Alien baby Cynthia Appleton


November 19, 1957 Cynthia Appleton of Estonia, the bustling satellite city of Birmingham (UK), has gone through an extraordinary adventure. At least that's what she told reporters, ufologists and her husband two months later.

Cynthia was then 27 years old. A few years earlier, she married a metallurgical worker Ronald Appleton. They settled on Phantom Road, 87. All lived as a family — husband worked like crazy to provide for his wife and two children, Susan and Janice. November 19 was a typical day. Cynthia was engaged in the affairs of the house. And all of a sudden!

Unfortunately, the network is only available on request such a picture of Cynthia with the child.

"It was the day after noon. My kids are rested, and I went into the room where the baby was sleeping in the stroller. There, just a few feet away, was this slender blond. He was no different from the average person, in addition, was dressed in a tight-fitting one-piece suit steel-gray color, and on his head was a bit of a transparent dome.

I froze in horror. And he began to speak. He said we were wrong to fly in space and that the people of their world — what he did not name — will arrive on Earth before we fly here for them. "

This is the first public statement of Cynthia was only a faint shadow of her stories, which attracted the attention of UFO researchers and the press for three years. It looks like it's actually started on 16 November, when she lost consciousness. This is how the aliens told her later, was "an unsuccessful attempt to contact".

Contact November 19 began when Appleton realized that "the atmosphere outside was pink, as if it materialized pink darkness. The light does not seem to penetrate into the room. " Then the creature appeared out of nowhere in the room, and the lighting became normal again. It "spoke to me directly in my mind, saying:" Do not be afraid. "

The stranger appeared "as a TV picture on the screen, at first vaguely, then everything became clear." At the time of his appearance, she heard a whistle, like the one that publishes old radios, when they set up the station. His lips moved as if he was saying, but she could not hear the words. He seems to read her thoughts and replied telepathically, too. "Our world is yours, — he said — also revolves around the sun …"

The stranger said that he is "from another world, but our world does not want to conquer yours." He supposedly knows about our experiments with space flight, but the method used by humans is incorrect: "Your scientists oppose the most powerful force of gravity vertically upwards, then you have to go in sideways."

Having said this, he slowly opened his arms, and between them there was "a television screen." The image is looked as a hologram (still unknown in 1950), three-dimensional, multi-colored. "Live view" as Cynthia called him, showed the "classic flying saucer" with a flat edge and a transparent dome. Below are three of the hemisphere, "Starships were not like anything he had seen me before. They took off, hovering in space for 2-3 seconds, rushed to the left, then quickly flew to the right. "

A short course of cymbal techniques included demonstration of the power source plates, which she then plotted and showed Dr. Dale. Her drawing depicted a central hub with a series of curved spokes, and they revolve and "gather energy" from the atmosphere. She was told, "Your most powerful energy in the bottom of the sea. It's full of it, just take it. " Visitor Cynthia admitted that he came from the planet Gharnasvarn that humans are called Venus, and promised to return. (Later ufologist Brinsley Le PozrTrench recorded the words of Cynthia clarification: Gharnasvarn or Ghanus Valnet — not a planet, and the country is on Venus.)

Screen "holographic television" went out and disappeared along with the creature — "suddenly he was gone."
Appleton Dale said that the visitor "did not seem vision since he was three-dimensional, and I could not see through it. It seemed that he really is here. " She noticed that the creature stood on an old sheet of paper on which there are traces of burns. Dale saw the burns and noticed that they looked like the result of "a lightning strike or a little bit of electricity." Unfortunately, newspaper journalists have taken and not returned.

Gordon Creighton, the future editor of the magazine Flying Saucer Review, also spoke at length with Appleton. She told him the same thing and Dale, but added something about the problems of the Venusians on Earth. The stranger said Cynthia, "We come to this world in order to get what we are missing from the bottom of the ocean." Appleton revealed that the substance was named titium. When her husband returned from work, she asked what it could be, and he said: "Probably the LRA Titanium» (titanium). She also told Creighton that Venusians are very concerned, "carriers of sickle and hammer" develop a weapon that can destroy matter, not throwing a projectile. In other words, the Russian developing a "death ray." According to the visitors from outer space, "the very Deity dwells in the heart and core of the atom."

January 7, 1958 it again came to see the stranger. It appeared suddenly, accompanied by flashes of pink light, but this time with another being, whom he called "Chief." Both were without helmets, and she is now able to see that the first visitor long hair to his shoulders, the "chief" over short brown hair. She explained that for the contact using the "special brain waves" and that they do not appear here in a physical body, but as a projection.

Cynthia asked why aliens are not looking for a more open contact with humanity. She said that such an action could cause widespread panic. No one can predict the consequences of such contact in such a divided world such as ours. She asked if her husband to see them. "No — was the answer — his brain is not able to receive these signals."

