Again about recycling — with feelings and without

Once again about recycling - with emotion and withoutOn military-technical information field for indifferent tradesman in the obvious favorite topic was beat out of ammunition disposal. She left behind even hot topic European missile defense system that is completely understandable: the defense for the vast majority of speculative and abstract, and explosions in stockpiles and landfills — that they are on the other side of the window!

Crashes in the arsenals, human sacrifices in the midst of busy professionals and explosions burst protests of the population requiring protect people from man-made earthquakes, created a wave of competent and informed speeches and publications that shed light on the situation and offer different ways of solving the problem. The situation seemed to start to change for the best, the government was about to take a program from "Industrial utilization weapons and military equipment for the years 2011-2015 and for the period up to 2020 ", designed to answer all the questions. Finally, in November 2011 the long awaited programm approved — and nothing has changed really. Although the usefulness of the discussion still was, drawn into the conversation the military had to painstakingly uncover previously stored numbers and plans. Neither one nor the other amused.

The Ministry of Defence continues to be not only a major customer, and the main executor of the disposal.

Designed to reassure the public the optimistic message that we are working to transform the arsenals "perfectly manageable, predictable, integrated system of storage and disposal of ammunition," by contrast, generate more concern.

Concern several circumstances, and they are strongly interrelated.

1st — all bravura statements confirm that the recycling industry is not involved in that, "the more the ammunition has created, and that they should be disposed of," and the military itself.

2nd — recovery continues to execute the only readily available military means — open detonation, which poisons the environment and forces continually bounce population of villages and towns.

Third — for the euphonious word "recycling" hide primitive settlement. In other words, throw out the good in a landfill with the difference that the role of the landfill — it is our air and land in landfills.

MILITARY authorities or industry?

True recycling — knowledge-intensive, low-tech and environmentally harmful process. Virtually always for its implementation requires special production control processes and technologies. All this is completely typical of the structure of the defense department.

Why is the Ministry of Defense privatized recycling of defense? Reason one — empowering the military department of commercial functions. Someone came up with the "bright idea" — to instruct the Ministry of Defence "contain itself." So, at the head office in the end was a person completely no idea of the military, but he has completely podnatorevshy in trade. In the "Arbat Military District" mushrooming rapidly grown "women's" commercial cupola — and began to sell the land and facilities to save on the purchase of Russian weapons and with all this grand gesture to throw the budget to buy foreign.

Quite obviously, that the transfer of the military authorities of all means to ensure the life and opportunities for their spending, the government lifted a migraine, but immediately, on the other hand, it made it very terrible paradox of the country in the state. Now the Ministry of Defense now has its own Ministry of Finance, Department of Commerce, and even its industry — of "Rosoboronservice" made in accordance with the statutes' for profit 'and' provision of services, including foreign organizations. "

Monetary and material resources allocated to this "state", its scope is no longer leaving, dissolving on the "territory" of the military. Defense Minister alone decides what and how to buy, whom to give contracts and what price to set. And certainly, for the first time in the history of the department to direct orders of the head of government may say, "I consider it inappropriate."

"Economy" at the disposal "internal resources" — from the same series. With all this privatization munitions disposal of their time users — Ministry of Defence — causes direct harm to our defense industry, and the cycle of budget funds inside the War Department quickly eroding the very basis of the existence of specialized industrial companies. This was read and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

The defense industry is, by definition, exists in order to ensure the defense needs of the country, is not only in peace, but first — in wartime. For this reason, companies are obliged to maintain power, sometimes significantly superior to their current needs, so called mobilization reserve. Mobrezerv eats resources for maintenance, taxed and large weights hanging on the cost of production, reducing its market competitiveness. " But it is our power that we keep on a dark day. These power we just have to keep, and a simple market approach of "buy the cheapest" here is completely unacceptable!

The ministry of defense is behaving as if there is in another country and build equipment and weapons in a period of threat or is already in the process of war, the country will ensure fallen into a sudden military-commercial mercy of the French, the Italians or the Germans. All the more vivid manifestations of this we are already looking — "Mistral", "Iveco" German helmets to protect our rivals, but with such priyatnenko plastic nakladochkoy on the chin!

Military enterprises have to produce the product, in other words for the beginning of the current cycle, and recycling. If overstocked warehouses of military equipment and the establishment must be reduced — which means a specific manufacturer will still need to provide jobs for disposal of AME. According to another company will come to an end. Depriving the defense companies to the same fee, the Ministry of Defense takes away their means to subsistence and development in the interests of our country.

