Again, the double measurement standards of the West

Once again the double standards of the WestWhen West refused to condemn the terrorist attack at the State Security Damascus, died as a result of which the Syrian Defense Minister and other security officials — this is something you can understand. After killing the people who were opposed to Western colonization plans of Syria. And because act of terrorism was considered "good", and the United States praised it in the open.

When West refused to recognize the act of terrorism explosion directed against UN observers committed by Syrian terrorists near the hotel in Damascus, where the observers were based — is, of course, it was more difficult to understand. But, in the end, in the explosion by luck no one died, was only wounded.

But when the West refuses to recognize the terrible terrorist attack in Aleppo explosion, which occurred on Sept. 9 that killed 10's people (at last count, has 50), including a lot of kids, and a lot of the wounded badly — in what framework it fits? The dead — innocent civilians face. From this explosion damaged a school and two clinics. So is it possible to screen the people it has come to pass?

It appears possible.

And when our country has put on the UN Security Council session the question of whether to recognize act of terrorism act of terrorism — the United States and other Western countries … simply refused to do it.

In this regard, Syrian Foreign Minister recently expressed outrage. In his own statement, Foreign Ministry said that "Western countries have not agreed to adopt a declaration followed a policy of double standards. Specifically, they provide support to terrorist groups operating in the Syria, and strongly encourage the continuation of the bloodshed in the country. "

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expressed great gratitude to the Russian Federation and all those States that have condemned the terrible terrorist attack in Aleppo.

What's all the same for Syria itself, it has always condemned terrorist attacks that took place in other countries, including those that are not currently able to squeeze himself out of any 1-second sound simple human compassion. President Syria Bashar Assad has not once personally expressed sympathy to relatives of victims of peaceful inhabitants, no matter what kind of business in Syria were in this state, in what has come to pass attack.

West same goes justifies terrorism against unwanted states. And dying in these attacks people — it is for the West "objectionable people" who should die and who should not even be sorry.

Is this not a violation of all norms of laws against terrorism?

Such a ruthless Western position only encourages terrorists to, to commit more and more crimes against the Syrian people.
West's double standards appear in the other episodes. How many attacks on Syrian diplomatic consulate had been committed in the last year! It was a different world — and in the Arab world and the West. Very violent outrages were so called "opposition" in Syria's embassy in Jordan. Then the Syrian embassy staff were brutally beaten, the consul had his arm broken. U.S. amusingly applauded — that, say, a real democracy as we know it … litsezreem

But now, in the Libyan town of Benghazi came as bitter sin marred now by the United States itself. Now, four American diplomats were killed by an angry mass. Mrs. Hillary Clinton wondered: "We brought them freedom, but they've done it!"
Only here the "freedom" that was offered not somehow, but with "Tomahawk" cruise missiles and bombs. And were supported by the same forces — constructive Islamists — who have now made this brutal sin. After all, not just American diplomats killed over them sadistically tortured before death, just as ruthlessly as at the time of the legitimate favorite of Libya Muammar Gaddafi.

Do not sadists face and soul, they do not care who sneer over. What they showed in Benghazi. But all sober-minded people then warned the United States and Western countries, it is not necessary to support these forces, like any tempting to break the country, whose only fault was only that she chose his own path of development. With bind Satan — and your soul will take. And so it was.

By the way, the very rebellion in Libya began with the fact that its legitimate power to protect from a similar fate Italian embassy that these same forces began back in February 2011, smash. Police officers had to use force, several people were arrested, and with the requirements of their release and the mess started in Benghazi, which escalated into the real war, the NATO bombing that ended with the fall of the Libyan Jamahiriya …
Now legitimate authority in Libya is not, and therefore the likelihood of such crimes, the taste of blood which the United States felt the lips of their own …

Syrian thugs who are supported by the U.S. and its allies — is no better. You are doing, gentlemen Americans! Suppose that at least four of your death will not be in vain people and force you to rethink its position on the justification of terrorism. After all, you are supporting the devil again!

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