During visits to the room grew noticeably warmer. After the disappearance of the strangers she felt itchy skin, ringing in the ears and smell like the smell of sulfur.

February 7, 1958 the doorbell rang. Behind the door stood a stranger, this time dressed in earth clothes. "I was here before," — she heard startled woman. He came to his physical form because burned his hand.

Under normal clothes he was a metal suit. Bowing to the stranger, Cynthia boiled water and slightly cooled the warranty. The stranger put his hand into the water, showing no signs of pain. A few seconds later, he took his hand and said that because there are bacteria on Earth, you need to get a shot. Pulled object the size of a pen, put it in a capsule. She helped him while touching suit — a "flexible and extremely slippery."

Being touched "handle" to hand — a momentary flash of white light. And being by removing the capsule, threw it into the fireplace. The capsule was completely burned bluish-white flame. Cynthia told the stranger to anything touching, as this may damage it. Sam pulled the tube and struck a gel over the burn. She was surprised to see that the gel almost immediately solidified, forming a protective layer.

After treatment, the stranger said, "You might want to become our student." She agreed, and he gave a long lecture about the nature of life. In future lessons continued.

When the stranger disappeared, Cynthia found in water, a piece of leather. He was taken for analysis to the University of Birmingham, but to determine its nature was not possible. Dr. Dale took a piece of skin in Manchester, where university researchers examined it under an electron microscope. They concluded that, most likely, it is the skin of animal, not human, but rather could not say anything.

Patrick Kent, a reporter Sunday People, asked the four year old daughter Cynthia, if she remembers any of the visits of the Venusians. "Yes, — said the girl, 'I remember my mother's hand soap with funny man with long hair."

During subsequent visits, the aliens threw his space entourage and appeared in black business suits and hats. Instead of materializing they came to her in a big black car with tinted windows. During one meeting, Cynthia said that "plate" awaits them in the vicinity of Edinburgh.

During each of the six (or so) of visits for 1958 Venusian friends continued to pass it information about themselves and their beliefs. Jenny Randles, working with the notes of Dr. Dale writes: "Its been assured that there is no time. This philosophical invention of mankind. We do not realize that all life is connected with each other on a deep, inner level, and not separated from each other as we think. She was told that the mainstay of treatment for cancer is a change in the vibration frequency of the atoms at the subatomic level. "

Cynthia showed a picture of two asteroids that collide, causing massive panic and havoc on Earth. That said, it will happen soon.

During a visit on August 18 stranger handed her a "message" — a thin piece of metal foil with a kind of symbol, which is then "mysteriously" disappeared. Cynthia drew it from memory. Ufologists immediately recognized the characters that were in the letter, allegedly received contactee George Adams kim from Venusians.
May 10, 1959 in the Sunday People published an article under the headline screaming "Tm going to have a baby from Venus» («I'm going to give birth to a child Venusian").

It said that the Venusians, having appeared in September 1958, Cynthia said that she is expecting a baby. Appleton erased when the alien came to the door and said quietly: "His father will be your husband, but the child will belong to the genus Gharnasvarn." This was news to her, but the newcomer has confirmed that Cynthia will give birth in late May 1959, a boy weighing 3.3 kg. It will be the "leader of humanity" at the age of 14 years, and it must be called Matthew.

Cynthia knew that she was not pregnant. However, she went to the doctor and found out that the alien is right: she was pregnant about a month — since then, as the stranger showed up at her house.

Deliveries began June 1, 1959, and June 2 at 00.02 Cynthia gave birth to a boy, blond, slightly more vesivshego 3.3 kg. She called him — how could it be otherwise? — Matthew.

Shortly after the birth Cynthia received a telepathic message that her friend with Venus going to look into it — this time with a friend from Uranus. Ron Appleton on it, said: "I believe everything that Cynthia told me, but I want to talk to him … If he shows up here, I will say that it is a father of Matthew. And if he will not give me the right answers, I'll smash his pretty face with a crowbar. His friend from Uranus ogrebet the same. " At this contact seems to have ended.

14 years old Matthew was about to turn 1 June 1973, but this year it did not become the "leader of mankind." Did not happen and the promise of a collision of asteroids.

Ufologists still debating what had contact Mrs. Appleton. Skeptics have suggested that it is all up during the post-partum depression, having read the books of George Adamski, or come up with "visitors from Gharnasvarna" to hide from her husband's extramarital affair. Several ufologists believe that conducted experiments on Cynthia intelligence, exposing her hypnosis and even raping when she was in a helpless state.

Other researchers believe that it deceived the real aliens, telling the fascinating tale of Venus — "abode of peace and harmony." Who is right, is unlikely to know: today Cynthia and her son ufologists have not been able to find.

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