people they are surrounded and penetrated.

Feature of the structure of man is that the body "quaternions" rejected at different times, and the soul in the "triad" lives forever. All this affects the overall evolution of the human soul and the afterlife, which will focus on the following sections of the essay in relation to the common man.

Stages, "circles" and the meaning of life

"… And the conversation between the Magdalene and Jesus of reincarnation …"
Gnostics "Pistis Sophia"

According to the law of evolution in the universe developed and improved — galaxies, planets, humanity, etc. This also applies to human souls, in their difficult path of movement. Initially, they are all the lower kingdoms — mineral, vegetable and animal, which gradually become more perfect. Then end up in the soul of human society, to get as much of the intellectual and moral qualities. When life on earth a person develops the astral and mental bodies "quaternions," that "feeds" the superphysical body mind and feelings of the "triad." Despite largely on neslazhennost conditions on earth in life, the soul is in the world gets more momentum for improvement than in other parts of the evolutionary path.

When the physical body wears out, it is detached from other human bodies, and there is the act of death. Soon rejected, and the etheric body, and of the remaining five bodies formed an independent body, which will be live in the subtle worlds of Earth. Since the second phase of human life. Lasts an average of 1000 — 1500 years, the appointment — mostly leisure man from earthly burdens and a continued improvement of the soul. Over time, wear down the astral and mental body, and then the soul is completely free from all components of the "quaternions", will, according to the universal laws, re-directed to Earth, to create a fetus just conceiving women. The purpose of this campaign — the further evolution of the soul on Earth, but now in a new physical body, with the new "quaternions".

Such incarnation and reincarnation, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial life stages, there are hundreds and thousands of times, until the soul be divinely perfect. Then it moves to the subtle worlds and universe will join the army of the members of the divine hierarchy, Reasonable Force. All programmed and implemented so that, according to the esoteric teachings, the universe is interested in recruiting Reasonable Force, is the builder of the universal economy — galaxies, solar systems, planets, etc. To the same end, these forces organized on Earth humanity. Thus created here, in contrast to most of the planets closest to us, and favorable conditions for life. Therefore, each person performs, without noticing it, the high mission — improving himself, he perfects the human soul to the universe for two major parameters — the intellect and morality. But reasonable force to take the company only those souls who have attained the highest perfection. In a single life on earth is not possible to organize, and therefore have been prescribed, and even in the plural, not only the earth but also the posthumous life stages (stage terrestrial and extraterrestrial called "circle of life"). Such is the nature of the brief existence of the afterlife.

Higher level of consciousness and morality in a person is attractive not only for the universe, and for the man himself, because thanks to these qualities, he can organize and earth, and the posthumous phase of life more meaningful and interesting. How the man was on the ground, so it will be in the small world, where will take all his intellectual and moral baggage, with all faults and virtues. Only in the above-ground world, they become thinner and stronger, for example, a person, a former evil on the earth, there will be even angrier. So dim consciousness and vices must overcome in life on earth. When the consciousness is useful to develop a broader sense, with a creative bent, in terms of morality should preferably be guided by the principle: "Do more for people than for myself." If these qualities in achieving something does not work, it does not matter. To create a more favorable karmic situation is not so much the result, but sincere, from the heart, the human desire to achieve results.

How did the universe judge the strengths and weaknesses of each person? To do this, she has the right tool — the law of cause and effect (karma). The essence of it in everyday life is that if in this earthly life man did something bad, then in the next life on earth, after the alien, he will have to atone for past actions, and vice versa — the good things now will render good then. Karma makes justice to the saying, "What goes around — comes around!"

Karma applies to all worlds, earth and subtle, that is, influences people around the "circle of life." But all indiscretions person should correct myself on the ground. Rite of absolution, even for money, creates in a person for the acts of irresponsibility, which affects his karma. For before making another "byaki" he knows that supposedly will always pay off. A Karma integrity.

Laws of Evolution and Karma largely shape a person's life, but they are not fully encrypted, it does have its means, which may influence their fate and life, earthly and posthumous — it will! Although the subtle worlds of Earth are potential helpers to man, they are usually busy with their own affairs, and they, in fact, is not up to us. Therefore, as already mentioned, occultism teaches that man he tried to solve their problems. Moreover, as noted, the Karma is mainly felt in the next "circle of life", while the sense of purpose, persistence, and other manifestations of strong human will can overcome karmic situation for the better, even in this "circle of life."

So, according to the universal laws, the meaning of life in each "round" is aimed at improving the intellectual and moral qualities of the soul. Passage of a "community of life" is to bring zverecheloveka to the God-Man, which is about the level of the Mahatma (Mahatma — Adept of the highest degree, carries out the plan of the Logos in the world, he reaches the top level of existence — nirvana. Adept — Master in the esoteric sciences, which reached initiation). In everyday life, are very much appreciated in the human kindness, generosity, care for people with no benefit to themselves.

Esotericism strongly argues that death — is not the end! Quite the contrary — only the transition to the second stage of human life, and for most people easier and more enjoyable. Yes, at the time of death to be separated from loved ones, but it will connect to the previously have left the earthly world family and friends. For the device meet with them after the passage of a person need only stretch purgatory thoughts and wishes for a meeting.

For a man it would be better if in the dying hours he will be thinking about moving into a new world just as a light action, wondering what a pleasant activity they can spend time there. In short, we should strive to light, sending it to all of its resources — consciousness, desire and will. And before his death, and later. Only to light, discarding all gloomy mood.

By V. Kataev

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