While the military destroyed the ammunition Sterlitamak out of work in the country died naikrupneyshy profile factory "Avangard", designed, incidentally, dispose of 120 thousand rounds per month. In its modernization our government has invested a lot of money. The Government of the December decision has caused him the only performer on recycling shells (though, for sure, only in our country would be seven "unique" performers), and he will again offer as much as 140 million rounds in 2012, in other words the download of only 35 days of work . With all of this DoD plans to undermine almost half a million tons of ammunition. Almost one state agency, the Ministry of Defense, ruining another state structure — a state-owned enterprise. This commerce turning into sabotage. What is more profitable to the state: that military Tipo preserved for recycling or save defense plant?

In the heat of the debate has stood aside another aspect of military waste. One of the major achievements in the transformation of the Armed Forces presented the transfer of auxiliary functions to contractors, the reduction of personnel to the minimum necessary to perform the tasks of defense. They say that the military now focus only on combat readiness and combat training, which will give an opportunity to improve and reduce the size. Now harves
ting areas in the military units involved are not soldiers and contractors, as they are fed, watered, dress shoes and personnel. Excellent! But why an entire division of the whole year has been not working off fighting, and the undermining of ammunition, taking the bread from civilian professionals? The numbers announced Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Dmitry Bulgakov: in 2012, the bombings will be involved 13,200 troops and 3,200 vehicles.

Explodes and NOT BREATHE

If the question is, who disposed of, also can be a stretch to call the occasion for debate, the harmful effects of open detonation of ammunition on the environment does not have to hesitate.

In the early years I did indirectly had a hand in undermining our rockets at Kapustin Yar. The spectacle of cool, especially on a cloudy winter day: the explosion of the eight bundles of "Pioneers" punched a huge hole in the languid low clouds, and you can bask in the rays of an hour catchy sun. At this, but all the beauty ended.

I'm not an ecologist, so will rely on the work of four medical sciences, academics, municipal awards winners: "For five months in 1988 (August-December) at the Kapustin Yar destroyed way to undermine the 29 RSD-10 missiles. According to the professionals at undermining the atmosphere was emitted about 918 tons of toxic substances. Research state of the environment during the explosion of rockets was carried out by the Institute of Biophysics of the Ministry of Health and NGOs "Typhoon" USSR State Committee for Hydrometeorology. Tests conducted by an NGO "Altai", showed that the performance in mixed hard rocket fuels (SRTT) to emit at blasting the surface of the cube is 0.07. m / Kg, of TNT — to 0.04 cc. m / kg. In other words, in blasting ammunition into the air rises a large cloud of dust impregnated with poison.

In 1991, according to the results of research Interdepartmental Coordinating Research Council decided to consider unacceptable in terms of ecological and hygienic way of undermining settlement SRTT, and since then the utilization of strategic missiles is actually the only piece of recycling, absolutely committed war industry and the best under severe environmental control and pollution less harmful ways. Years, 10 years ago, the Research Institute of Polymer Materials (Perm), which operates recycling facilities SRTT three times pleaded with activated as "green" — and successfully won all of the processes. In this regard, my direct question to Ms. Golikovoj and Mr. Onishchenko: what the contents of the least ambitious of ammunition, which for the last two years navzryvali as much in the last 19 years, undermining was completely harmless to the environment and actually pathetic performance on the release?

Is there an environmental monitoring utilizing disrupt the military now (material for observations was only in the past year as much as 1,341,200 tons)? And if carried out — neuzh-it provides no basis to conclude that the need to "consider unacceptable in terms of environmental and hygienic 'liquidation process open detonation of ammunition in general and make of mandatory recycling only environmentally applicable industry means?

The study in the 20-year-old, by the way, does not affect other nuance explosions, which is now a major source of conflict with the military population — acoustic impact. And yet, according to the views of the scientists, it has not the least, if not more impact on people. A couple of years back I was at a presentation in Utah charges of large-scale explosion tests of rocket fuel in various configurations. Then I was just struck by the enormous effort has been expended on the low level of the acoustic wave. The cause of the ordinary — for a South American laws, the level of the acoustic effects of the landfill to a nearby town aggressively regulated and controlled. And we do not have relevant laws? Either we have some to control their execution?

Once again about recycling - with emotion and withoutAt a military training ground near St. Petersburg engineers are preparing ammunition for disposal method of detonation.

