Alone with all watch online

Alone with all watch online
Alone with everyone — it's a new talk show. Leading programs from Julia Menchov. We will talk about a variety of life stories of recognizable people, guests will open a discussion real current situation will give his assessment of the main characters actions of these events. The main characters are the stars of show business, politicians, athletes, artists, and art. In the hall give their opinion about the mundane dilemmas. In these conversations and discussions, and the truth is born, which in principle is not only to transfer the characters themselves, and for the viewers, because life is always better to learn from others' mistakes than your own.

Alone with everyone. Valery 14.10.2013 The first channel

Alone with everybody. 15.10.2013 Ilze Liepa first channel

Alone with everybody. Evelyn Bledans and Alexander Semin 16.10.2013 First channel

Alone with everyone. Maria Golubkina 17.10.2013 The first channel

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