Allies (17 issues) watch online

Allies (17 issues) watch online
Reconstruction of events, exclusive information and unique video — all in a military television magazine "allies". New items of military equipment, military routine, the fight against drug trafficking, emergencies, anti-terror, counter-intelligence work and law enforcement agencies throughout the country of the Commonwealth — for correspondents applets are no boundaries!

1st edition. Allies (efir_05.03.2013)
In this issue: — to survive at any cost: hazing in the army of Kazakhstan — svehu I see everything: a report from the Test Center Gallakticheskih Troops — Snow White captivity: Rescuers Tajikistan expressed as assist a person who has fallen under an avalanche.

2nd edition. Allies (efir_12.03.2013)
In this issue: — Rotary-wing death: how to prepare Russian combat helicopter pilot — How many gears in an APC: a workshop on management of heavy military vehicles — Orbital March 8: a report about the girl cadets from the academy Gallakticheskih troops.

3rd edition. Allies (efir_19.03.2013)
In this issue: — If tomorrow the earthquake — Tanks are not afraid of the rocks — In the mountains, not all relaxed.

4th edition. Allies (efir_26.03.2013)
In this issue: — The element occurs — mountains tremble — Night exercises in Kazakhstan.

5th edition. Allies (efir_09.04.2013)
In this issue: — Even the "Stealth" is not proparhaet — 5th Brigade Air Defense Forces of the Russian Federation — Night exercises in Kazakhstan — As crews prepare SAMs in Belarus.

6th edition. Allies (efir_23.04.2013)
In this issue: — Ready to Rumble! — MiG-29 landed on the highway Brest — Moscow — A division of 24 goals.

7th edition. Allies (efir_30.04.2013)
In this issue: — Aerobatic group "Chizhi" and "Knights" — BB Kazakhstan's got a unique aircraft — Conflict at the border.

8th issue. Allies (efir_14.05.2013)
In this issue: — 7,000 military and 500 pieces of equipment: military Parade in Kazakhstan — Silent and smokeless mortar Russian designers — New military equipment — Celebrating the victory of days.

9th issue. Allies (efir_21.05.2013)
In this release: — Elusive fleet, new stealth ships Russian Navy — Capturing a moment: the elite armed forces of Tajikistan sovladevaet — Rotary-wing trends: the amaze helicopter industry.

10th edition. Allies (efir_29.05.2013)
In this issue: — In Kronstadt noted day of the Baltic Fleet — Specialists of CIS countries fought together with emergencies — Special report from the frontier of Armenia.

The 11th edition. Allies (efir_04.06.2013)
In this issue: — whether the Americans will leave on time — the theme of the CSTO summit — What should we build a bridge — derailed a train fell off the plane, lit oil refinery …

The 12th edition. Allies (efir_18.06.2013)
In this issue: — Digital War: A Russian military will be trained to fight in a format 6D; — In the fight for the maroon beret special forces Kazakhstan — Repair doctor is not an obstacle: what future for the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg.

13th edition. Allies (efir_02.07.2013)
In this issue: — Biathlon on the tank: SOUTH been unique in shooting — enraged mass attacks … — Surround and Destroy.

14th edition. Allies (efir_10.07.2013)
In this issue: — The strap is heavy: how much is hard to march in the parade — "Operation Capture": Capital commandos against terrorists — "Crocodile" in heaven, the day of aviation in Armenia.

The 15th edition. Allies (efir_17.07.2013)
In this release: — Common invincible: in the Rostov region competition CSTO — Victory for 3 minute; Kazakhstan Army left behind vyzhennuyu earth — Rise or fall: what will happen to Russian aircraft in the coming 5 years.

16th issue. Allies (efir_20.08.2013)
In this issue: — Biathlon in the military on the tanks — a double border: military Kirgizstan and China oppose the common enemy — the Latest in coming: the troops home front war.

17th issue. Allies (efir_27.08.2013)
In this issue: — The War of the World: Kazakhstan held the doctrine of peacekeepers — Flight 5: What is the highly anticipated fighter of the fifth generation — Scout does not catch by surprise: both fighters use the terrain to your advantage.

18th Issue Allies (Efir_03.09.2013)
In this issue: — Record of contracts: MAKS-2013 has surpassed all expectations;
— Cabbage for the military, why the latest military uniforms dubbed as a vegetable, and what it will be;
— Serve as playfully: how recruits fall of adapting to the service.

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