Means the wind

Used now in discussions the term "recycling" — fig leaf covering the unsightly embarrassment fact: ammunition, residual holding's value potential, not just converted to nothing without some utility, they are released into the atmosphere as poisonous consistency. This process consumes a lot of money. Oh, and starts are worth something, too. Add to that the cost of restoration of range lands, according to some reports of more than 2 million rubles. per 1 ha. It is simply deferred costs. Now dirtied, but otraportuem, and in 10 years we will conduct a campaign to restore the pomp of these lands. Approximately the same as with the flooding submarine reactors in the Kara Sea. Yesterday flooded, and now puzzled as to lift to clear the goods from the sea-life.

Damage to the environment from the open detonation of at landfills in general can not be expressed in monetary terms to bring — it is exorbitant. Meanwhile, all that soars into the air and turns into a poisoned soil mass in landfills is a valuable raw material. Axiomatic number revertible fixed capacity black and snow-white in the program recycling as one of the main objectives of its execution: "… to engage in business turnover of more than 3.5 million tons of ferrous metals, about 520 thousand tons of non-ferrous and precious metals 35 tons, 114 thousand tons of explosives and gunpowder. "

I wish to ask, by what — a dark, snowy or maybe "green" — Magic Defense Ministry will return to the real condition of these prescribed and expected metal and gunpowder after they shoot up into the air?

And for the end of the picture: according to General Bulgakov, in 2011-2013 undermined or plan to undermine the 4.8 million tons of ammunition. Specialists say that by weight of the composition of explosives and metal are distributed approximately 50 to 50. Accordingly, in the fields of undermining and surrounding areas two years will be scattered around 2.4 million tonnes of metal. When prices are tons of mixed metal scrap about 5 thousand rubles. the amount of the losses amount to 12 billion. rub. This same level of funding from the federal budget across programs from recycling within 3 years. Why, with all the outrageous mismanagement and evidence of harm does not change anything?

Military, the mantra is repeated, in their opinion, the metal argument Tipo power industry can utilize the right amount of 6.5 million tons for only 20 years, which, in their opinion, is unacceptably huge period. Need to immediately reduce the amount of ammunition stored up to 3 million tons, which will provide them with "100 percent explosion and fire." Because you need all over the designated number undermine accelerated pace, and to report to the January 1, 2015 has awakened with a "well-functioning system of logistics centers."

This whole argument is good only for those who fiction, and is built with severe overexposure.

In 1-x, the voice of its General Bulgakov's own arithmetic calculations into account only the perceived ability of recycling industry, available today. In the presence of quantities and the assurance that the tender won by the military in violation of all laws will not take away (as has happened before), the enterprise without problems to increase capacity on the basis of the most leading technologies that give them only a measured term. Accordingly, we will not be going on the 20's and on over the applicable period of time.

In-2, read about the general p
oor performance of the disposal by using extensive way — through the disassembly. But it is no secret that the world is widely used for recycling and controlled disruption with cleaning of gases and with the collection of fragments. It provides faster recycling yet, with all this without ecological disaster of immense without acoustic treatment and the collection of recyclable metal.

B-3, imagine snowballing elimination solves the problem of extra ammunition to January 1, 2015. And those that remain in the "superarsenalah future" once vysluzhat time and are expected to become recyclable. What to do with them?

B-4, with the least amount of ammunition and more than organized their storage decreases the risk of explosions. But it will never be zero. "One hundred percent explosion and fire" — a utopia. To justify this to the wrong race blasts means deliberately misleading the public and the administration of the country

C-5's, who said that 20 years — immensely long period of time and that the problem of storing extra ammunition to solve sure to January 1, 2015? To reduce the risk of transfer to storage for disposal of ammunition or re-do the Industry Ministry Directorate in the image of the structure, engaged in liquidation of chemical weapons. Then the Ministry of Defence immediately fall away all the problems. The industry also purchased ammunition stockpiles and dispersed at landfills for a longer period of storage, and there, too, or they will decide that undermine, but civilized, less environmentally harmful and scientifically-calculated ways. And then "Oboronservis" would not be in violation of the law on public procurement monopoly feed, and for profit will rise in line with other companies.

The Russian Question: What to Do?

With virtually no real demand for industrial utilization of ammunition from the head of the customer — the Ministry of Defence — related science and technology in our country live and continue to develop. It is regrettable that the country's last parallel processes. On the one hand, the military establishment explodes in landfills, "all that is bad" on the other — thinking people in the government continues to pledge once a year in defense contracts funds for the development of recycling technologies.

And survive on starvation rations businesses still continue to allocate funds from very modest means profits to develop their own technology "for the future." Specifically, thanks to the care of the latter and had already attained what is included in the Ministry of Industry issued for a narrow circle of "Catalogue of the process equipment waste ammunition." Exhibited in it for more than 80 technologies and products cover the full cycle of recycling.

