Alive — the universal life force

The average person to live in the modern world is quite difficult: food contaminated by pesticides and carcinogens in the air — emissions of technical production, morbidity and mortality increase. No place to look for support, because in a society ruled by cruelty and meanness.

From all this there is a sense of hopelessness and despair. People think that they are powerless and have no rights in this cruel world …

Even so, we do not think that all of this — the investigation of spiritual darkness and nevedaniya that now dominate in our souls.

In one of the sacred traditions of the Slavs "Book of Veles" on the board 25 reads: "It is said the Oru Svarog our "How my creations created you from my fingers (as part of my hands — approx. Aut.). And let it be said that you — the children of the Creator, and behave as children of the Creator. And you will be like my children, and Dazhbog will your Father. In order to listen to, and he will tell you, then shall do as he says, so I do".

That is, all light, righteous people, willed to be children of the sun, the people that have a spiritual light, illuminating his actions and the world around them, "materializing" events of interest!

Pondering life, we need to know that each of us is a small part of a larger system, that is a little like the Most High God. That is, at any time of life, each of us arrives and is connected with the universe, the Absolute, God.

We are a direct manifestation of the Creator, and so we have a powerful magical powers that can create (materialize) the reality around him. Velez Book says that if we know the (Veda), and to follow the laws of the universe (the legal right), each vedny right person will have the ability to "any miracle deyat as magicians, since every move is like a magician".

Modern science, in the end, too, had grown to the fact that through quantum physics, systems theory and torsion fields a little to clarify what our ancestors have always known: the whole universe — is a single mnogoproyavny body — the body of God, which our ancestors calledRod Almighty. This organism is so great that depletes confidence and that is in its infancy and it is appropriate to destruction — on this there forever.

This huge Supersystem lives and works seamlessly, united by the Spirit of Life, the universal force (energy) of Creation. The source of this energy, the original light, the energy that includes all possible spectra and levels, the Magi-called ancestorsLight Rod Almighty.

This was the original light spoken by most traditions — the Rig Veda, the Bible, the Koran, the Pocono Family, etc. The basis of this boundless energy spectrum, the Force which manifests itself as the force of life, food, filling and harmonization, our ancestors calledAlive. According to Vedic tradition of Slavic, Primal Light is the Spirit of God, and alive it directly acting form. Think — (alive) life, this is one of the main states of the world from the pebble-to the universe, and life in all its forms and manifestations. Thus, alive — is the manifestation of the Spirit of God, with its highest zhiznetvoryaschyaya point.

This universal Spirit of Life manifests itself in the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Rodeo Rozhaniche being created at the level of the World universe operates through Svarog and Lada. [1]

Traditionally, therefore, simplified believed thatAlive— Is one of the names of the Lada. Other traditions call this the universal flow of life by the Holy Spirit, Ki, Chi, Prana, Pneuma, etc. Do not be alarmed when there on, we're talking about God or gods, and will compare and identify them with energy.

Let's be honest and realize that "free", "space" or "universal energy" that somewhere, somehow flowing to us — does not exist!Every human body — has the power (aura) and the universe too. We remember from school that "nothing is taken from nowhere and is not going away," that is all for something necessary. We may, in "scientific" talk — nuclear, leptons, torsion field, or energy, or the traditional spirit, spirits, God-gods. The main thing that we are self-limiting with no fears and predrasudki, because it is the thought and the negative mental images do not allow a person to be really free, that is — the Wizard.

The world is one, and many expressed, so you should be able to take many of his descriptions (world view) — it expands our capabilities and allows us to fully enjoy the power that we can be. For example, in science for a long time, it was conjectured that the visible light — is a particle, now they say that it is both a particle and a wave. By analogy, we can say that the energy and receptive state of her mind is the same thing. Is energy — the person feels healthy, happy, and on the contrary there is a state full of life — is energy. If this energy is life itself? Honestly, how can a sick person or a body, if it really is full of life? Of course not!

Come on now, and realize that the energy and personality (being) is also the same. Since we consider it on the basis of rights. We all used to consider himself a biological being. But if you look deeper — every cell of our body is made up of molecules, and they are of the atoms (ions). They, in turn, of even more competitive small particles — protons, neutrons, and electrons, which are composed of even smaller particles quarks (neutrinos).

Thus, thewe also energy! Yes it is, we can perceive ourselves as a body, but in reality we are just a bundle of energy in the power vacuum. Do not you understand? Explain scientifically proven that if the atom is increased to the size of a basketball, the distance between it and the first electron in orbit will be about … thirty kilometers.Any atom, and the human body "in general" — an energy clot (clot or clots) which is located in an infinite sea Bole subtle energy that flows freely through it. But this, too, the universal energy of a living creature! That is, we are in God and is an integral part of, and this is the subtle energy in the Slavic world view isAlive!

