All of the chance for a second life

FREEZING-preservation of the human body after death in a state of deep cooling in order to revive and cure in the future, when medical advances and other technologies allow it.

Science known cases of people who have died as a result of deep cooling revived, while maintaining a sound mind, sober memory and physical strength.

For example, what is the "unfreezing" experienced in their own skin resident of Japan Masaru Saito. In the hot summer 1967 a refrigerated truck driver decided to take a rest and cool in the refrigerator truck carrying blocks of dry ice. Refrigerator door suddenly slammed shut, and the driver was trapped. When he learned of the cold room, he was in a completely frozen state and showed no signs of life. But the nearest hospital he was given a medical emergency, and he revived.

Among those who died from hypothermia, have their champions. Longest were in the "Register of Death" Canadian residents: Edward Ted Milligan stayed dead for about two hours, and Gene Dzhoboun — about four. Returning home blizzard January morning after a night at a party, she suddenly lost consciousness. At seven in the morning, Jean found a bystander, but because of the negative circumstances brought her to the hospital only after half an hour. Her heart has stopped beating, was not breathing. For that. to bring her back to life, fought seven doctors and ten nurses. They succeeded.

But the most striking case occurred in Mongolia. Here the winter of 1987 a boy in the frozen steppes, spent 12 hours on the snow at 34-degree frost. When the boy found he was not breathing, no pulse. After emergency treatment appeared hint pulse — two beats per minute. It took many hours of rescuers, yet managed to regain his breath and heard a faint groan boy. A day later, he moved his finger, then — by hand. Fully consciousness returned to him only two days, and a week the boy was discharged home with a concise conclusion: "Pathological changes not."

"A person can rise again!"

If, after the death of cold man sometimes comes to life, it means that this process can be made manageable. This is the conclusion reached by scientists based on the analysis of "natural wonders" and to develop appropriate methods.

The pioneer was American physics professor Robert Ettinger. published in the 1964 book, "The prospect of immortality", in which the basic idea of cryonics. It began with a tempting promise that the majority of people living today have a good chance to resume their physical life after death, as frozen and stored at very low temperatures of the body exposed to only minor changes in the future as new technologies will make the revitalization and rejuvenation of frozen organisms.
On this basis. Ettinger founded in Washington first cryogenic firm — "Society of prolonging life." Then came the New York cryonics company, corporation "edge-CARE" and the California Cryonics Society. Last in 1967 conducted the first freeze in history, produced by the scientific method. This first patient was an American psychology professor James Bedford. When he learned that he was dying from lung cancer, he agreed to that. to be frozen in liquid nitrogen, and brought back to life when the medicine will win this deadly disease.

MD Mikhail Soloviev, one of the main proponents of cryonics, proposed a model for the country, "Societies Immortals" in the form of farms, where subsistence farming is carried out, the equipment storage facilities and facilities for the production of liquid nitrogen. Preservation of frozen patients will depend on labor inhabitants of the farm. more willing to live forever — the less will have to pay each of his "resurrection.'' This strategy cryonics can be very cheap — about one to two thousand dollars for a" body "- and people will stop almost sick and die.


From a technical point of view, the freezing process is not too complicated. But there's a hitch. Start it is permitted only with prior written consent of the patient, and only after the doctors ascertain its clinical (heart and respiration) and biological (cessation of bioelectric activity of the brain) death. In this case, can be subjected to cryopreservation only live, even agonizing, but still a living person. No one will undertake to carry out this procedure with the dead.
Trying to resurrect it after freezing — is like animate corpse mammoth found in the permafrost.

After that agonizing "Dead Man" is connected to the heart-lung system. It oxygenates are living tissues. The blood is then gradually replaced cryoprotectants. and the body itself in a few days is cooled to liquid nitrogen temperature — minus 196 degrees Celsius.
While freezing the brain to the glass-like state in kriorastvor added glycerol and 2% solution of a special substance.

During the year the body, sleeping soundly and frozen, aged no more than a second life under normal conditions.

All the ingredients that accompany the "artificial" death other than liquid nitrogen and glycerin, kept in the strictest confidence.
The solid as ice, the body is wrapped in plastic, placed in a sleeping bag and an aluminum pan is lowered into the cryostat — a metal thermos 3 meters high and 1.5 meters in diameter, filled with liquid nitrogen, which are periodically added as it gradually evaporates.

Normally cryochamber fit four people, which is stored upside down in the event of unforeseen circumstances, because at the bottom of the nitrogen is longer.

In 1967, after learning that he was dying from lung cancer, a psychology professor James Bedford from Los Angeles, first agreed to be frozen in liquid nitrogen.

Major barrier TO ETERNAL LIFE

"Anyone … grabbed a nice idea to exist 12.10 centuries, during each of which he would have had 8-9 years of active life now." Most likely, many would agree with this statement. Meanwhile, it was made in the middle of the XVIII century. The French scientist René Reaumur. And in 1767, the famous English physiologist Mr. Hunter wrote: "If a man can give … life sleeping and activity, its existence can be extended up to a thousand years. When defrosting every hundred years for one year each time he could find out what happened during that time, until he was breathless, "icicle". As you see, in their fantasies, scientists ahead of time …

Preparing for the future of a new life is quite simple. But. to start it. to solve the main problem: how to save when defrosting frozen cells? After the usual thawing will kill almost half of the body's tissues, including brain cells.