In general, our developers and manufacturers of recycling equipment were virtually cornered. Lack of demand for vehicles does not give her the ability to sell on the domestic market and external market is effectively closed. In order simply to disseminate information about the most basic product, you need to get equal to the amount by weight of the securities with coordination. If zabugorny client manifest enthusiasm, the pricing, the signing of the contract and delivery will go into completely different, "reliably licensed 'hands, and then process or dies, or until the company will reach only a penny.

According to some reports, the vice-premier Rogozin, exploiting their freshest NATO communications, initiated in March, the beginning of the respective dialogue in Brussels, during which Western partners have successfully represented more than 20 Russian technology.

What did that do for the industry to recycle ammunition was necessary? It would be wrong, and not typical for the Russian people not to try to answer this question.

In October last year on special experts at the conference unanimously noted that prepyadstviya in recycling in our country is now much changed. At the initial steps the difficulty lies in the missing funding. With the advent of funding is acute problem of personnel, and decided it. There was the main problem — organizational. The Ministry of Defence, despite the wealth of wanting to steer contracts, the real question is engaged in recycling of a very limited group of mostly unimportant, almost random people.

Almost no real owner. And yet you need only to federal programs from the directorate. All required for this legislation has long been there, in a country which has been operating for several directorates of federal programs. No problems with the staff and — in the government apparatus, there are people who are not first year with varying success try to put the country's interests above one's departmental ambitions.

Creation of such management, subordinate to the government, one motion has placed everything would fall into place and gave everyone the opportunity to engage in the business: The Ministry of Defence — to protect the homeland, the industry — bring and dispose of unused cartridges. Certainly, apart from the creation of the Directorate of programs from recycling can and should do more about it.

For ease of understanding the necessary actions can be represented by the usual 3 levels.

At the tactical level in the coming term:

— Order of the government to ban ammunition disposal method other than open detonation defective, requiring specific lesions in this way;

— Transfer the responsibility disposal of ammunition and military equipment from the jurisdiction of the Directorate of Defense made — with some indication of mandatory use of only environmentally benign ways;

— Use a tried and tested platform exhibition "Interpolitex" for alternate extension of the benefit of annual international conference on recycling to the cluster disk imaging appropriate questions, taking her under the patronage of the government apparatus.

At the operational level in the medium term:

— Make the system combined arsenals of the Defense Ministry and the Directorate of recycling companies and the Ministry of Industry to provide a unified system of military property of the current cycle (eg the arsenal SRF Pibanshur hosting the disposal facility, operated by a joint stock company).

— Provide comprehensive support for the exchange of scientific and technical information on recycling technologies as inside the country and with the involvement of zabugornyh resources, why compel municipal authorities and companies involved in the work of ammunition to support this exchange in the financial and organizational levels in order to select a leading technology ;

— To promote economic self-supporting system recovery with the use of technology, providing the very re-introduction of the component;

— To withdraw from the MoD intended for all business structures — Rosoboronkontrakt, Rosoboronpostavka, the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Department of the Privacy Policy and other organizations — and transfer them to the direct supervision of the government apparatus.

At the strategic level in the long term:

— To make on the basis of MIC staff structure, headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, which will link voedinyzhdy derived from non-core DoD organizations will act as a municipal customer in all defense contracts and own real policy-making power in respect of users of military property, and its producers, utilizers — Roscosmos, Rosatom, Ministry of Industry, the state corporation. This will allow to concentrate in a few hands holding pricing and time to put an end to endless war with the industry of the Ministry of Defense.

— Adopt a law on public procurement of mandatory primary products for the needs of defense and the state apparatus. A decision on the second part of the Government in respect of motor vehicles has been taken — you need it to expand and raise the level of federal law;

— To make the tax code configuration, granting exemption
s from taxation mobilization capacities and implementation of contracts for defense and municipal needs, it will allow to avoid the unnecessary removal of a beneficial circulation of up to 25% of the funds, allegedly spent now for this purpose, and in fact — silly moving at idle go in circles "budget — the company — Tax Service — the budget" and losing weight by adhering to the "pipe walls" that forces the funds of banks.

So Makar, a lot can be done without major costs and tangible impact. Only really need to strive for the best, unbiased look at the situation, do not be afraid to pull out the situation in the light, and open a discussion to correct or generally throw that malicious, worthless, hanging ballast and does not work for the good of the whole country.

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