Anyone can just feel the energy flow and call impersonal "energy." But it's better to be able to communicate with him, knowing that it is a manifestation of a living being of a higher order — God or Gods. A small child also thinks that the milk comes by itself, when it is hungry — but when he grows up, he realizes that he is not just "the universe", and a very specific mother, who fed him all this time. Now is the time for us to grow up and understand who we are, what we are, where we are going, what we have strength in itself, and who gives them to us, or can give.

Ancestors have always known thatAlive — the Power of the Light, Zhivleniya (life support), and the Power of Animation, which flows to us from the right, center of the universe (the world of the gods.) She also serves the spiritual force that guides people to the development and righteous (correct, perfect and consistent) life. In particular, the powerful flow of this universal force is manifested during the holidays, when people are internally cleaned, begin to perceive it better, it feels like an emotional lift, joy and happiness.

The word is still alive, "Zhi" symbolizes the creative power of the Universal Life, and "Ba" (in) shows its fluidity and inclusiveness. Mention of this general (universal), integrated and mnogoproyavnoy strength we can find in many Slavic fairy tales — is the symbolic two sources with live and dead water, which beat out the stone Alatyr Irii in [2]. This interpretation and Velez Book: "Praise Svarog, Father God, that that kind of start is divine and every kind Krynica eternal, which is derived from its source in the winter and never freezes. And that living water we drink, and live until goto, like all to Him' (Dosch. 11-A).

It is this power gives the "drink" Mother Glory, sending Perunitsu for soldiers who perished in the fight for his seed in a brutal cross "Both Perunitsa flies to us and gives the horn full of living water for eternal life"(VC dosch.7-D). Used by our ancestors alive and routinely filling the spiritual and physical strength, "And umoem body and umoem their souls in the clear waters of the Living, and go to work, every day, I am making supplication"(VC, Dosch. 26).

The basis of Vedic wisdom of the Slavs "Pocono Family" in Carbet of vedanii Light said about this: "All phenomena and not a manifestation of light occurs, and in light of the Government goes, so Rod God, his spirit animates all, and force us to give — for the creation of the righteous".

To better understand the nature of this energy, all energy, Light Rod God can be identified with the primary radiation of the great explosion in the beginning of the creation of the universe. This power (energy) saturates and nourishes all life, keeps it in motion, unity and order (harmony). Thanks to its existence (it acts as original material, we'll wait) Higher Power and people are able to create out of it visible, material world. Through all levels of the universe, the body and the soul of the gods, humans and other creatures, it has changed and is radiated through them.

Primal Light (live) in a pure form generates (emits) heart of God, the center of all universes (stone Alatyr [3]). He further manifested through higher divine force — the phenomenon as the universe, Metagalaxy Galaxies, Constellations, Earth, Moon, Sun. They emit a certain way already "processed" by virtue of (energy). We are with them in spiritual unity, and this is why we, Dazhbozhim children and grandchildren, our father commanded to listen Dazhbog [4] — the life-giving sun, the symbol of Light and Justice.

The doctrine of the Supreme Beings of Light Rod (Givet) on its various manifestations and modes of interaction with them is called "RODOSVET" and is currently stored mainly in the Volkhov and voodoo birth Praslavii (Podolia Ukraine).

Expertise to better reveal the concept of "alive" to note:

1) alive is infinitely large single stream power (energy), which is saturated with the World (the universe of all universes, the body of God,). All spiritual or material — is alive and its manifestations;

2) the flow is eternally alive and has no temporal direction (from the past to the future or vice versa). It exists everywhere. Speaking of it as a stream, the Magi-ancestors claimed that it relates to the movement of interstellar (intergalactic) space, in which it exists at the same time, being an integral basis of these spaces and of the infinite space — time;

3) She's alive — is the original light, spirit and mind of the universe (God), which manifests itself both individually and through its manifestations (Gods). It has the ability to feed (to be food), making, developing and Joining all life in the universe, he has organized, get along, connects, raises, fills income, etc.;

4) penetrating and filling the space that is alive may change, going through the clusters, which are the distinctive distributors and manifestations of Divine Grace (each on its own level of the universe). Therefore it is not that the spectra are alive, have a different power to influence and distribution in space and time;

5) Alive pours on all things at the same time, Supreme Divine Being (Gods) the appropriate level of help its passage and distribution in heaven and on earth (between Metagalaxy, galaxies, star systems, planets, perfume delivery and certain people). All of the people in one way or another, interact with the living, but each nation has its own peculiarities of perception, which corresponds to the level of his spiritual development and his highest calling from God. Accordingly, the various races of different title of this energy and the force of its impact — Chi, Ki, Mana, Isod, Prana.