Here is what the problem Sc.D. Gorishne Olga: "The ice crystals do not destroy the cell, and only cut it in half, for example, if you put in the freezer for fish, then take out not minced fish, and the same fish, only frozen. Much the same thing happens if you take home a live fish. True, then animate it unlikely. In order to "cut" the ice cells alive and the body continued to live, they need to be like "make" again. Techniques on how to make it. already developed under the scientific direction, called nanotohnologney.

"It is about creating sverhkroshechnogo nanometer-sized devices (one billionth of a meter), which was able to work just with the molecules and atoms — says a leading researcher at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics, Natural Sciences, Physical and Mathematical Sciences Rudolf diffidently. — These devices will engage in molecular surgery — restoring partially damaged cells through the manipulation of individual molecules. Prototypes of these robots, equipped with miniature computing devices and sensors that have already appeared in Japan.

The first development is in our country. In 10-15 years it will be possible to talk about the experiments on living organisms, and if they exist in a few more years to begin working with human material. "

According to Rudolf Borisovich, this fantastic scene in the not too distant future may look something like this. Frozen, say, in 2003, the body begins to thaw, for example, in the 2033-meters. It immediately introduced molecular robots that analyze the damage caused in the cells of the body at his death, freezing and storage, and exchange information with each other and in control of their supercomputer, located outside the body. Based on this analysis, they produce correction of defects, rejuvenation and treatment of the cells.

Upon completion of the molecular robots leave the body through the bloodstream updated or respiratory system. And hundredth person begins to feel young.

Two hundred years later

Complete freezing today is not as popular, but cryobanks individual organs, cells and tissues with the advent of cloning becoming more widely available throughout the world.

However, not all scientists agree with such an optimistic outlook. They make a lot of doubt that nobody can deny. Will adapt man revived, for example, a hundred or two hundred years, to a total stranger for a living? Chances are that, waking from the sleep of ages, "newborn" just go crazy and kill herself.

Or, even if it is a return to the real world will be much earlier, as it treats the news. that his wife was married to a best friend or worst enemy, and granddaughter killed grandmother? Will the new life is a succession of continuous regret that it took place? Therefore, before the appearance of the colony, the immortal, you need to think about it.

As of March 2008, customers in the U.S. are kriofirm 1572 human krionirovano 167 people. In Russia, according to the September 2007 krionirovano 6 patients.

There is nothing to LOSE

Currently, the first example of a frozen James Bedford was followed by more than a hundred people, whose names are kept secret. In cryo-centers in the freezers are posted exclusively labels with numbers. Who is hiding under each of them. known only to the chief physician. This precaution is justified, since the mid-90s of the last century there were several attempts to steal the body of famous people for ransom.

However, some clients to get a huge discount for marketing cryogenic companies presented their names to the world. These included Wat Disney, Salvador Dali, the famous American comedian Dick Jones.

And two dozen people who wish to remain anonymous, chose a cheaper way of cryopreservation and freeze only their heads, believing that in the future they will provide no new bodies of work, grown using the DNA of their cells.
In addition, about 1,000 people signed up to a freeze in the future and have begun to pay for it by installments.

Despite the doubts of skeptics, it is a chance to take advantage of future medicine for people terminally ill or just really old. If a person who is dying of cancer and STIs / Yes. is 150 thousand dollars, why not take a chance? Lose all the same inning.
There are, of course, and eccentrics who could live, but certainly want to look into the future, ". However, they usually offer a contract and wait for old age, as the freezing process can be applied only to the dying man. But it is possible that, with a lot of money and a young, healthy person can freeze underground, so to speak "contraband."

Characteristically, many leading experts in molecular medicine is also signed up to the freezing of a sharp deterioration in health. True, the pessimists believe that the thaw will learn a hundred years — two hundred. But for cryopreserved human that does not matter because it can be stored for at least 1,000 years.

A soul?

Can the soul survive the death of the body? And if she can once again return to their physical form? Supporters often refer to the cryopreservation experiments with hamsters and dogs, during which the animal body is cooled to a temperature just above the freezing point, the blood pumped out and replaced it glycerine solution to prevent the collapse of cells at low temperatures. In this condition, the animals were kept for a long time, and the lot of some of them were successfully revived.

The idea with the lives of the animals returned and soul. But what happened in between those two events? And most importantly, can we be sure that the "soul" of lively animals are the same. as before?

All this, of course, a joke. Or maybe not. The idea that the body — a subject that you can "borrow" ', which can be controlled and which can benefit from someone else in addition to its rightful owner. — Is as old as life itself. And as death. But on the other hand, the body — it's just a physical shell for the immortal soul. And from this point of view, to seek eternal life — like having to reinvent the wheel: the man and so was born the immortal …

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