All IzToriya Greater Israel — a hoax!

In 1999, a bomb exploded in a large information about the Jewish lie. Jewish archaeologists over 70 years conducted excavations on the grounds of the current Israel and neighboring lands of Palestine, something to the specific facts to show the world, including the Jews, about the authenticity of the Bible story of the Jewish people as a nation chosen by God.

And, horror of horrors!

All IzToriya "Greater Israel" — a hoax!

Jewish archaeologist Professor Z. Duke dared to go against the Zionist lies and sensational conclusions published nearly a century of archaeological excavations.

So, the science says that in the history of the Jews and Israel had no biblical period, there was the Exodus from Egypt, no wandering in the Sinai, nor the siege of Jericho, Joshua, nor the great empire of David and Solomon.

The plot is built on these two world religions, but archeology can not confirm any of their findings, even though the facts of the more ancient history of other nations have a powerful archaeological confirmation.

For example Jerusalem could not be the center of the empire, as a thousand years before our era there lived on the strength of 3-4 thousand people. Archaeologists dig for many decades and have found no sign of the monumental building of the time. This also applies to the famous Biblical temple.
In the X century BC on the land, there were only negligible principality headed by the dynasty of David.
Bible stories are not confirmed and excavations embattled Jericho, which the army of Joshua was able to take only with heavenly help. Jericho "dig" eight times, and now archaeologists say that while the city did not exist …
Could not confirm infallible Old Testament calls into question not only the "chosen by God" Read his people, but also destroys the connection to time, on which the ideology of the state of Israel …
Science has long challenged the interpretation of the Old Testament as a strictly historical document. Became a worldwide sensation cuneiform library of the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal, which in fact proved to historians, that the Old Testament was a very real compilation of Babylon.
"Even greater worldwide sensation was finding a stone pillar on which were written the laws of the ancient Babylonian King XVII century BC Hammurabi, coinciding with the covenant, which supposedly gave (nearly 2000 years) Jews prophet Moses. Hammurabi just got them from another god, Shamash named … "
Therefore it is not surprising that a U.S. attack on Iraq is pushed so hard sionomasonskoy vlastyuAmeriki and Jewish Orthodox rabbinate and Israel. It was necessary to solve strategic problems than an ideological, grab the famous Archaeological Museum of Iraq in Baghdad and flaw (steal) samples stored there cuneiform evidence greatest Jewish lie about their history and their "chosen people. From this was largely dependent of the status quo across the Jewish lies about the history of the Jews and Israel.
Here we must not forget the strategic value of the Jewish lzheistorii for world Zionism, which, through the rabbinate and the religious component of the Old Testament, and based on it the Talmud and the Torah, keeping in check the entire world Jewish congregation. After all, only on the basis of the Jewish diaspora in half (? — Almost all) of the world, the World Jewish oligarchy Zionism iudeomasonstvo able to conquer other countries, plunder their wealth to corrupt and degrade people.
All the Jews of the world are jointly and severally liable to the mankind for all that they do in the land of their countrymen from among the higher strata of the bourgeoisie, the oligarchy, and other Zionist orthodox Jewish racist, fascist and subversive iudomasonskih lodges.

(Yuri Kozenkov. Russian killer1995 324)
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