6) on the human level is alive and is emitted through the charms of the body (Krynica, chakras), providing a basis for spiritual power of man. This power is manifested, embodied (materialized) in the outside world through spiritual exercises, thoughts, desires, actions, fame and prayer;

7) should be good to remember that in the universe there is a sharing of power (energy), because "nothing is taken from nowhere and does not disappear." Therefore, in response to information received from the life force of the universe — I live, we have to send the universe (God), the Higher Powers and the people who help our development, our love, gratitude and respect. We are given that power to fulfill our destiny and borrowing some part of the universe — the execution of its functions (mission) in it. Must remember that we are a manifestation of God, therefore, it is out of our hands, if necessary, should be assisted our family (the people), and humanity itself.

Our thanks and respect to the universe should be seen in the life according to the laws of the Government. These eternal knowledge in one form or another, and God gave us passes through its manifestations — and divinely inspired of God's chosen people — spirit guides Force Supreme. Thus, each worldview (belief) anyway, leading to a certain level of knowledge and common mnogoproyavnogo God.

As a manifestation of the Almighty, the people have inherited a structure of the body and mind, which enable us to create a Java (reality) any facilities necessary to carry out his purpose in life, the works, for which an individual lives as well as the whole nation.

Ancestors believed that God, appearing masculine nature (Svarog) and female (Ladoyu), a common and mnogoproyavnuyu universe of universes. Together, Male and Female, through its manifestations range of different energy yielding (mother of the gods) give life to all mankind. As the soul in a single human species are at different levels of spiritual development, God comes to each family (race), people under a name and make appropriate knowledge (Veda), which meet the present stage of its development.

Therefore, the original light perceived them differently, some better perceive one spectrum of energy, and to each other. Some reach for the sky, the other to the earth, one to the sun, and the other to the moon, respectively, and the development of different energy centers (chakras) of these people and their credentials. Every nation, in the "general" is on a specific, single level for him, and in accordance with it "recycling" its range alive, creates a certain order in itself and in its territory, carrying out, so its sacred purpose in the world. Figuratively we can say that every race (people) doing, a certain body of one body — Humanity.

As a result, each nation has its own spiritual practices that are based on one and the same principles of interaction with the Primordial Light of Creation (Live, the Holy Spirit, Chi), but have a different focus and force of impact. Therefore spiritual technique called differently — Qigong, Reiki, Pranayama, etc. Alive

Continuing to develop the figurative representation, we can say that the heart needs "his" energy spectrum and method of treatment, easy — the, kidneys — his and so on with every "body" of the body of humanity. All of this, we will be able to see and confirm for yourself in the following chapters on the example energostruktury person.

Adhering to the theory of multiple perevoplosheniya, ancestors believed that if a soul is born in a certain nation or permanently resident in the territory of a people, being born different — it must absorb its culture, customs, and the properties and learn to interact with exactly those energies (gods) — which in this embodiment are her God.

It goes without saying that it is best suited for a man of his native teachings and spiritual practices of the Ancestors. The Slavs one such exercise appears in all its Rodosvet mnogonazyvnosti and mnogoproyavlennosti for centuries.

To create out of power (energy) Alive material form, people should act according to the same rules by which the Almighty created the world itself, that is, by the laws of a higher spiritual reality — right. As his "direct" expression, the man has the highest level of consciousness of all the creatures in the material being ground. It is through consciousness and the possibility to relay the energy of creation (live) can lead the soul and body partReveal(Reality), which surrounds it.

The greatest influence on Reality exercise spiritually advanced people, the soul which is capable of achieving, "heaven", that is, change of state, when the mind rises to the spiritual heights of the right (tops, "thin" world). Such people, the fate of his OPEC nation, state, or humanity in general, are the forces of the Supreme Spiritual Guide. They are people of their native traditions and spirituality (Mission), which explained the purpose and direction of a particular kind (the people) and humanity in general. Slavic-oriyskaya Vedic tradition [5], having a knowledge of the inner, spiritual essence of being, was and is a factor that structures that created the unity of our nation. Supported by the wise men of knowledge — the people, the divine purpose which was manifested in the desire to learn and spread the truth, and teach people to live in love and justice. The wisest of the wise men became Orthodox Magi, The Guardian, the great masters are still alive, who are perfectly mastered the doctrine of the use of light-Rod Rodosvetom.

Each clan has its own inner spiritual knowledge, which determines its interaction with the Higher World is manifested through an external point — a specific purpose, expressed in the culture and practices, "general" mental images, desires and actions. Thanks Orthodox Magi, who took care of and increase native Slavic tradition, today we have a huge inheritance, the secrets of which are still waiting to be discovered.

