Ales Kravtsevich: It was interesting to reflect on the myth of Masherova

The twenty-fourth edition of the Library Series Radio Liberty was the second book of Vyacheslav Rakytskyy "Belarusian Atlyantyda." It is devoted to the analysis of myths and brands Belarusians past two centuries, the era of the colonized nations. His first reader shares her impressions of the historian Ales Kravtsevich.

"This is the second part is devoted to a myth — a very interesting project, in my opinion. Because myths, especially the national myths — is an integral part of the culture and nation-building. And what did Rakytskyy — a very pleasant thing, because different people on different themes expressed. If not always on the topics in which they are directly involved, but all the same it was interesting. And the very selection of the authors, and the very selection of that — it's interesting. I, for one, even though I medyevist, it was interesting to reflect on the myth of Masherova. All the more so I lived in his era, he was a student, and even its time sachkanul to participate in his funeral. "



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