Magi ancestors taught that when race is organized by the native spiritual tradition — he is happy and immortal. For he performs his highest calling, so it can reach a maximum height of Svoge. With proper organization of interaction with the divine world, thanks to its native spiritual traditions can be a century after century happily live in wealth and developed, feeling one with the universe. But people through their spiritual abilities and the ability to change the external world, they are doing themselves, "his world."

But since the world has cycle — is the time of deep spiritual awareness to the divine beings-Poluden Svarog and vice versa, while crude materialism and self-destruction — Night of Svarog [6], unfortunately, more than a thousand years ago, the night came to us oriev Slavs . Today, therefore, the Slavs have to re-open by the Ancestors, in order to re-learn how to live in health and happiness. Now is the time to think and get the best of their culture in all areas of life — health, family relationships, fellowship, understanding of the world and so on. But, either way, will be the basis of all ways of living and understanding of the power that is given to us for this.

Using live, our ancestors aria-Trypillians lived in a world free of hatred and violence, calling for rain, bountiful crops were grown, to maintain their health and strength. Today it is a skill not widely used, but times change and its importance and the need is growing every day. Now is the time when the universe speaks to all those who want to hear it. Everyone once in my life there was a feeling of great joy, fullness of life, grace, when everything is easily managed. Sometimes this is accompanied by spiritual insight and a sense of oneness with the universe — it is a manifestation of the "developed" of consciousness and evidence of communication with the Supreme. This experience the fullness of life remain with us forever, creating a sense of our existence. Mastering the ability to better perception of the energy of life — living, and greater focus (concentration) of consciousness, we learn to direct the creative force creation of the world, which is the will of God is in every man. Napravlelenie consciously alive at the mental image of necessary lead to materialize the desired and really works wonders.

We constantly live among different kinds of miracles, the bulk of which we unconsciously create. This is natural, because the life force power of creation, fills and flows through all things, and each in his own subconscious level, learning to use and implement it. But the only person who does this — realized that was the appropriate training and dedication, can talk lively, with the essence of the Wind, Earth, Sun, and other forces, taking them as part of ourselves and recognizing themselves as part of a higher being — God. Unfortunately, today, many people voluntarily, out of stupidity or lack of understanding, the very "closed" for themselves their domestic energy vision and the ability to communicate with the world, so do not hear and do not feel that the universe is telling them. It does not allow them to use their abilities and create purposeful life.

Starting to work consciously with the flow alive, people Curative, healed of a number of diseases, get rid of all kinds of fears and worries that plagued them for years, receive a positive charge and the peace of a strong belief in the future. Many have the ability to "clairvoyance" and "clairgnosis" — the ability to get the information directly from space. They learn to harmonize their inner world and engage with nature. All of this is manifested in the improvement of their lives, they become calmer, more confident, healthier and richer. Inner sense of the flow of life, "Alive" and the constitutional rights unites man with the universe. Then the divine power of the Light is the essence of his being and gives him the right to speak of the world and the creator of your destiny. Living "by right" [7] and creating the world around him, man fulfills his destiny, the Almighty helps to create his body — the universe.

[1] The world-ancient Slavic god Rod Almighty manifested in three main guises as Dyv — endless sea energii (impersonal aspect), Holy Family (universal spirit of life, the basis of all) and Rhode Rozhanich (supreme personality of God). Rhode Rozhanich, appearing Svarog (male face) and Lada (female face) creates an infinite number of universes, appearing smaller faces (ispostasyami) — gods, humans, spirits, etc.
[2] Iriy-Old Slavic name of paradise.
[3] Stone Alatyr — in Slavic Vedic tsenr universe on CAUTERETS growing tree of life (the universe), the beginning of all beginnings and the end of all ends.
[4] Dazhbog — god of the sun. The ancient Slavs oriev and one of the gods (a manifestation Vsevyshenego), which is their ancestor. Considered visible voplosheniem God, symbol of purity and righteousness, responsible and neukosnitelnsti performed its mission.
[5] Slavic-Oriyskaya tradition — Vedic culture, Vedic Orthodoxy — the first and the oldest global outlook (faith-Veda).
[6] Night of Svarog Svarog-Day segment, where our sun is the center of the universe naydalshe. Depends on the distances of the Earth changes the level of awareness and perception of the world. Big Day Svarog consists of night, morning, noon and dusk (Millions of years). The big day is made up of small days (thousands of years).
[7] Life "by right" — Complies with the Old Slavic ideology — is to live observing the laws of the universe following the Vedic principles of life — Truth, Love, Justice, Righteousness, Peace and Nonviolence.

V.Kurovskogo from the book "Alive — The Power Rodosveta"

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